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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
182 Results
Lot: 7297

Czeslaw Wasilewski

Result: 1.900 EUR

Czeslaw Wasilewski (1875-1947), Polish painter, horse-drawn carriage with sledge in a wide winter landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower right, small blemish lower right, 30 x 56 cm, framed 46 x 73 cm

Lot: 7254

Anonymous, probably

Result: 1.800 EUR

Anonymous, probably us-American painter of the 19th century, pair of paintings depicting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The smaller one shows the president in the theater box with the approachi...

Lot: 7470

Carl Thoma-Höfele

Result: 1.700 EUR

Carl Thoma-Höfele (1866-1923), Swiss still life painter, studied in Munich with Gabriel von Hackl, Johann Caspar Herterich and Sándor Wagner, exhibited in the Glaspalast 1904-1911. Large still life wi...

Lot: 7500

George Turner

Result: 1.400 EUR

George Turner (1841-1910), English landscape painter, landscape with figure scenery, oil/canvas over plywood, signed G. Turner at lower center, 45 x 60 cm, framed 63 x 79 cm

Lot: 7309

Franz Ludwig Catel (1778-1856) (attrib

Result: 1.200 EUR

Franz Ludwig Catel (1778-1856) (attrib.), View of the Venice Lagoon with San Giorgio Maggiore (?) in the background, oil on cardboard, unsigned, 13.4 x 17.2 cm, framed 17.5 x 21.5 cm

Lot: 7315

Lorenzo Lippi

Result: 1.200 EUR

Lorenzo Lippi (1604-1666), copy after, ''Woman with Mask and Pomegranate'', oil/canvas, unsigned, 19th c. copy, minimal retouch. 1 small patch, 29 x 22 cm, framed 44 x 37 cm

Lot: 7336

Fritz Bergen

Result: 1.200 EUR

Fritz Bergen (1857-1941), German painter and illustrator who settled in Munich in 1895 after studying in Leipzig. Four motifs on Bismarck: ''Bismarck speaking before Emperor Wilhelm I in the Bundesrat...

Lot: 7332

Johann Hürlimann

Result: 800 EUR

Johann Hürlimann (1793-1850), Swiss graphic artist, ''Large Panorama of Berlin (seen from the Dome)'', with the Lustgarten in the center the panaroma spreads left to the Marienkirche and right to Garn...

Lot: 7451

Romain Looymans

Result: 800 EUR

Romain Looymans (1864-1914), Belgian history and genre painter. Young falconer in hilly landscape, oil on wood, signed lower left, rubbed a. retouched, 35 x 28 cm, framed 52 x 47 cm

Lot: 7493

Joseph Barker (active c

Result: 750 EUR

Joseph Barker (active c. 1843-1848), wide English landscape with grazing cattle and figural staffage, oil/canvas, signed lower left J. Barker, retouched, 76 x 126 cm, framed 90 x 140 cm

Lot: 7494

Patrick von Kalckreuth

Result: 750 EUR

Patrick von Kalckreuth (1898-1970), marine painter active in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Large seascape with evening surf on rocky coast, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 70 x 100 cm, framed 90 x 120 cm

Lot: 7235

Otto Schulz-Stradtmann

Result: 650 EUR

Otto Schulz-Stradtmann (1892-1960), Hamburg painter. Partie an der Binnenalster, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 50 x 60 cm

Lot: 7266

Waldemar Schlichting

Result: 550 EUR

Waldemar Schlichting (1896-1970), German marine painter from Berlin. Sea surf in the evening, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 60 x 80 cm, framed 73 x 93 cm

Lot: 7441

signed Böhme,

Result: 550 EUR

signed Böhme, 1st half 20th century, three-quarter portrait of an elegantly dressed woman on a street, oil on canvas, signed ''Böhme'' lower right, rubbed, 95 x 75 cm, framed 98 x 78 cm

Lot: 7210

Manfred Schatz

Result: 500 EUR

Manfred Schatz (1924-2004), landscape and animal painter of the Düsseldorf School, Parforce hunting, oil on hardboard, signed and dated (19)52 lower right, 60 x 80 cm, framed 72 x 92 cm

Lot: 7263

J. Rauch, Munich painter c

Result: 500 EUR

J. Rauch, Munich painter c. 1900, Autumn landscape with wood gatherer with rain coming down, oil on canvas, signed and dated ''Munich 1907'' lower left, 76 x 100 cm, framed 90 x 113 cm

Lot: 7302

Anonymous Biedermeier portrait painter c

Result: 500 EUR

Anonymous Biedermeier portrait painter c. 1840, portrait of a young woman on a terrace with a view of a church in the background, fine pastel drawing on paper, unsigned, 30 x 24,5 cm, behind glass in ...

Lot: 7484

Maurycy Trebacz (1861-1941), copy after

Result: 500 EUR

Maurycy Trebacz (1861-1941), copy after. The Good Samaritan, charcoal drawing after a work of the Jewish painter. Pencil on paper, bottom left marked ''after Trebacz'', browned, 47 x 35,5 cm.

Lot: 7275

Genre painter

Result: 460 EUR

Genre painter mid-20th century, young Dutch woman looking out of her door at returning fishermen on the beach, oil on canvas, bottom right indistinctly signed ''P. Pechar'' (?), one rubbing lower left...

Lot: 7279

Fritz Blädel (1903-1950), Munich landscape painter

Result: 460 EUR

Fritz Blädel (1903-1950), Munich landscape painter. Large alpine landscape with hut in front of a triple peak, oil on canvas, signed lower right ''F. Blädel'', 80 x 70 cm, framed 98 x 89 cm

Lot: 7467

A. Franke, animal painter c

Result: 460 EUR

A. Franke, animal painter c. 1920, portrait of a horse with a white dog, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right ''A. Franke 1921'', 60 x 84 cm

Lot: 7462

Theres Strigl

Result: 420 EUR

Theres Strigl (1824-1908), Austrian painter in the Ötztal. Madonna with the Christ Child, oil on canvas, verso signed u. dated 1856, 60 x 44 cm, framed 71 x 55 cm

Lot: 7256

signed Hohenstädt,

Result: 405 EUR

signed Hohenstädt, marine painter end of 19th century, harbor scene with numerous ships, oil on canvas, signed ''Hohenstadt'' lower right, doubled, restored and retouched, 33 x 63 cm, framed 56 x 87 c...

Lot: 7257

signed Hohenstädt,

Result: 405 EUR

signed Hohenstädt, marine painter end of 19th century, fishing cutter in front of the coast in the evening light, oil on canvas, signed ''Hohenstädt'' lower right, mounted, restored and retouched, 33 ...