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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
820 Results
Lot: 4000

Mannequin of

Result: 180 EUR

Mannequin of a girl, 1st half of 20th century, mass?, polychrome painted. Slightly rubbed & bumped, h. 99 cm.

Lot: 4001

Pair of relief

Starting price 80 EUR

Pair of relief wall plates, late 19th century, iron. In the mirror in each case an antique motif, the toothed flag with vine tendril, d. 22 cm.

Lot: 4002

2 Historism plates, 19th c

Starting price 80 EUR

2 Historism plates, 19th c., iron. 1 x openwork plate with tendrils, flag broken in one place, d. 21 cm. 1 x relief plate with antique motifs in scrollwork cartouches, d. 27 cm.

Lot: 4003

Old program poster

Result: 80 EUR

Old program poster of Teatro Re in Milan from 1842, monochrome print on vellum. Teatro Re was a Milan theater and opera house (named after its owner Carlo Re). Designed by Luigi Canonica, it was inaug...

Lot: 4004

Icon of St

Result: 200 EUR

Icon of St. Nicholas, probably Russia, end of 19th century, with oklad in gold decorated frame, 20 x 17 cm

Lot: 4005

Art deco bakelite necklace, 1st h

Result: 230 EUR

Art deco bakelite necklace, 1st h. 20th c., red buttons and bent bar elements with black wool, l. 53 cm.

Lot: 4006

Brooch in loop

Result: 160 EUR

Brooch in loop shape (marked ''Eisenberg Original''). Silver and rock crystal? Openwork, d. 8 cm

Lot: 4007

Mixed lot of

Result: 1.300 EUR

Mixed lot of coral jewelry, probably 1st half of 20th century, consisting of a total of 7 chains and necklaces. Partly with large pendants (1 x with cloisonné, 1 x with set stones), one with lapis laz...

Lot: 4008

Gramophone for

Result: 140 EUR

Gramophone for children, England, 1st half of 20th century, wooden body with light blue covering, the corners with metal reinforcements. Inscribed ''The Jetel imperial...'' on the lid. Spare pins encl...

Lot: 4009

Small collection

Result: 45 EUR

Small collection of grandels in wooden box, late 19th c. Most grouped in pairs, some with handwritten labels, toothbrush. Dimensions box 4 x 27 x 19 cm

Lot: 4010

Porcelain head

Result: 70 EUR

Porcelain head doll by Armand Marseille, Germany before 1945. White cotton dress and trousers with lace, sleeping eyes, h. 40 cm.

Lot: 4011

Porcelain head doll, Germany, 1, h

Starting price 120 EUR

Porcelain head doll, Germany, 1, h. 20th c., marked ''Made in Germany'' on the neck. Sleeping head. White linen dress with lace (dirty), h. 45 cm.

Lot: 4012

Porcelain head

Starting price 280 EUR

Porcelain head doll by Simon & Halbig, Germany, before 1945. In white linen dress and pink velvet belt, sleeping eyes. H. ca. 72 cm

Lot: 4013

Violin bow signed

Result: 220 EUR

Violin bow signed Pfretzschner, octagonal pernambuco stick with silver mounting at the base. Ebony frog with silver and mother-of-pearl mounting. Slightly rubbed, a glued break at the tip, l. 74 cm. W...

Lot: 4014

Magic amulet

Starting price 800 EUR

Magic amulet necklace from Ethiopia, 19th century with 66 individual amulets made of embossed leather with in it, so-called magic scrolls made of parchment written and partly with drawings. These were...

Lot: 4015

Mixed brass pieces, 19th/20th c

Result: 70 EUR

Mixed brass pieces, 19th/20th c., consisting of 2 Bruintje Beer reliefs, a relief plate, a sconce with windmill, a box with hinged lid and a brush holder with 2 brushes. To h. 48 cm

Lot: 4016

Icon of Christ

Result: 360 EUR

Icon of Christ Pantocrator, Russia, 1st half of 19th century, polychrome tempera on chalk ground. Wooden support, convex curved, 2 sponki, 42 x 34 cm. Enclosed a so-called ''Icon short exhibit'' and a...

Lot: 4017

5 table frames

Result: 130 EUR

5 table frames with cards and photos, Germany, 20th c. Among them Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia and several times Empress Auguste Viktoria. One of the cards is signed. All behind glass and with p...

Lot: 4018

Conflict of fossils

Result: 450 EUR

Conflict of fossils and artifacts, total over 20 pieces, including a few fossilized teeth, some scarabs with hyroglyphs insignificant etc. D. up to 10 cm

Lot: 4019

2 Speculoos molds,

Result: 50 EUR

2 Speculoos molds, Netherlands, 19th century, waxed wood, to 34 x 24 cm.

Lot: 4020

Desk set, late 19th c

Starting price 70 EUR

Desk set, late 19th c., bronze/brass. Openwork holder for paper/letters, 2 inkwells with hinged lids, 19 x 30 x 20 cm.

Lot: 4021

Pair of tile pictures, Netherlands

Result: 50 EUR

Pair of tile pictures, Netherlands. Tiles of the 18th century in later profiled wooden frames, each 31 x 31 cm.

Lot: 4022

2 mortars with pestle, 19th c

Result: 120 EUR

2 mortars with pestle, 19th c., bronze/brass. H. Mortar to 11 cm, the larger pestle 23 cm.

Lot: 4023

Pair of figural desk decorations, early 20th c

Starting price 80 EUR

Pair of figural desk decorations, early 20th c., zinc cast figures on polished stone plinth, both signed L. Brunswick. Plinths with chips, h. 12 cm.