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Auction on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
150 Results
Lot: 3477

Thomas Theodor

Result: 12.000 EUR

Thomas Theodor HEINE (1867-1948), draftsman and caricaturist for the 'Fliegende Blätter' and also the 'Simplicissimus'. Due to his biting articles and caricatures, he was persecuted early on by the Na...

Lot: 3328

Jules Bertin, French sculptor late 19th c

Result: 8.000 EUR

Jules Bertin, French sculptor late 19th c., imposing patriotic figure reaffirming the French claim to Alsace and Lorraine. A female nude exotically decorated with shells holding a flag stands on a hem...

Lot: 3488

Henry Etienne

Result: 5.500 EUR

Henry Etienne Dumaige (1830-1888), two French soldiers before and after the battle of 1792, ''Avant le Combat / Après le Combat. Volontaires de 1792''. Pair of impressive bronze sculptures, dark patin...

Lot: 3393

Serge Yourievitch

Result: 3.900 EUR

Serge Yourievitch (1876-1969), Nude Dancer, ''La Danseuse Nattova'', 1923, greenish patinated bronze sculpture on marble plinth, titled on the front, signed on the back, h.-mass 39 cm I

Lot: 3496

Martin Borgord

Result: 3.700 EUR

Martin Borgord ( 1866-1935 ), large female nude, garden sculpture made of bronze with greenish patina, signed in the plinth, more rubbed due to the influence of weathering, h. 100 cm

Lot: 3327

Emanuel Fremiet

Result: 3.300 EUR

Emanuel Fremiet (1824-1910), Archangel Michael fighting with the dragon, gilded bronze from the foundry of Ferdinand Barbedienne, signed on the outside in the casting, in the standing ring with foundr...

Lot: 3442

Jean-Louis Grégoire

Result: 3.300 EUR

Jean-Louis Grégoire (1840-1890), child with dog lying on oblong plinth, fully plastic marble sculpture, signed on the back ''L. Grégoire'', only shipping possible, minimally bumped, 42 x 58 x 320 cm

Lot: 3489

Edouard Drouot (1859-1945), Dawn

Result: 3.300 EUR

Edouard Drouot (1859-1945), Dawn. Aurora as large stretching nude on wave with rising sun, patinated bronze on round marble plinth, signed ''E. Drouot'', h. 97 cm

Lot: 3490

Reinhold Carl

Result: 3.000 EUR

Reinhold Carl (1864-1929), athletic male nude as a bound slave, dark brown patinated bronze on arched plinth, signed inside ''R. Carl'', h. 70 cm

Lot: 3390

Frédéric Eugène

Result: 2.400 EUR

Frédéric Eugène Piat (1827-1903), Cupid as a messenger riding on a greyhound. Green patinated bronze on oval red marble plinth, signed ''E. Piat'', h. 41,5 cm

Lot: 3372

Alexander Amandus

Result: 2.000 EUR

Alexander Amandus von Wahl (1839-1903), Baltic German sculptor and painter. Studied sculpture at the Imperial Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg under Peter Clodt von Jürgensburg. He then went t...

Lot: 3430

Imposing Viennese bronze c

Result: 1.800 EUR

Imposing Viennese bronze c. 1900, large standing horse, patinated bronze on serpentine plinth, in the belly the vase stamp of Franz Xaver Bergmann (1861-1936) with number, rubbed, l. 37 x h. 32 cm

Lot: 3441

Francois Alphonse Piquemal, France c

Result: 1.800 EUR

Francois Alphonse Piquemal, France c. 1900, large double bust of a Pierrot trying to kiss a girl, brown patinated bronze, signed in the stand, h. 44 cm

Lot: 3434

Bronze figure

Result: 1.700 EUR

Bronze figure of the 19th century, after the ancient figure of the so-called Narcissus of Pompeii (Dionysus), green-black patinated bronze, on the round plinth foundry mark ''Fonderia Sommer Napoli'',...

Lot: 3391

Edouard Drouot

Result: 1.500 EUR

Edouard Drouot (1859-1945), large ox team with plowing farmer, patinated bronze on terrain plinth, signed therein ''E. Drouot'', 63 x 24 x 20 cm

Lot: 3356

Josef Franz Pallenberg

Result: 1.400 EUR

Josef Franz Pallenberg (1882-1946), animal sculptor working in Düsseldorf, large sculpture of a roaring stag, brown patinated galvanopaste, signed on the terrain plinth, on marble plinth, l. 60 cm

Lot: 3392

Anonymous sculptor

Result: 1.400 EUR

Anonymous sculptor of the art deco around 1920, large dynamic group of an Arab kidnapping a woman on a wild ride, patinated metal casting on polychrome marble base, unsign, minimally bumped, l. 63 cm

Lot: 3455

Probably Russian

Result: 1.400 EUR

Probably Russian sculptor of the 19th century, horse team with couple in traditional costumes, patinated bronze on terrain plinth, unsigned, loose, reins cracked, on the saddle probably missing part, ...

Lot: 3474


Result: 1.400 EUR

Pierre-Jules Mène (1810-1879), Stag at the painting tree, patinated bronze on oblong terrain plinth, inscribed therein ''PJ Mène'', l. 27 cm.

Lot: 3315

Auguste Puttemans

Result: 1.350 EUR

Auguste Puttemans (1866-1927), Leda with the Swan, patinated bronze over oval marble plinth, signed in casting, 37 x 34 x 20 cm.

Lot: 3325

Anton Nelson

Result: 1.200 EUR

Anton Nelson (1880-1910), large art nouveau bust of a girl looking to the right, white marble, signed on the back, h. 52 cm

Lot: 3358

Franz Iffland

Result: 1.200 EUR

Franz Iffland (1862-1935), standing moose, patinated bronze, in the rectangular terrain plinth signed u. dated 1929, h. 40 cm

Lot: 3369

Georg Hengstenberg

Result: 1.200 EUR

Georg Hengstenberg (1879-?), Pied Piper of Hamelin, brown patinated bronze, signed on the stand ''G. Hengstenberg'', h. 62 cm

Lot: 3380

Réne-Paul Marquet

Result: 1.100 EUR

Réne-Paul Marquet (1875-1939), French sculptor, large female nude with stringed instrument, polished bronze, signed ''Marquet'' u. num. 5023, on onyx marble base, overall h. 45 cm.