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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
219 Results
Lot: 7667

Bruno Jüttner

Result: 550 EUR

Bruno Jüttner (1880-1965), German painter from Wernigerode. ''After fishing'', oil on canvas, signed lower left, a blemish in the center of the picture, two patches, 70 x 100 cm, framed 74 x 104 cm.

Lot: 7678

Leszek Piasecki (1928-1990), Polish-German painter

Result: 460 EUR

Leszek Piasecki (1928-1990), Polish-German painter. Three Polish hunters in historical costumes of the 17th century, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 22 x 32 cm, framed 33 x 43 cm

Lot: 7677

Vratislav Nechleba

Result: 200 EUR

Vratislav Nechleba (1885-1965) (attrib), Czech painter, portrait of a woman to the right, oil on canvas, signed ''Nechleba'' lower right, 32 x 22 cm, framed 45 x 35 cm

Lot: 7606

Karl Arweiler

Result: 420 EUR

Karl Arweiler (1888-1962), Surf in the Evening, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 70 x 100 cm, framed 86 x 116 cm

Lot: 7546

Otto Krank (1917-?),

Result: 650 EUR

Otto Krank (1917-?), large panorama of an industrial harbor, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 80 x 122 cm, wide magnificent frame with name plaque 125 x 167 cm

Lot: 7741

Hermann Heller

Result: 120 EUR

Hermann Heller (1866-1949), View of the Chiemsee, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 60 x 70 cm, framed 74 x 84 cm

Lot: 7734

Grand Duchess

Result: 1.500 EUR

Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Romanova (1882-1960) (attrib.), still life of various potted flowers arranged on a table, watercolor on paper, signed ''Olga'' lower left, 27 x 30,5 cm, framed behind g...

Lot: 7733

Two academic

Result: 300 EUR

Two academic drawings by an artist of the 19th century, front and back nude of a young man, charcoal, washed and partly heightened with white on paper, signed and dated ''F. Wilhelm 1828/29'', margina...

Lot: 7731

F. E. Bertin,

Result: 1.800 EUR

F. E. Bertin, probably Luxembourg painter late 19th century, very large floral still life, oil on canvas, signed u. dedicated o. li. ''A Madame de Munkacsy Hommage amical F.E. Bertin 1882 Colpach'', w...

Lot: 7717

Heino Tripmacker

Result: 150 EUR

Heino Tripmacker (1931-1985), German painter and illustrator from Uelzen. Nocturnal winter landscape under a full moon, oil on copper, signed lower left, 10 x 15 cm, framed 21 x 26 cm

Lot: 7708

Erich Demmin

Result: 330 EUR

Erich Demmin (1911-1997), landscape painter of the Havelländische Malerkolonie. View of Amsterdam with canal and rich staffage, oil on wood, signed lower left, 13 x 20 cm, framed 21 x 28 cm

Lot: 7707

Erich Demmin

Result: 500 EUR

Erich Demmin (1911-1997), landscape painter of the Havelländische Malerkolonie. Wide landscape with villages in the Dutch fishing boat at sea, oil on plywood, signed lower left, 17 x 14 cm, framed 25 ...

Lot: 7700

Otto Beständig, German painter and copyist c

Result: 460 EUR

Otto Beständig, German painter and copyist c. 1900, large double portrait of a young mother with child, copy after a model c. 1810, oil on canvas over hardboard, signed lower right ''Cop. Otto Beständ...

Lot: 7688


Result: 80 EUR

Unidentified painter 1st half 20th century, painter at easel in garden, oil on cardboard, indistinctly signed lower right, 26 x 22 cm, framed 35 x 32 cm

Lot: 7681

Karl Kaufmann

Result: 800 EUR

Karl Kaufmann (1843-1902/05), Austrian painter of vedute. View of Venice, oil on canvas, signed lower right with his pseudonym ''L. Bertini'', retouched, 18 x 31 cm, magnificent frame 37 x 51 cm

Lot: 7622

Knut Hansen (1876-1926),

Result: 180 EUR

Knut Hansen (1876-1926), Danish artist who first studied in Copenhagen and then moved to Berlin. ''The Farewell'', grisaille painting in oil on painting board, signed lower right, 15 x 18 cm, framed 2...

Lot: 7615

Anselm Prester

Result: 120 EUR

Anselm Prester (1909-1959), View of the Fuschlsee in the Salzkammergut, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 60 x 80 cm, framed 76 x 96 cm

Lot: 7612

Anders Andersen-Lundby

Result: 1.800 EUR

Anders Andersen-Lundby (1841-1923), Danish painter who moved to Munich in 1876. Winter landscape on the riverbank with skaters, signed lower right a. dated 1882, restored a. retouched, 51 x 70 cm

Lot: 7608

Unknown painter,

Result: 5.500 EUR

Unknown painter, probably 19th century, portrait of a Renaissance gentleman with ruff, oil on canvas, unsigned, restored and retouched, 66 x 59 cm.

Lot: 7605

Augusta von Zitzewitz

Result: 330 EUR

Augusta von Zitzewitz (1880-1960), Berlin portrait painter. Young woman sitting in a scissors chair, charcoal drawing on buff paper, signed lower right, 29 x 21 cm, framed behind glass and passepartou...

Lot: 7602

Biedermeier portrait

Result: 500 EUR

Biedermeier portrait painter mid-19th century, portrait of a young woman, pastel on paper, unsigned, 30 x 25 cm, framed behind glass 36 x 31 cm

Lot: 7597

Monogrammed artist

Result: 180 EUR

Monogrammed artist of the 19th century, at the blacksmith on a full moon night, oil on wood, lower left indistinctly monogrammed in red, verso inscribed ''Xaver Curt, original'', 32 x 25 cm, framed 52...

Lot: 7596

Anonymous flower

Result: 550 EUR

Anonymous flower painter, probably Vienna early 19th century, flower piece in a wall niche with various insects, gouache on paper, unsigned, 40 x 32 cm, framed behind glass u. Passepartout 57 x 47 cm

Lot: 7581

Anonymous painter c

Starting price 80 EUR

Anonymous painter c. 1900, summer driveway to a homestead with staffage figure, oil on painting cardboard, unsigned, 35 x 39 cm, framed 45 x 49 cm