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Lot: 3005

Result: 30 EUR

Four liqueur glasses, 20th century, clear colorless glass, turned high shaft, illegible scratched signature, h. 22 cm

Lot: 3014

Starting price 30 EUR

Flat round bowl, 1st half of the 20th century, probably WMF, Myra, round base, flat bowl, clear glass, partly frosted, molten, blue glass rim, Ø 30 cm

Lot: 2921

Result: 30 EUR

Large tankard, 19th century, round base, bulgy body, clear glass with etched leaf decoration and inscription 'Zum Vergnügen' (For pleasure'), h. 15.5 cm

Lot: 2968

Result: 45 EUR

A pair of sconces, Italy, 20th cent., Murano, wall mount with flowers and leaves, whitish iridiscent and red glass, dam., 1 sheet broken, but existing, h. 34 cm

Lot: 2932

Starting price 50 EUR

Compilation of five glasses, 20th cent., different shapes, clear glass, etched red, partly with cut decoration, partly etched, 1 with gold decoration, h. up to 21 cm

Lot: 2934

Starting price 50 EUR

Glass, mid-19th century, star-shaped stand, short shaft, body in bell shape, clear glass, with polychrome enamel painting, floral and figurative motifs, seated young woman in a landscape winding a wre...

Lot: 2949

Starting price 50 EUR

Round Art Deco bowl, WMF, Ikora, 1920/30s, round base, flat shape, clear glass with brown and green stain meltings, Ø 27.5 cm

Lot: 2980

Starting price 50 EUR

Vase with pewter mounting, 20th century, round base, bulgy body, cobalt blue glass, mounting with vine decoration, h. 19.5 cm

Lot: 2982

Result: 50 EUR

Small carafe and two glasses, 20th century, Carl Rotter, Lübeck, carafe, spherical shape, sidely attached handle, complete with stopper, glasses, cylindrical shape, clear glass, predominantly amber-co...

Lot: 3015

Starting price 50 EUR

Two carafes, 20th cent., 1 with silver neck mounting, Denmark, 1934, assay master mark Jens Siggaard, silver 826/000, monogram and date 1936, body clear glass with cut decoration, 1 stopper chipped, h...

Lot: 3024

Result: 50 EUR

Three carafes, 20th century, different shapes and sizes, each clear glass with cut decor, 1 with silver neck mounting, partly chipped, h. up to 32.5 cm

Lot: 3032

Result: 50 EUR

Vase, 20th century, oval stand, body with slightly widening wall, clear frosted glass with gold staffage dragonflies and gold rim, rest., h. 32 cm

Lot: 3033

Starting price 50 EUR

Mixed lot of eight souvenir glasses, 20th century, conical shape, different sizes, with views of different places and castles, polychrome decor or gold staffage, h. up to 13.5 cm

Lot: 3035

Result: 50 EUR

Mixed lot of four pieces of molded glass, clear resp. yellow glass, wall with relief decoration, 2 flacons (1 lid is missing), bowl and jug, h. up to 17 cm, l. up to 19.5 cm

Lot: 3037

Starting price 50 EUR

Rearing horse, probably Italy, 20th century, Murano (?), white glass with pink spots melting, dam., h. 19 cm

Lot: 2935

Result: 50 EUR

Small goblet, probably Bohemia, 19th century, polygonal stand, short shaft, top in bell shape, clear glass, etched pale blue, with richly cut decoration, ornamental and landscape motifs, h. 13 cm

Lot: 2920

Result: 50 EUR

Vase, around 1900, round base on square plinth, baluster shaft, corpus in crater shape, clear glass with floral cut decoration and inscription 'Zur Erinnerung', dam., h. 22.5 cm

Lot: 2923

Result: 50 EUR

Flacon, 19th cent., square base with flattened corners, straight body, clear glass with richly cut decoration, stopper missing, h. 20 cm

Lot: 2924

Result: 50 EUR

Four flasks, 20th cent., different shapes and sizes, 2 oval, 2 quadrangular with flattened corners, each clear glass with cut decoration, stopper damaged, h. up to 22.5 cm

Lot: 2946

Result: 54 EUR

Glass cover with saucer, early 20th century, clear glass with cut and etched palm decoration, chipped, Ø 20.5 cm

Lot: 2911

Result: 55 EUR

Art Déco liqueur set, around 1920/30, carafe and 5 glasses, clear glass, partly frosted, with polychrome enamel painting, trees and capercaillie on a branch., h. 7 resp. 25.5 cm

Lot: 2991

Result: 55 EUR

Three glasses, 18th century, slightly different shapes, rectangular stand with concave recesses, angular conical shaft, angular conical top, curved, cut decoration, partly chipped, all glasses are abr...

Lot: 2913

Starting price 60 EUR

Bottle with six glasses, 20th cent., round base, curved body, bottle in the upper area bulged with sidely attached handle, green glass, bottle partly ice glass, glasses, with numerous trapped air bubb...

Lot: 2922

Starting price 60 EUR

Large tankard, 19th century, polygonal stand, body in barrel form, sidely attached handle, clear glass with richly cut decoration and monogram, h. 17 cm