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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
92 Results
Lot: 3287

Paul Aichele

Starting price 3.500 EUR

Paul Aichele (1859-1910/24), ''Jüngling mit erlegtem Adler'', very large bronze figure with dark patina. The naked youth holding an eagle shot with an arrow above his head. Signed on terrain base, h. ...

Lot: 3288

Hanns Goebl (1901-1986),

Starting price 1.200 EUR

Hanns Goebl (1901-1986), Putto mit Karpfen als große Brunnenfigur, bronze, dark patinated, signed; Inspired by baroque park figures, full sculptural depiction of an amused putto sitting on a carp. Goe...

Lot: 3289

Emanuel Fremiet

Starting price 15.000 EUR

Emanuel Fremiet (1824-1910), imposing bronze group of Diana, goddess of hunting, on a chariot pulled by three reindeer through the deep snow, with a killed bear in the luggage. Patinated bronze, signe...

Lot: 3290

Large Corpus

Starting price 1.100 EUR

Large Corpus Christi of the 19th century, in the style of the 16th century, impressive representation of the Christus patiens, which finds its predecessor in the Cologne Gero Cross. Fully sculpted woo...

Lot: 3291

Raphaël Nannini, sculptor end of 19th c

Starting price 1.600 EUR

Raphaël Nannini, sculptor end of 19th c., Napoleon on horseback in the battle of Austerlitz 1805, polychrome patinated metal casting on marble plinth, signed in the casting, titled on plaque, h. 53 cm

Lot: 3292

G. Gueyton, French sculptor late 19th c

Starting price 6.000 EUR

G. Gueyton, French sculptor late 19th c., large bronze sculpture of a skater with feather adorned hat and her hands buried in a muff. Brown patinated bronze on cranked plinth, signed inside, h. 84 cm.

Lot: 3295

Emile Louis Picault

Starting price 3.500 EUR

Emile Louis Picault (1833-1915) , large figural group of a fishing couple returning home with their catch, brown patinated bronze, signed in the terrain plinth, h. 80 cm

Lot: 3296

Unidentified, probably French sculptor c

Starting price 1.250 EUR

Unidentified, probably French sculptor c. 1900, large ox, black patinated bronze on oblong terrain plinth, indistinctly signed ''J. M...'' within, rubbed, 45 x 19 x 61 cm.

Lot: 3298

Auguste Guénot

Starting price 2.500 EUR

Auguste Guénot (1882-1966), female nude lying on a cloth, dark patinated bronze on rectangular plinth, signed and dated 1924, and inscribed ''1ere epreuve'' and foundry mark of Colin, 20 x 40 x 73 cm

Lot: 3299

Figure with planter, France, 19th c

Starting price 2.500 EUR

Figure with planter, France, 19th c., bronze, brown patinated and partly gilded, large female caryatid with trestle feet and mounted oval bowl, wooden panel on verso, standing on wooden plinth, h. 110...

Lot: 3300

Pietro Balestra (1711-1789), after, Ital

Starting price 150 EUR

Pietro Balestra (1711-1789), after, Ital. Sculptor, large figural group ''Putti with goat'', clay, signed, model no. 1479, molding around 1900, cream-colored body gold-bronzed and mat painted, two hal...

Lot: 3301

The Nuremberg

Starting price 1.800 EUR

The Nuremberg Madonna as a chryselephantine figure around 1900, patinated bronze and ivory, inscribed on the side and stamped on the verso, ''Susse Freres Editeurs Paris'', h. 43 cm

Lot: 3304

Anonymous sculptor 2nd h

Starting price 100 EUR

Anonymous sculptor 2nd h. 20th c., camel, galvanoplastic, unsigned, h. 21,5 cm

Lot: 3309

Oriental group

Starting price 250 EUR

Oriental group of figures in the style of Viennese bronzes, 20th century, Arab with dromedary under a large palm tree, polychrome painted brass, h. 34 cm

Lot: 3313

Venus of Milo,

Starting price 300 EUR

Venus of Milo, copy in plaster/artificial marble after the antique model 1st h. 20th c., minimally bumped, on round marble plinth, on plaque inscribed ''Venus Melos'', h.m. 68 cm

Lot: 3314

F. Galli, Italian

Starting price 600 EUR

F. Galli, Italian sculptor of the 19th century, girl sitting on a chair looking at a fabric, art casting of the 20th century, signed on the back F. Galli Firenze H. 81 cm

Lot: 3318

Adolf Rosenthal

Starting price 250 EUR

Adolf Rosenthal (1838-1866), German animal sculptor, large sculpture of a roaring deer, patinated metal casting on wooden plinth, signed and dated in the casting 'Rosenthal fec. 1863', one antler loos...

Lot: 3326

Monique Degluaire,

Starting price 160 EUR

Monique Degluaire, contemporary French ceramic artist, female figure with wind instrument sitting on a checkered ball, painted and glazed ceramic, signed on the bottom, h. 20,5 cm

Lot: 3330

Augusto Murer (1922-1985), Ital

Starting price 500 EUR

Augusto Murer (1922-1985), Ital. Sculptor and painter, street boy as flower seller, brown patinated bronze, in the stand signed and numbered 15/199, on marble plinth, overall h. 37 cm

Lot: 3336

W. R. Schwarz

Starting price 1.900 EUR

W. R. Schwarz (South African contemporary sculptor), African warrior fighting with a black panther, different African woods, burl wood, bone and verdite, on oval wooden plinth, signed in the stone wit...

Lot: 3341

Hungarian sculptor

Starting price 1.100 EUR

Hungarian sculptor of the 2nd half of the 19th century, mother pig with piglets. Bronze, patinated. Founder's stamp/signature ''Testory R.T.'', black set sandstone base. On a relief plinth in the form...

Lot: 3344

Monogrammed by R

Starting price 280 EUR

Monogrammed by R.N., 2nd half of 20th century, abstract vegetal form, patinated solid bronze, monogrammed on the bottom, h. 29 cm.

Lot: 3346

Léon Severac

Starting price 4.000 EUR

Léon Severac (1903-1996), reclining female nude, large bronze sculpture with green patina on rectangular plinth, signed within ''L. Severac'', loose on matching wooden table as pedestal, 97 x 24 x 44 ...

Lot: 3347

Hippolyte François

Starting price 1.800 EUR

Hippolyte François Moreau (1832-1927), ''Un Secret'', little girl reveals a secret to her brother, brown patinated bronze, signed in terrain base u. inscribed on plaque, loose on oval marble plinth, h...