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Post-auction sale | Physical auction
839 Results
Lot: 2000

Mixed lot of

Result: 160 EUR

Mixed lot of animal figurines, 14 pcs, Volkstedt, Lying shepherd dog, bean (N under crown), painted brown-black, holes for cable, probably to be converted as smoke eater, crack on tail, l. 30 cm, Stan...

Lot: 2001

Assorted birds,

Result: 550 EUR

Assorted birds, 16 fugures, Ens, polychrome painted in naturalistic colors, woodpecker in black and red, base area with craquelée, h. 25 cm, turkey, white, height 25 cm, pair of birds, model number 76...

Lot: 2002

Lot various groups,

Result: 220 EUR

Lot various groups, 52-pcs, Eleven decorative pieces, partly marked Bohne, partly unmarked, partly decorated with roses or putti, 2 frames (pictures or mirrors), two putti for wall hanging and seven r...

Lot: 2003

Band of five

Result: 150 EUR

Band of five street musicians, bean, zither, fiddle, cello, clarinet, and horn, colorfully painted, partly bumped, bows replaced, h. 21 cm

Lot: 2004

Set of 13 figures,

Result: 190 EUR

Set of 13 figures, Bohne and Ens, fiddler with child, round mark Made in Germany and crowned N (probably for Bohne), polychrome painted, hat with break off, hat feather missing, h. 38 cm, dancer, Ens,...

Lot: 2005

Mixed lot of

Result: 200 EUR

Mixed lot of 23 joke jugs, Thuringia, end of 20th century, two completely mounted (Sherlock Homes), owl and eagle owl with pewter mountings, 17 jugs without pewter mountings, plus three loose lids, al...

Lot: 2006

Mocha service

Result: 650 EUR

Mocha service for 5 persons on a tray, 14 pieces, Rosenthal, Selb-Bavaria, mark 1922-33, form Donatello, polychrome decor with gallant scenes in the landscape, pink background, ornamental gilding, par...

Lot: 2007

Two tea cups

Result: 80 EUR

Two tea cups with saucer, Herend, mark after 1967, Ozier shape, Aponyi decor in green, ornamental gilding, model no. 704, h. 6 cm

Lot: 2008

Dinner service

Result: 850 EUR

Dinner service for 6 persons, 33 pieces, Herend, mark after 1967, form Osier, decor Apponyi Fleur colorful, polychrome painted and ornamental gilding, 6 soup cups with lid and saucer, h. 11 cm, 6 dinn...

Lot: 2009

Gravy boat, Meissen,

Starting price 70 EUR

Gravy boat, Meissen, around 1980, 2nd choice, decor onion pattern in underglaze blue, with side handles and fixed base, l. 24 cm

Lot: 2010

Two tondi, 20th c

Starting price 80 EUR

Two tondi, 20th c., polychrome painting on porcelain with two round portraits of girls, Ø 6 cm, in gilded wooden frame, 11,5 x 11,5 cm

Lot: 2011

Porcelain painting, France, c

Result: 90 EUR

Porcelain painting, France, c. 1900, portrait of a young man with headscarf surrounded by stars, 17 x 13 cm, in wooden frame, 28 x 24 cm

Lot: 2012

Porcelain painting,

Result: 120 EUR

Porcelain painting, Rosenthal, 20th century, polychrome painting, sailing boats in the sea, verso inscribed 'Am Wind nach Fritz Neumann', and 'Schneider' 20 x 16 cm, framed, 27.5 x 22.5 cm

Lot: 2013

Two plates, Meissen,

Result: 80 EUR

Two plates, Meissen, mark 1850-1924, 1st choice, on the banner shell relief and rocailles, in the mirror polychrome fruit painting with lemon and berries, ornamental gilding rubbed, Ø 17,5 cm

Lot: 2014

Vase, Zeh, Scherzer

Result: 80 EUR

Vase, Zeh, Scherzer & Co/ Rehau, around 1880, wall with portrait of a young lady with hat, shoulder with ornamental gilding, tws. heightened, rim slightly rubbed, h. 21 cm

Lot: 2015

Large group of

Result: 330 EUR

Large group of shepherds, around 1900, Thuringia, shepherd family at a tree trunk, sleeping young woman with hat, next to her shepherd with flute, at her feet lying lamb, behind them boy mi dog, on ov...

Lot: 2016


Result: 180 EUR

Grasshopper, Rosenthal, mark after 1957, design and signed A.(lbert) Caasmann, polychrome painted in natiralistic underglaze colors, h. 6 cm, l. 10.5 cm

Lot: 2017

Group of figures

Result: 190 EUR

Group of figures ''Lovers with birdcage'', Dressel, Kister & Co., Passau, c. 1902-05, brand for reproduction Höchster Modelle, rococo couple with bird and cage in intimate conversation, behind them to...

Lot: 2018

The Sleeping

Result: 600 EUR

The Sleeping Louise, Meissen, brand 1850-1924, 1st choice, design Michel Victor Acier in 1774, model no. E 58, after a drawing by Jean Baptiste Greuze, elegant lady with a letter in a bustier slumberi...

Lot: 2019

Dancer and dancer

Result: 120 EUR

Dancer and dancer from the court ballet, Ludwigsburg, c. 1980, elegant couple in dance step after design by Joseph Nees (1730-1778) , polychrome painted in pastel tones, on rocaille base, ornamental g...

Lot: 2020

House peacock, KPM Berlin, early 20th c

Result: 300 EUR

House peacock, KPM Berlin, early 20th c., 1st choice, blue imperial orb mark, 2nd choice, designed by Karl Wilhelm Robra in 1911, peacock striding on an openwork base, model no. 9910, polychrome paint...

Lot: 2021

Ceiling lamp, w

Result: 420 EUR

Ceiling lamp, w.Thuringia, end of 20th century, five projecting chandelier arms, with hanging flower prisms, baluster-shaped shaft, arms with plastic rose petals, colorfully painted, ornamental gildin...

Lot: 2022

Lovers with birdcage,

Result: 120 EUR

Lovers with birdcage, Nymphenburg after old Frankenthal model, 1965, couple in rococo robe resting under a tree, she holding a flower, he balancing the cage on his leg, blind mark Rautenschild, model ...

Lot: 2023

Two picture plates,

Result: 120 EUR

Two picture plates, Thuringia, around 1900, painter signature for Helena Wolfsohn, in the mirror fine polychrome painting with merchant scenes, surrounded by cobalt blue background with ornamental gil...