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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
277 Results
Lot: 8245

Nicolae Maniu

Result: 3.300 EUR

Nicolae Maniu (*1944), Romanian painter from Turda, studied at the Cluj Art Academy. Surreal composition with translucent cloths and a back figure, Untitled, oil / canvas, signed lower right, verso ag...

Lot: 8010

Elisabeth Büchsel

Result: 2.400 EUR

Elisabeth Büchsel (1867-1957), German painter and watercolorist from Stralsund, worked in Berlin, Dresden, Paris and Munich, lived and worked on Hiddensee. Blue flower still life, oil on cardboard, si...

Lot: 8412

Otto Dix (1891-1969),

Result: 2.200 EUR

Otto Dix (1891-1969), after, copy of the 21st century, after the portrait of the journalist Sylvia von Harden. Oil on canvas, unsigned, 120 x 85 cm

Lot: 8277

Rudolf Jacobi

Result: 2.000 EUR

Rudolf Jacobi (1889-1972), important artist of the lost generation, participated in the Great Berlin Art Exhibition, the Secession and Academy Exhibitions in Berlin as early as 1911. In 1926 he went t...

Lot: 8280

Peter Proksch

Result: 2.000 EUR

Peter Proksch (1935-2012), one of the most important representatives of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism, studied from 1955 at the Vienna Academy in the master class of Sergius Pauser, among o...

Lot: 8347

Daniel Spoerri

Result: 1.800 EUR

Daniel Spoerri (*1930), important Swiss artist of Romanian origin, co-founder of Nouveaux Réalisme and inventor of Eat Art, achieved international fame in the 1960s through his ''Fallenbilder''. Since...

Lot: 8107

Ben Nicholson (1894-1982), color serigraph o

Result: 1.700 EUR

Ben Nicholson (1894-1982), color serigraph o.T. for gallery ''Der Spiegel'', Cologne 1962, lower right number 6/300, 29 x 25,5 cm, behind passepartout 47,5 x 37 cm

Lot: 8162

André Krigar

Result: 1.700 EUR

André Krigar (*1952), Berlin painter, studied at the HdK there, belongs to the artist group of the North German Realists. Berlin street corner in late summer, oil on canvas, signed on the left, on the...

Lot: 8319

Klaus Fussmann

Result: 1.700 EUR

Klaus Fussmann (*1938), flower piece, gouache on paper, signed & dated (19)89 on lower margin, 22,5 x 30,5 cm, framed behind glass & mount 41 x 53 cm

Lot: 8281

Raoul Dufy (1877-1953),

Result: 1.300 EUR

Raoul Dufy (1877-1953), French painter and graphic artist as well as ceramist, founded a textile workshop with the couturier Poiret in 1910 and created numerous designs for the company Bianchini-Férie...

Lot: 8282

Ludwig Bock (1886-1971),

Result: 1.300 EUR

Ludwig Bock (1886-1971), studied at the Academy of Art from 1906, including as a master student of Heinrich von Zügel. In 1908 he participated for the first time in an exhibition of the Secession and ...

Lot: 8080

Elisabeth Büchsel

Result: 1.200 EUR

Elisabeth Büchsel (1867-1957), studied at the drawing school of the Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen with Conrad Fehr and Walter Leistikow, also in Dresden, Paris and at the academy of the Münchner K...

Lot: 8357

Fritz König (1924-2017),

Result: 1.200 EUR

Fritz König (1924-2017), important German sculptor, design drawing o.T., pencil on laid paper, lower right monogr. a. dated ''F.K.. (19)59'', 35 x 52 cm, framed behind glass a. passepartout 57 x 71.5 ...

Lot: 8006

Grethe Jürgens

Result: 1.100 EUR

Grethe Jürgens (1899-1981), North German painter, who in the early years was associated with the New Objectivity. Market scene, oil on hardboard, u. mi. signed ''G. Jürgens'', 39 x 48 cm, framed 51 x ...

Lot: 8131

Heinz Mack (*1931),

Result: 1.100 EUR

Heinz Mack (*1931), ''Fata Morgana (Mirror Pyramid'', 1984, silkscreen on metal, signed u. mi. and dated ''Mack 84'', numbered 18/100 on right margin, slightly rubbed in places, 109 x 85 cm, framed 11...

Lot: 8284

David Graux (*1970),

Result: 1.000 EUR

David Graux (*1970), contemporary French artist from Besançon, who had his first solo exhibition in 1992. Female nude between interlaced surface composition. Oil / canvas, r. u. signed and dated 2001,...

Lot: 8383

Eugène Carrière

Result: 1.000 EUR

Eugène Carrière (1849-1906), French painter and graphic artist of Symbolism. ''Le Sommeil'', lithograph, signed o. l. in stone, 33 x 42 cm, framed behind glass a. passepartout 53 x 63 cm

Lot: 8289

Julius Seyler

Result: 950 EUR

Julius Seyler (1873-1958), studied at the Munich Art Academy from 1892 under Wilhelm von Diez, Ludwig von Heterich and Heinrich von Zügel. He made numerous trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, the Atlan...

Lot: 8008

Christian Modersohn

Result: 800 EUR

Christian Modersohn (1916-2009), ''Baumgruppe an der Wümme vor Sonnenuntergang'', watercolor on paper, bottom right signed and dated 2001, verso on frame titledm 31 x 41 cm, behind glass and passepart...

Lot: 8176

Herbert Zangs (1924-2003) (attrib

Result: 800 EUR

Herbert Zangs (1924-2003) (attrib.), Windshield wiper painting. Vertical structure in red and brown on paper, bottom right signed ''Zangs'', 84 x 59.5 cm.

Lot: 8257

Juan Carlos Castagnino

Result: 800 EUR

Juan Carlos Castagnino (1908-1972), Argentine painter and architect. Studied with Lino Enea Spilimbergo and Ramón Gómez Cornet in Buenos Aires. Went to Paris in 1939, where he worked in the studio of ...

Lot: 8276

Petra Moll (1921-1989),

Result: 800 EUR

Petra Moll (1921-1989), painter in Munich, who first painted reverse glass paintings and from 1963 also works in oil. She became especially known for her charming, poetic city views and vedute of indi...

Lot: 8096

Konrad Klapheck

Result: 750 EUR

Konrad Klapheck (*1935), ''Bügeleisen (Dragon du Foyer)'', signed color offset lithograph (only published this way) on heavy, slightly textured Arches paper, signed by hand in pencil lower right, numb...

Lot: 8213

Elvira Bach (*1951),

Result: 750 EUR

Elvira Bach (*1951), ''Küchendiva IV'', color etching with aquatint, signed and dated (19)98 lower right by hand, inscribed e.a. lower left as copy, 51.5 x 74 cm, in interchangeable frame 70 x 100 cm