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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
385 Results
Lot: 3500

Reading wood

Result: 280 EUR

Reading wood collector, Japan, 19th/20th century, bronze. Striding on a terrain split, very finely worked details. Signed on the back of the robe, h. 24 cm.

Lot: 3501

Three little cups, China

Result: 60 EUR

Three little cups, China. 1x rounded bowl with cobalt-blue decoration with rocks, bamboo, flowers and bird, old hairline crack, under the bottom a somewhat blurred mark (probably Chenghua), h. 5/Ø 9 c...

Lot: 3502

Cloisonné bowl, China, mid-20th c

Result: 70 EUR

Cloisonné bowl, China, mid-20th c. Outside and inside decorated with blooming flowers on green background, h. 6/d. 16,5 cm

Lot: 3503

Lacquer painting

Starting price 120 EUR

Lacquer painting with mother-of-pearl inlays, China, 20th century, river landscape with fishermen, buffaloes and trees. Consisting of a total of 4 panels a 49 x 19 cm.

Lot: 3504

5 offset prints

Starting price 120 EUR

5 offset prints depicting horses, China, 20th century, all framed, up to 75 x 43 cm

Lot: 3505

Pair of prints, China, mid-20th c

Starting price 120 EUR

Pair of prints, China, mid-20th c., reproductions of ink drawings. Framed behind glass, each 59 x 34 cm

Lot: 3506

Pair of prints, China, mid-20th c

Starting price 120 EUR

Pair of prints, China, mid-20th c. Depictions of individual plants, calligraphy. Framed behind glass with passe-partout, each 37 x 44 cm.

Lot: 3507

3 prints, China, 20th c

Result: 70 EUR

3 prints, China, 20th c. Depictions of nature cutouts, calligraphies. Framed behind glass, each 51 x 31 cm

Lot: 3508

3 framed pictures, Japan, 20th c

Result: 80 EUR

3 framed pictures, Japan, 20th c., 1 x silk painting with geisha (45 x 38 cm), 1 x ink on canvas with 2 young birds (42 x 32 cm), 1 x offset print with herons (32 x 42 cm)

Lot: 3509

2 Satsuma vases,

Result: 130 EUR

2 Satsuma vases, Japan, 1st half of 20th century, circumferential decoration with shrine and Fuji. Each marked under the bottom, h. 18 cm each.

Lot: 3510

Buddha, China/Tibet, 20th century, bronze

Starting price 120 EUR

Buddha, China/Tibet, 20th century, bronze. Sitting in padmasana on lotus throne, hands in mudragesten, h. 25 cm

Lot: 3511

Kangxi style vase, China, 19th c

Result: 300 EUR

Kangxi style vase, China, 19th c. Circumferential cobalt blue decoration, the high foot ring set off with double rings. Under the bottom a 6-character Kangxi mark in double circle, h. 23 cm.

Lot: 3512

Tea caddy, China,

Result: 100 EUR

Tea caddy, China, 1st half of the 19th century (Qing). Circumferential cobalt blue decoration with lotus blossoms and tendrils and lucky symbols, h. 12,5 cm

Lot: 3513

Mixed lot of

Starting price 80 EUR

Mixed lot of Asian porcelain and ceramics of the 20th century, consisting of a couple of cups and 4 vases from Japan and China with different shapes and decorations, partly marked, h. up to 34 cm

Lot: 3514

Pair of silk

Starting price 150 EUR

Pair of silk paintings, China, 20th century, each with beauty in the garden. Framed behind glass, slightly rubbed, dimensions with frame 42 x 50 cm.

Lot: 3515

Pair of reverse

Starting price 180 EUR

Pair of reverse glass paintings, China, 20th century, Emperor and Empress. Each in profiled and gold decorated wooden frame, each 64 x 49 cm.

Lot: 3516

Temple Rubbing (Frottage), Thailand

Starting price 80 EUR

Temple Rubbing (Frottage), Thailand. Black on paper, Framed behind glass, 49 x 76 cm

Lot: 3517

Pair of large

Starting price 120 EUR

Pair of large prints, China, black ink on rice paper. Probably these are impressions of older stone tablets. Each framed behind glass, each 118 x 60 cm.

Lot: 3518

3 erotic prints

Result: 130 EUR

3 erotic prints (shunga), Japan, 20th century, polychrome woodblock prints. All with passe-partout, 45 x 35 cm

Lot: 3519

3 Shunga double

Result: 120 EUR

3 Shunga double pages, Japan, 19th century (late Edo). Colored woodblock prints on Japanese paper. All with passe-partout, each 44 x 35 cm.

Lot: 3520

Set of 10 woodblock prints, Japan, 19th/20th c

Result: 140 EUR

Set of 10 woodblock prints, Japan, 19th/20th c., Japanese paper. 3 x shunga and 7 double pages depicting nature, up to 28 x 21 cm.

Lot: 3521

4 erotic paintings, China, 20th c

Starting price 80 EUR

4 erotic paintings, China, 20th c., watercolors on paper. Of which 3 with passe-partout, slight damage, to 25 x 21 cm.

Lot: 3522

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Starting price 60 EUR

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), Japanese woodblock print from the series ''One Hundred Views of the Moon'', signed in the stock, stamped, sheet dimensions 35 x 24 cm, flying mounted on cardboard.38 x...

Lot: 3523

Famille rose plate, China, 20th c

Starting price 80 EUR

Famille rose plate, China, 20th c. In the mirror a bird in flowering branches, flag with lotus tendril. Under the bottom a red stamp mark. Enamel with chipping, d. 26,5 cm.