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Auction on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 09:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
872 Results
Lot: 4000

3 Dupont lighters,

Result: 160 EUR

3 Dupont lighters, France (Paris), 2nd half of 20th century Different design and size, h. up to ca. 6 cm

Lot: 4001

Mixed lot of

Result: 420 EUR

Mixed lot of 50 photos of opera singers with autographs: Among them Lauritz Melchior, del Monaco, Nilsson, Tozzi, Tucker, Stevens, Farrar, Hines, Rysanek and Konya. The convolute includes one autograp...

Lot: 4002

Art Nouveau stoneware jug, c

Result: 20 EUR

Art Nouveau stoneware jug, c. 1900, circular decoration with water lily leaves in relief and a motto, pewter lid mounting with tendril relief, h. 25 cm

Lot: 4003

Incense burner

Starting price 900 EUR

Incense burner in bird form, early Islamic?, bronze with verdigris patina. Ornamentally open worked. Head and neck connected by a hinge on the back, h. 15 cm.

Lot: 4004

Steiff terrier,

Result: 160 EUR

Steiff terrier, Germany, 1st half of the 20th century, sitting with ears laid back and red collar, h. 18 cm

Lot: 4005

Cupping machine, 19th century, brass

Result: 130 EUR

Cupping machine, 19th century, brass. Medical device for bloodletting, widespread in the 19th century. With matching casket, ca. 7 x 7 x 6 cm.

Lot: 4006

Pipe, end of

Result: 160 EUR

Pipe, end of the 19th century, openwork carved with hunting motif. Amber mouthpiece. Comes with a matching case marked ''C. W. Möller, Berlin, Königl. Pr. Hoflieferant'', l. 15 cm.

Lot: 4007

Pipe, end of

Result: 90 EUR

Pipe, end of the 19th century, meerschaum and amber. With matching case marked ''Franz Hiess'' (Vienna), l. 11,5 cm.

Lot: 4008

Pipe fragment, age and origin unknown, stone?, l

Starting price 60 EUR

Pipe fragment, age and origin unknown, stone?, l. 11.5 cm

Lot: 4009

Champagne cooler by WMF (ostrich brand), 20/30s

Result: 200 EUR

Champagne cooler by WMF (ostrich brand), 20/30s. Chrome-plated metal with swivelling handle, cylindrical insert of green glass, h. 22/d. 28 cm.

Lot: 4010

Stove by Godin, France, c

Result: 330 EUR

Stove by Godin, France, c. 1900. cast iron and tiles with leaf tendrils, h. 86 cm.

Lot: 4011

2 fly whips, Africa, wood, textile and horsehair

Result: 60 EUR

2 fly whips, Africa, wood, textile and horsehair. Multiple profiled wooden handle with fine geometric ornaments and face masks. Socket for the real hair frond as textile binding made of red fabric. Sl...

Lot: 4012

Convolute Lego,

Result: 140 EUR

Convolute Lego, 20th/21st century, Various Lego sets and a bunch of spare parts and accessories including a matching folder with all filed original building instructions. Everything in a cardboard box...

Lot: 4013


Result: 150 EUR

Baroque-style mirror, 19th century, wooden frame with curved passages and gold decoration, openwork in places, 106 x 56 cm

Lot: 4014

Samovar with

Result: 50 EUR

Samovar with jug, tray and drip tray, Russia, late 19th century, metal body, turned wooden handles, h. 50 cm

Lot: 4015

2 walking sticks,

Starting price 40 EUR

2 walking sticks, Germany, 20th century, wood, each with metal plaques, l. to 86 cm

Lot: 4016

Jug with 6 glasses,

Result: 100 EUR

Jug with 6 glasses, end of 19th century, yellowish glass with pewter mounting in Renaissance style, h. jug 38,5cm, h. glasses 13,5 cm

Lot: 4017

Inkstand, 20th

Result: 190 EUR

Inkstand, 20th century, silver plated base on pressed ball feet with recess for storage. Glass inkstand with silver plated hinged lid, 14 x 23 x 18 cm.

Lot: 4018

Pair of wall-mounted

Starting price 150 EUR

Pair of wall-mounted candlesticks, end of the 19th century, bronze with residual gilding. Each with 3 curved candlestick arms overlaid with foliage, floral grommets, approx. 20 x 30 x 18 cm.

Lot: 4019

A bowl for offering,

Result: 80 EUR

A bowl for offering, early 20th century, chased brass. Lapidated form with floral ornaments. Attributed to Georg Mendelssohn (not signed), d. 32 cm.

Lot: 4020

Nkisi nail fetish,

Result: 180 EUR

Nkisi nail fetish, Congo, 20th century, wood, nails and fabric. Stress crack, h. 102 cm

Lot: 4021

3 evening bags,

Starting price 80 EUR

3 evening bags, 19th/20th century, 1 x with petit point embroidery, 2 x as embroidery/gobelin, 1 x of which with mother-of-pearl overlays. Up to 18 x 21 cm

Lot: 4022

Set of analogue

Result: 90 EUR

Set of analogue technical drawing, 20th century: Consisting of a large compass box with the inscription ''Alda'' (complete), a smaller compass box, a slide rule, a measuring device and some precision ...

Lot: 4023

Small Montblanc

Result: 110 EUR

Small Montblanc set, 2nd half of 20th century, consisting of ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and case, 14,5 x 4 cm