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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
125 Results
Lot: 3000

Hettich table

Result: 10 EUR

Hettich table clock, quartz movement with torsion pendulum, untested, circa 1980, oak and gilded brass case, stained, faceted glazed on 3 sides, gold dial with black cartouches and white roman numeral...

Lot: 3001

Small travel

Result: 100 EUR

Small travel alarm clock, mechanical, case covered with mother-of-pearl, 2 parts missing on upper part of case, top mounted handle, feet missing, clockwork to fix, pin anchor missing, white enamel dia...

Lot: 3002

Travel alarm clock in silver f

Result: 120 EUR

Travel alarm clock in silver f. Cast iron case, around 1900, decorated with side-mounted ladies, top handle with floral motifs, attached partially bent and a missing doll, on the front and top inserte...

Lot: 3003

Small wooden

Starting price 450 EUR

Small wooden table clock in Empire style, France, 1860-1880, slightly cracked wooden case with applied gilded bronzes, set on gilded feet, crowned by a gilded bowl and 2 laurel wreaths (loose), openwo...

Lot: 3004

Miniature empire

Result: 950 EUR

Miniature empire pendulum, fire gilded, with putto standing at the clock base, under the clock a lion spitting water into a bowl, white enamel dial with arab. numerals and gilded hands, domed glass in...

Lot: 3005

Cloisonné clock

Starting price 180 EUR

Cloisonné clock with white enamel dial with Roman numerals, on blue enamel background, faceted glass, on the sides enamel works with female depictions, simple alarm movement, starts, probably China 20...

Lot: 3006

Pocket watch

Starting price 120 EUR

Pocket watch holder iron in the shape of a snake, plus a silver men's pocket watch defective, h. 26cm

Lot: 3007

Mysterieuse, end of 20th c

Result: 110 EUR

Mysterieuse, end of 20th c., marked Junghans, bronzed brass, simple movement with counter pendulum, clockwork starts, h. 34, d. 11 cm

Lot: 3008

Travel alarm clock, marked B

Result: 480 EUR

Travel alarm clock, marked B.F. Schunigk Senior Hofuhrmacher in Berlin, with date, alarm and repetition, movement with cylinder escapement, does not run must be revised, white dial with roman numerals...

Lot: 3009

Table clock IMHOF,

Result: 150 EUR

Table clock IMHOF, brass gilded polished and with line cut, silverf. dial with arab. numerals and bars, gilded hands hang at 9 o'clock, need to be straightened, 8-day winding movement, clock starts, w...

Lot: 3010

Jaeger LeCoultre

Result: 1.700 EUR

Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos, clock with Asia motif circa 1965, spring train movement, lever escapement, torsion pendulum, automatic winding by using air pressure differences, single door brass case, Asian ...

Lot: 3011

Junghans table

Result: 280 EUR

Junghans table clock wood with inlays, around 1900, movement B 07, rare pendulum clock with alarm movement, starts, putto holds the pendulum hanging on a thread, silvered dial with arab. numerals and ...

Lot: 3012

Cast aluminum

Result: 80 EUR

Cast aluminum propeller plane, marked Sarsaparilla quartz, running, silvered dial with arab. numerals and black hands, with alarm, w. 34cm

Lot: 3013

Vase pendulum, 2nd half 19th c

Starting price 950 EUR

Vase pendulum, 2nd half 19th c., bronze burnished with gilded ornaments and pine cones, winged female torso on the side, base decorated with maritime motifs, white enamel dial with Roman numerals, and...

Lot: 3014

Skeleton clock,

Result: 330 EUR

Skeleton clock, 1st half of the 19th century, on oval wooden base, openwork silver f.. dial with roman numerals, partly restored, clockwork with spring winding over fusee with chord, massive hook gear...

Lot: 3015

fire gilded table

Starting price 3.200 EUR

fire gilded table clock in alarm form, marked Courvoisier & Comp., around 1810, movement with 4/4 striking on bell, repetition def, alarm movement, bronze case fire gilded, carrying handle with face, ...

Lot: 3016

Travel alarm

Starting price 650 EUR

Travel alarm clock, brass, 20th century, replica, with seconds display, alarm movement and repetition, round glass cover on top gives a view of the anchor escapement, faceted glass on 3 sides, front g...

Lot: 3017

2 small travel

Result: 25 EUR

2 small travel alarm clocks, 1x Junghans, both to prepare, each about 5cm

Lot: 3018

Empire wooden

Starting price 700 EUR

Empire wooden pendulum 2nd half of 19th century, mahogany color, with side lion head mascerons, richly decorated with gilded bronze applications, crowned by a gilded bowl with pine cone, white enamel ...

Lot: 3019

Fire gilded mantel

Starting price 1.000 EUR

Fire gilded mantel clock, 2nd half of the 19th century, inlaid Sevres porcelain plaques with angel motifs, porcelain dial with Roman gilt numerals and blackened Breguet hands, richly decorated with fl...

Lot: 3020

Bird cage as

Result: 260 EUR

Bird cage as a clock, 1st half of 20th century, brass, display of time with a hand on a number ring, the bird wobbles in time with the clock, simple pin lever movement running, h. 15cm, diameter 7cm

Lot: 3021

Make-up set with

Result: 160 EUR

Make-up set with clock, 1st half 20th century, polished brass with residual gilding, fold-out clock, marked Pierce, manual winding, silvered dial with gilded dots and arab. numerals, small second at 6...

Lot: 3022

Clock carrier, Black Forest 20th c

Result: 70 EUR

Clock carrier, Black Forest 20th c., polychrome painted metal body with walking pendulum clock in front of the belly, h. 40cm

Lot: 3023

Small round travel

Starting price 70 EUR

Small round travel clock 20th century, silvered, enamel dial with roman numerals, 4 sides faceted glazed, through faceted round glass view of the echappement, movement with echappement movement starts...