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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
263 Results
Lot: 1000

Pair of two-armed candlesticks, c

Starting price 1.400 EUR

Pair of two-armed candlesticks, c. 1800, Mariage, top, France, silver 950/000, or silver tested, round stand, conical pillar shaft (filled), spout in vase form, in it inserted the 2-armed top, centere...

Lot: 1001

Large jug, 20th c

Starting price 80 EUR

Large jug, 20th c., plated, round stepped stand, smooth body with slightly tapered wall, handle attached to the side, short scroll, hinged hinged lid, at the stand with tear, h. 23 cm

Lot: 1002

Round breakthrough

Result: 300 EUR

Round breakthrough bowl, England, 1946, maker's mark Henry Moreton, Birmingham, sterling silver 925/000, on 3 feet, of round form, the rim curved 6 times, the wall with stylized floral breakthrough de...

Lot: 1003

Miniature carriage,

Result: 110 EUR

Miniature carriage, 20th century, silver hallmarked, one-horse carriage with coachman and female passenger, total l. 8,5 cm, ca. 66 g

Lot: 1004

Two-piece carving set, France, early 20th c

Result: 70 EUR

Two-piece carving set, France, early 20th c., silver 950/000, filled handles with geometrical decor, blade and prongs completed, l. to 32,5 cm, in case (damaged), l. 36 cm

Lot: 1005

Two cake lifters,

Result: 80 EUR

Two cake lifters, Mariage probably German, silver 800/000 and silver tested respectively, lifters with rich figural engraved decoration, smooth handles completed, l. to 28 cm

Lot: 1006

Cake lifter,

Result: 40 EUR

Cake lifter, 19th century, silver tested, lifter with engraved decoration, architectural motif, leg handle, l. 28 cm

Lot: 1007

21 pieces of

Result: 240 EUR

21 pieces of cutlery, France, 2nd half of 20th century, master mark Christofle, metal gilded, model Marly, each 3 dinner spoons, forks, and knives, cake forks, coffee and mocha spoons, each 1 dessert ...

Lot: 1008

Judaica vase,

Starting price 80 EUR

Judaica vase, 20th century, silver 833/000, round trumpet-shaped stand, body conical at the bottom, bell-shaped at the top, dedication, h. 20,5 cm, ca. 102 g

Lot: 1009

Two three-flame candelabra, 20th c

Result: 70 EUR

Two three-flame candelabra, 20th c., plated, round vaulted stand, columnar shaft, 1x of which with fluting, 2 curved candelabra arms, straight vase-shaped spouts, h. 24 cm

Lot: 1010

Oval bowl, probably German, c

Result: 150 EUR

Oval bowl, probably German, c. 1900, probably Hanau, MZ, hallmarked silver, on 4 decorated feet, fitting curved body, wall with rich relief decoration, mirror with mythological scene, rim with floral ...

Lot: 1011

mixed lot of 16 pieces, 20th c

Starting price 250 EUR

mixed lot of 16 pieces, 20th c., different makers, silver different finenesses, 4 napkin holders, miniature old timer, baby rattle, 5 cups in different sizes, candlestick, lighter, wooden tray and 2 l...

Lot: 1012

Six champagne

Result: 90 EUR

Six champagne whisks, 20th century, silver 835/000, twisted stem, openwork whisk, l. 14 cm, ca. 29 g, in case, l. 16,5 cm

Lot: 1013

Miniature carriage

Result: 120 EUR

Miniature carriage of Cinderella, Italy, 2nd half of 20th century, silver 800/000, carriage in the shape of a pumpkin pulled by 2 horses, pumpkin, mass painted, l. 9 cm, gross wt. ca. 54 g

Lot: 1014

Three-flame candelabrum,

Starting price 400 EUR

Three-flame candelabrum, 20th century, hallmarked, silver 800/000, round domed stand with surrounding lancet leaf decoration, slender shaft with tapering wall in the upper part attached to it 2 candel...

Lot: 1015

Large table candelabrum, Austria, c

Result: 1.500 EUR

Large table candelabrum, Austria, c. 1900, MZ indistinct, silver 800/000, circular fitting curved and arched stand, baluster stem, spout in vase form, in it inserted the 5-flame candelabrum upper part...

Lot: 1016

Large oval bowl,

Result: 600 EUR

Large oval bowl, German, 20th century, maker's mark Otto Wolter, Schwäbisch Gmünd, silver 800/000, on 4 decorated feet, bulbous body with articulated wall and flared rim, hammered decoration, l. 37,5 ...

Lot: 1017

Large plate,

Result: 600 EUR

Large plate, German, jeweler's mark Osthues, silver 800/000, Dresden baroque rim, slightly troughed, on the rim with applied crowned monogram, Ø 35 cm, ca. 1166 g

Lot: 1018

Round lidded

Result: 270 EUR

Round lidded box, Italy, 20th century, maker's mark Renato Salimbeni, Florence, silver 800/000, gilding inside, straight form, hinged lid with polychrome enamel painting, landscape with cavalier and l...

Lot: 1019

Cigarette case,

Result: 200 EUR

Cigarette case, Austria, 1872 - 1922, silver, niello decor. 105 g.,11 x 8 cm, on the inside insignia Austria 1872 - 1922 and possibly city mark Bregenz (?), U-shaped case, hinged with snap lock, on th...

Lot: 1020

Two lidded egg-shaped

Result: 240 EUR

Two lidded egg-shaped jars, Italy, 2nd half of 20th c., sterling silver 925/000, with enameled check decoration, damaged, l. 6 cm, gross total weight ca. 72 g

Lot: 1021

Three-piece toilet set, 20th c

Result: 30 EUR

Three-piece toilet set, 20th c., silver 800/000, hand mirror, comb and brush, l. to 29,5 cm.

Lot: 1022

Two miniatures,

Result: 100 EUR

Two miniatures, 2nd half of 20th century, sterling silver 925/000, elephant and dog, l. to 7 cm, total weight ca. 68 g.

Lot: 1023

mixed lot silver

Result: 160 EUR

mixed lot silver jewelry, 20th century, silver of different fineness, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc., partly with colored stones, total gross weight approx. 256 g