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107 Results
Lot: 1600

Three footed glasses, 20th cen

Starting price 100 EUR

Three footed glasses, 20th century, different shapes, each clear glass, 1x mainly red etched, 2x with cut decoration, each with gold decoration, 1x slightly bumped, h. up to 19 cm

Lot: 1601

Historism goblet glass, end of

Starting price 60 EUR

Historism goblet glass, end of the 19th century, round disc stand, baluster stem, cylindrical dome, greenish glass, with enclosed air bubbles, with polychrome figural and floral decoration, h. 16,5 cm

Lot: 1602

Vase, 20th century, round stan

Starting price 60 EUR

Vase, 20th century, round stand, body with tapering wall, curved up mouth rim, greenish glass with melted brown glass threads, bumped, h. 22,5 cm

Lot: 1603

Two vases, 2nd half of the 20t

Starting price 100 EUR

Two vases, 2nd half of the 20th century, 1x Malta, round stand, flat wide body with narrow mouth, green glass, overlaid with turquoise, with trapped air bubbles, Ø 16 cm, h. 7 cm, 1x round stand, bulb...

Lot: 1604

Historism beaker, c. 1880, rou

Starting price 100 EUR

Historism beaker, c. 1880, round stand, cylindrical body, clear glass, with rich polychrome cold enamel painting and motto, h. 16 cm

Lot: 1605

Large vase, probably Italy, 20

Starting price 180 EUR

Large vase, probably Italy, 20th century, Murano (?), round stand, conical body, clear glass with fused polychrome murrines and coloured glass threads, unsigned in the base of the stand, h. 28,5 cm

Lot: 1606

Carafe with assembly, early 20

Starting price 250 EUR

Carafe with assembly, early 20th century, maker's mark WMF, Geislingen, plated, stand, handle and neck assembly with relief decoration, body with widening wall, clear glass with floral and ornamental ...

Lot: 1607

Cock, France, 2nd half of the

Starting price 80 EUR

Cock, France, 2nd half of the 20th century, Lalique, a cock crouching on a round stand with raised tail feathers, clear glass, partly frosted, signed on the stand, h. 21 cm

Lot: 1608

Group of three pieces, Italy,

Starting price 100 EUR

Group of three pieces, Italy, 20th century, Murano, vase and 2 bowls, clear glass, with enclosed air bubbles and gold powder fusions, h. 24,5 cm, l. to 21 cm

Lot: 1609

Carafe, 20th century, assembly

no minimum price

Carafe, 20th century, assembly plated, hinged hinged lid, body clear moulded glass with relief decoration, h. 29 cm

Lot: 1610

Large lidded goblet, c. 1900,

Starting price 50 EUR

Large lidded goblet, c. 1900, round disc base, baluster stem, bulging body, domed lid, slightly amethyst tinted glass, with cut decoration, bumped, h. 29 cm

Lot: 1611

Vase, 20th century, slightly c

no minimum price

Vase, 20th century, slightly conical form, clear glass with etched spiral decoration and fused dots in green and red, h. 21,5 cm

Lot: 1612

Jug, France, c. 1920, Daum Nan

Starting price 100 EUR

Jug, France, c. 1920, Daum Nancy, round stand, bulbous body, handle attached to the side, tapering spout, green glass with blue powder fusing, signed, minimally bumped, h. 23 cm

Lot: 1613

Vase, early 20th century, roun

Starting price 40 EUR

Vase, early 20th century, round stand, baluster body, flared mouth rim, clear glass, with white inner overlay and reddish brown spotted enamel, wall with figural metal overlay, h. 17 cm

Lot: 1614

Round bowl, 20th century, roun

Starting price 60 EUR

Round bowl, 20th century, round stand, bulbous curved corpus, red glass with iridescent spotted melting, bumped rim, Ø 20 cm, also vase, 20th century, round stand, corpus with tapering wall, flared mo...

Lot: 1615

Round bowl, Italy, end of the

Starting price 120 EUR

Round bowl, Italy, end of the 20th century, Murano, designed by Carlo Moretti (1934-2008), round base, spherical body, black glass, inside with fused striped decoration in yellow and orange, signed an...

Lot: 1616

Bottle, 19th century, flat, ov

Starting price 60 EUR

Bottle, 19th century, flat, oval form, clear glass, white overlay, with cut decoration and name dedication, minimally bumped, l. 18 cm, with souvenir glass, 19th century, round stand, bell-shaped body...

Lot: 1617

Wine glass, 2nd half of the 20

Starting price 60 EUR

Wine glass, 2nd half of the 20th century, Moser (?), hexagonal foot, angular stem, dome with widening wall, clear glass with cut decoration and gold decoration, bumped, h. 15 cm

Lot: 1618

Large vase, end of the 19th ce

Starting price 50 EUR

Large vase, end of the 19th century, hexagonal stand, angular body arched at the shoulder, straight neck with flared lip rim, wall with floral cut decoration, h. 27,5 cm

Lot: 1619

Round footed bowl, 20th centur

Starting price 50 EUR

Round footed bowl, 20th century, round domed stand, straight bowl body, clear frosted glass, partly overlaid in brown, with etched floral decoration, slightly bumped, marked, h. 12,5 cm

Lot: 1620

Large vase, 20th century, prob

Starting price 150 EUR

Large vase, 20th century, probably Bohemia, round stand, conical body indented at the shoulder, flared mouth rim, cobalt blue glass with polychrome floral painting and rich gold decoration, h. 60 cm

Lot: 1621

Combination of four pieces, 19

Starting price 80 EUR

Combination of four pieces, 19th/20th century, 2 carafes, liqueur goblet and goblet, clear glass with gold decoration, partly with cut decoration, 1x with trapped air bubbles, 2x bumped, h. up to 30,5...

Lot: 1622

Beaker, probably 18th century,

Starting price 150 EUR

Beaker, probably 18th century, round domed stand, conical body, clear glass with fused-on yellow nubs and applied blue glass threads, bottom with break-off, h. 16,5 cm

Lot: 1623

Reclining tiger, probably Ital

Starting price 180 EUR

Reclining tiger, probably Italy, early 21st century, clear and coloured glass, with meltings, l. 63 cm