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931 Results
Lot: 4000

Wild boar with blue eyes, stuf

Starting price 60 EUR

Wild boar with blue eyes, stuffed animal by Steiff, 50s, button in the ear with faded pennant, breastplate made of cardboard, good condition, dark blond mohair, glass eyes, tusks made of plastic, h. 1...

Lot: 4001

Petschaft, Art Nouveau, c. 190

Starting price 80 EUR

Petschaft, Art Nouveau, c. 1900, long-haired girl with arms folded behind her head, long leaves entwine around her legs, seal face with monogram MS, polished brass o. bronze, h. 10,5 cm

Lot: 4002

Table picture frame, Historici

Starting price 60 EUR

Table picture frame, Historicism, end of the 19th century, on the lower half a lying lion, above oak or laurel leaves, above a crowned coat of arms with a standing lion, heavy, cast brass version, wit...

Lot: 4003

Drinking horn, end of the 19th

Starting price 140 EUR

Drinking horn, end of the 19th century, historicism, curved cow horn with metal mount and round foot, on shield ''Zu. And. a. d. Silberhochzeit gew. v. d. d. Söhne'', foot with small cracks, upper met...

Lot: 4004

Teddy bear, Steiff company, re

Starting price 100 EUR

Teddy bear, Steiff company, replica ''British Collector's 1911 Replica Teddy Bear'' from 1992, light mohair, unplayed, still mounted in original box, with certificate, h. 40 cm

Lot: 4005

Mixed lot of old letters and d

Starting price 150 EUR

Mixed lot of old letters and documents, mainly 17th and 18th century, also 19th century, mostly handwritten, among them probably also 4 love letters, partly with wax or paper seals, also field post le...

Lot: 4006

3 beer mugs, 2nd half of the 2

Starting price 80 EUR

3 beer mugs, 2nd half of the 20th century, two reservist mugs ''Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit'' with pewter lids, h. 26 cm each, plus a beer or water mug in the shape of a sturdy matron with a resolu...

Lot: 4007

Set of porcelain doll heads, c

Starting price 80 EUR

Set of porcelain doll heads, c. 1900, two finely painted, one with glass eyes and inserted teeth, both marked on the back, h. 9 cm and 6.5 cm, respectively, plus a white glazed shoulder head and eight...

Lot: 4008

Six small porcelain dolls, c.

Starting price 100 EUR

Six small porcelain dolls, c. 1900, porcelain resp. bisque porcelain, four with movable arms resp. legs, two of them clothed and with hair, furthermore two bathing dolls resp. so-called naked frogs. H...

Lot: 4009

Montblanc piston fountain pen,

Starting price 100 EUR

Montblanc piston fountain pen, mid-20th century, 14 C (585) yellow gold nib, black case, gilded applications, cap with inscription Glasurit and bore, l. 12 cm

Lot: 4010

Mixed lot of 15 writing instru

Starting price 150 EUR

Mixed lot of 15 writing instruments, 20th century, different makers, i. a. 2 Mont Blanc piston fountain pens with 14 ct (585) GG nib, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, different shape...

Lot: 4011

Two icons, end of 20th century

Starting price 90 EUR

Two icons, end of 20th century, 1x with print and silvered oklat, 24 x 19 cm, 1x metal with enamel decoration, 19 x 17 cm.

Lot: 4012

Female anthropomorphic figural

Starting price 300 EUR

Female anthropomorphic figural vessel of the Chancay? Culture, Central Coastal Region of Peru. 10th-15th century, clay, handle on the back, cream and black pigment, geometrical painting on the spout, ...

Lot: 4013

2 walking sticks, 20th c., 1 w

Starting price 100 EUR

2 walking sticks, 20th c., 1 with eagle's head pommel, 1 pommel decorated with foliage and walnut shaft, both brass, h. up to 92 cm.

Lot: 4014

Art nouveau window, pink-yello

Starting price 150 EUR

Art nouveau window, pink-yellow lily in wooden frame with iron chain, glass with different surface structure. Surface structure. Lead glazing. Dimensions: 57 x 42,5 x 1,5 cm.

Lot: 4015

Tapestry, scene with partridge

Starting price 150 EUR

Tapestry, scene with partridge family, 20th century, back with velvet fabric, 5 golden hanging loops, 82 x 61 cm.

Lot: 4016

Cartier twist-action biros, 2n

Starting price 100 EUR

Cartier twist-action biros, 2nd half of the 20th century, must de Cartier, gilded case with striped decoration, l. 13.5 cm, in box (replaced), l. 18 cm

Lot: 4017

Four-piece Mont Blanc writing

Starting price 150 EUR

Four-piece Mont Blanc writing set, 2nd half of the 20th century, silver-coloured case with gilded applications, 2 ballpoint pens (1x mechanism defective), mechanical pencil and parton fountain pen, l....

Lot: 4018

Two-piece Parker writing set,

Starting price 120 EUR

Two-piece Parker writing set, end of the 20th century, sterling silver 925/000 case with check engraving, gilded applications, mechanical pencil and cartridge fountain pen, l. to 13.5 cm, in case, l. ...

Lot: 4019

Miniature, Antoine Vestier (17

Starting price 900 EUR

Miniature, Antoine Vestier (1740 - 1824), French miniaturist, portrait of a lady in a light blue dress, 1778, watercolour on bone. Sig. ''Vestier fecit 1778'', behind glass in silver frame with gilt o...

Lot: 4020

Miniature, Portrait of a Beaut

Starting price 120 EUR

Miniature, Portrait of a Beauty, 18th century, watercolour on bone, oval: 9 x 7 cm, in plain metal frame, portrait rubbed

Lot: 4021

Miniature, portrait of a lady

Starting price 150 EUR

Miniature, portrait of a lady in a black Victorian dress, 19th century, watercolour on bone, in silver frame with hanger, oval: 5.6 x 4.8 cm.

Lot: 4022

Miniature, portrait of Louis X

Starting price 2.000 EUR

Miniature, portrait of Louis XVIII, Jean-Baptiste Jaques Augustine (1759 - 1832, ''Premier peintre en miniature de la Chambre et du Cabinet du Roi''), 1818, sig. ''Augustin 1818'', watercolour on bone...

Lot: 4023

Brown bakelite box with art no

Starting price 50 EUR

Brown bakelite box with art nouveau decoration and bakelite gem of a young lady. Around 1910/20. Dimensions: 15.3 x 9 x 3.2 cm.