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Auction on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 09:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
91 Results
Lot: 1500

Star-shaped bowl,

Result: 35 EUR

Star-shaped bowl, France, 2nd half of 20th century, Daum, Nancy, 5-pass stand, 5-pass body, clear glass, signed, Ø 25 cm

Lot: 1501

Five vases and

Starting price 60 EUR

Five vases and one bowl, 20th century, different makers, various shapes and sizes, 1x rim ground off, h. to 24,5 cm

Lot: 1503

Art Nouveau vase, c

Result: 220 EUR

Art Nouveau vase, c. 1900, round stand, coprus with widening wall, curved mouth rim, violet lustrated glass with fused glass threads and flowers in pink and white, h. 19,5 cm

Lot: 1504

Vase, France,

Result: 250 EUR

Vase, France, 20th century, Emile Gallé, Nancy, round stand, slender body, clear frosted glass, partly overlaid with violet, with etched floral decoration, signed, h. 16 cm

Lot: 1505

Decorative jug, France c

Result: 200 EUR

Decorative jug, France c. 1920, designed by Georges de Feure (1868-1928), round base, bulbous body with handle attached to the side, clear frosted glass with green and orange powder fusing, signed on ...

Lot: 1510

Biedermeier beaker,

Starting price 500 EUR

Biedermeier beaker, 1st half of the 19th century, round stand, curved body, clear glass with polychrome cold enamel painting, portrait in silhouette style and rose tendril motifs, gold rim (rubbed), b...

Lot: 1512

Goblet glass,

Result: 240 EUR

Goblet glass, Bohemia, 2nd half of the 19th century, probably made by the Harrach family in Neuwelt and refined by the Wilhelm Hoffmann company in Prague, round vaulted stand, baluster stem, hemispher...

Lot: 1513

Historicist vase,

Result: 180 EUR

Historicist vase, end of the 19th century, round stand, spherical body, slender conical neck, clear glass with rich floral and ornamental cut decoration, polychrome cold enamel painting and rich gold ...

Lot: 1514

Two small vases,

Result: 120 EUR

Two small vases, early 20th century, each of square form, angular body, green glass with fused polychrome glass balls and rich gold decoration (partly rubbed), minimally bumped, h. up to 8 cm

Lot: 1515

Goblet glass, c

Result: 70 EUR

Goblet glass, c. 1900, round disc stand, baluster stem, straight dome bulging in the lower part, ruby glass, with rich polychrome cold enamel painting, Roman chariots with figural staffage, gold staff...

Lot: 1517

Three pieces

Starting price 450 EUR

Three pieces of ceremonial glass, end of 19th century, 2 bowls and a vase, each clear glass with rich floral cold enamel painting and gold decoration, h. up to 30,5 cm, Ø up to 32,5 cm

Lot: 1518

footed glass,

Result: 110 EUR

footed glass, 19th century, round stand, short shaft, body with widening walls, bulging in the lower part, clear glass, partly edged, polychrome cold enamel painting, figural and floral motifs, gold d...

Lot: 1519

Set of ten pieces

Starting price 80 EUR

Set of ten pieces of glass, 2nd half of the 20th century, 2 carafes, vase, 3 wine glasses and 4 liqueur glasses, different shapes and designs, h. up to 33,5 cm

Lot: 1520

Perfume flacon,

Result: 70 EUR

Perfume flacon, France, 2nd half of the 20th century, Lalique, round stand, bulbous body, clear glass, partly frosted, with stylized leaf relief decoration, signed on the stand bottom, h. 6,5 cm

Lot: 1521

Dove, France,

Result: 220 EUR

Dove, France, 2nd half of the 20th century, Lalique, clear mainly frosted glass, signed on the base, l. 16 cm

Lot: 1522

Dove, France,

Starting price 150 EUR

Dove, France, 2nd half of the 20th century, Lalique, clear mainly frosted glass, signed on the base, h. 17,5 cm

Lot: 1523


Starting price 200 EUR

Candlestick, France, 2nd half of the 20th century, Lalique, clear mainly frosted glass, leaf decor, signed, h. 7,5 cm, in ok, l. 16 cm

Lot: 1524

Bottom part of

Result: 70 EUR

Bottom part of a candlestick or bowl, 20th century, flower-shaped stand, figural shaft in the shape of a dolphin, clear moulded glass, partly frosted, bumped, h. 27,5 cm

Lot: 1525

Round bowl, 1st

Result: 70 EUR

Round bowl, 1st half of the 20th century, WMF Ikora, round stand, body with widening wall, curved up mouth rim, clear glass, with melted green glass threads and white powder meltings, Ø 21 cm

Lot: 1526

Fazzoletto vase,

Result: 180 EUR

Fazzoletto vase, Italy, 2nd half of the 20th century, Venini, Murano, round stand. wavy handkerchief body, clear glass with white and pink lattice enamels, signed on the stand bottom, h. 10 cm

Lot: 1527

Vase, 20th century,

Starting price 60 EUR

Vase, 20th century, on 4 feet in the shape of a leaf, spherical body with attached wave decor, clear and green glass, h. 9 cm

Lot: 1528

Round bowl, 20th

Result: 80 EUR

Round bowl, 20th century, round stand, bulbous body, cloverleaf-shaped mouth rim, green lustrous glass, Ø 13 cm

Lot: 1529


Starting price 60 EUR

Incense/potpourri vessel, 1st half of the 20th century, star-shaped stand, angular body with widening walls, openwork white metal lid with wire mesh, green lustrous glass, h. 12,5 cm

Lot: 1530

Two footed glasses,

Starting price 150 EUR

Two footed glasses, probably Bohemia, around 1900, different shapes and sizes, each clear glass, partly red overlaid with cut decoration, gold rims (rubbed, 1x restored), h. up to 15 cm