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Auction on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
735 Results
Lot: 2226

Pictorial plate, bee shield mark, w

Result: 20 EUR

Pictorial plate, bee shield mark, w. Bohemia or Silesia, in the mirror farewell scene, elegant lady with hat says goodbye to elegant gentleman on white horse, flag with ornamental gilding on cobalt bl...

Lot: 2055

Sitting cat, England, 20th c

Result: 20 EUR

Sitting cat, England, 20th c., ceramic, gray painted, h. 23 cm

Lot: 2056

Cat with mouse,

Starting price 30 EUR

Cat with mouse, Lladró, Spain, end of 20th century, sitting cat looking surprised at the mouse squatting on its tail, painted in underglaze colors, h. 8,5 cm

Lot: 2290

Bottle vase,

Result: 30 EUR

Bottle vase, KPM Berlin, mark before 1945, 2nd choice, design Trude Petri, white, h. 20 cm

Lot: 2231

Three clowns, Valencia, Spain, 20th c

Result: 30 EUR

Three clowns, Valencia, Spain, 20th c., lying clown, waving, Porceval, l. 26 cm, sitting clown with bandoneon, Tengra, glued leg, h. 27 cm, standing clown with melancholic look, Casades, chip at the f...

Lot: 2225

Round bowl, Meissen,

Result: 35 EUR

Round bowl, Meissen, 1950s, 2nd choice, shape New cutout, flowers and insects in aquatint blue, gold rim, Ø 27 cm

Lot: 2045

Three place settings,

Result: 40 EUR

Three place settings, Royal Albert, bone china, England, late 20th c., polychrome decorations Berkeley, Chatellaine and Celebration, ornamental gilding, tes. rubbed, cup with saucer, h. 8,5 cm, 3 cake...

Lot: 2059

Two figures with putto, w

Starting price 40 EUR

Two figures with putto, w. Thuringia, c. 1900, putto sitting on an armchair talking with a girl, several times bumped, h. 11 cm, smaller putto, perky sitting in an armchair, h. 8 cm, both polychrome p...

Lot: 2106

Vase, France,

Starting price 40 EUR

Vase, France, 20th century, Sevres imitation mark, cup shape on four volute feet and concave curved pedestal, acanthus leaves in relief, blue painted, in the reserves polychrome painted with bouquets ...

Lot: 2239

Small figure,

Starting price 40 EUR

Small figure, KPM Berlin, 20th century, red painter's mark, boy with black hat, wings missing, left hand restored, h. 12,5 cm

Lot: 2240

Water bearer, 20th c

Starting price 40 EUR

Water bearer, 20th c., young woman standing on a pedestal with 2 vessels, bisque porcelain partly glazed, polychrome painted, gold staffage, h. 31,5 cm

Lot: 2646

Art Nouveau jug

Result: 40 EUR

Art Nouveau jug from a ceramic washing set, stoneware factory Elsterwerder, around 1910, round stand, oval body, with floral spray decoration in red, h. 28,5 cm

Lot: 2208

Olympic runner,

Result: 40 EUR

Olympic runner, Coalport, England, 1984, the torchbearer with the Olympic flame on the occasion of the Olympics in Los Angeles 1984, white bisque, lightly colored painted, on oval base, lim. edition 2...

Lot: 2236

Chick, Nymphenburg,

Result: 40 EUR

Chick, Nymphenburg, early 20th century, model design by Anna Soenecken-Beckmann, model no. 295/12, naturalistic painted in underglaze colors, h. 8 cm

Lot: 2702

Vase, Hutschenreuther,

Result: 40 EUR

Vase, Hutschenreuther, 20th century, round stand, ovoids body slender neck, cobalt blue background with floral decor in gold, h. 34 cm.

Lot: 2433

Three figures,

Result: 45 EUR

Three figures, shepherd with three sheep, Gräfenthal, Thuringia, model no. 19714, painted in color, small chips, h. 17 cm, bird seller, Thuringia, 20th century, probably from a series of market criers...

Lot: 2262

Vase, Meissen, c

Result: 45 EUR

Vase, Meissen, c. 1980, deputation, polychrome floral painting, flower III, gold rims, h. 23,5 cm

Lot: 2043

Set, 3-piece,

Result: 50 EUR

Set, 3-piece, Meissen, 20th century, 1st choice, form New Cutout, decor Mahonia tendril, cup with monagram in ligature ''DL'', cup with saucer, h. 8 cm, plate, d. 20 cm

Lot: 2013

Ceramic object

Result: 50 EUR

Ceramic object in the form of an ornamental pumpkin, 20th century, running glaze, h. 25 cm.

Lot: 2016

Lidded box, Ludwigsburg,

Starting price 50 EUR

Lidded box, Ludwigsburg, end of 20th century, polychrome floral painting and gold staffage, Ø 11 cm, with certificate and OK, like new

Lot: 2118

Brush cup, Volkstedt,

Starting price 50 EUR

Brush cup, Volkstedt, Thuringia, mark 1916-1936, in Capo di Monte style, all around relief decoration with plastic putti as allegories of the 7 liberal arts, polychrome painted, gold rim, min, bumped,...

Lot: 2238

Set KPM Berlin,

Starting price 50 EUR

Set KPM Berlin, 8 pieces, beginning of 20th century, consisting of tea set, form Ozier, and milk jug floral painting in purple, and 2 cups with UT white with gold, h. 6 and 6,5 cm

Lot: 2345

KPM Berlin, 6

Starting price 50 EUR

KPM Berlin, 6 pieces, 20th century, 1st and 2nd choice, white, campanella cup with saucer, h. 8,5 cm, round bowl, form Neuozier, gold rim, Ø 14cm, plaque with Brandenburg Gate, w. 10,5 cm, 2 fish bowl...

Lot: 2375

Ten decorative small pieces, 20th c

Starting price 50 EUR

Ten decorative small pieces, 20th c., 2 salt shakers, 2 napkin rings, rabbit bumped, 1 mini joke jug, 1 knife bank, 2 chess pieces and others, Ens, Mainly set. Heights 3.5 cm to 10 cm