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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
22 Results
Lot: 7001

Friedrich Justin

Starting price 60 EUR

Friedrich Justin Bertuch, 9 etchings on laid paper, depictions from the 12-volume ''Bilderbuch für Kinder'', 1790-1830, each titled in the plate at the upper margin ''Saeughethiere'', ''Vierf. Thiere'...

Lot: 7004

Louis Léopold Boilly (1761-1845), copy after

Starting price 100 EUR

Louis Léopold Boilly (1761-1845), copy after. ''Les Moustaches'', reciprocal copy of the early 19th century after the lithograph of 1824, in which three boys are having fun painting a moustache on a s...

Lot: 7007

Master E.SS (c

Starting price 150 EUR

Master E.SS (c. 1420-1468), copy after, ''The Sudarium of Christ held by two saints'', copperplate on thin laid paper, dated in print ''E 1467 S'', 14.7 x 10.4 cm.

Lot: 7009

Unknown artist,

Starting price 200 EUR

Unknown artist, 17th/18th century, study of a bearded man in profile, red chalk on handmade paper, unsigned, 20 x 15,5 cm

Lot: 7011

Giovanni Francesco

Starting price 120 EUR

Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (1606-1680), Landscape tondo with peasant homestead and country people, etching on handmade paper, signed in the plate lower left, d. 19,2 cm

Lot: 7013

Anonymous genre

Starting price 200 EUR

Anonymous genre painter of the 18th century, woman with two doves, cat and distaff in front of a house from which steps a second woman, oil on canvas over plywood, unsigned, restored and retouched, 29...

Lot: 7015

Flemish painter

Starting price 600 EUR

Flemish painter of the 18th century, still life of fruit with butterfly, oil on canvas, unsigned, mounted, restored and retouched, 73 x 63 cm, framed 97 x 88 cm

Lot: 7016

Nicolaus Laigniel

Starting price 50 EUR

Nicolaus Laigniel after Mannellius, copperplate engraving with biblical scene ''Quod hoc Salomonis im Templo primum Petri Miraculum...'' by Jacobus de Rubeis (1626-1691) about 1680, ca. 45 x 30 cm, fr...

Lot: 7017

Nierland genre

Starting price 400 EUR

Nierland genre painter of the 17th century, man with feathered hat, wine glass and jug, and behind it standing landlady with the bill. In the tradition of Ostade's peasant inn scenes standing panel pa...

Lot: 7018

German painter

Starting price 600 EUR

German painter of the 18th century, river landscape with ruined tower, sailing boat and staffage figure. Romantic river landscape from the environment of Christian Georg Schütz the Elder, oil on wood,...

Lot: 7019

Anonymous painter c

Starting price 800 EUR

Anonymous painter c. 1700, ideal landscape with overgrown ruins and fishermen, oil on canvas, restored and retouched, unsigned, verso old inventory number ''216'' and old label with handwritten attrib...

Lot: 7026

Italian master

Starting price 2.200 EUR

Italian master of the 17th/18th century, opulent floral still life with two bouquets in crystal vases on a baroque chest of drawers, oil on canvas, unsigned, relined, restored and retouched, 54 x 76 c...

Lot: 7027

Frederik de Moucheron (1633-1686) (attrib

Starting price 1.900 EUR

Frederik de Moucheron (1633-1686) (attrib.), southern landscape with equestrian battle between Orientals and Moors, scenery in imaginatively depicted, mountainous, tree-covered landscape, in the foreg...

Lot: 7028

Carl Borromeo

Starting price 3.000 EUR

Carl Borromeo Andreas Ruthart (1630-1703), Circumcircle. Fighting lions and a tiger in a rocky southern landscape. The Baroque painting with its dramatic, highly vivid depiction of the predatory cats ...

Lot: 7029

Dutch painter

Starting price 500 EUR

Dutch painter of the 17th/18th century, wide, tree-lined landscape with a view of a village in the background and staffage figures with cattle in the foreground, oil on wood, unsigned, restored and re...

Lot: 7043

Matthäus Merian

Starting price 120 EUR

Matthäus Merian (1593-1650) after Sebastian Vrancx (1573-1647), allegory of autumn from a sequence of the seasons. In the written margin below the three months September, October and November each a L...

Lot: 7045

Christian Dietricy

Starting price 480 EUR

Christian Dietricy (1712-1774) Circle, Portrait of an Oriental, oil on wood, unsigned, 24 x 18 cm, framed 42 x 36 cm

Lot: 7046

Anonymous genre

Starting price 250 EUR

Anonymous genre painter of the 18th century, small inn scene with two men and a woman at the wine barrel table, oil on tin, unsigned, 12,5 x 17 cm, framed 27 x 30 cm

Lot: 7058

Robert Benard (1734-ca

Starting price 270 EUR

Robert Benard (1734-ca.1786), set of 7 old col. Etchings on hunting from the Encyclopédie by Diderto and d'Alembert around 1750, several plates on trapping, each browned and partly spotted, 35 x 23 cm...

Lot: 7061

Anonymous, probably

Starting price 200 EUR

Anonymous, probably Spanish painter of the 17th/18th century, portrait of a Franciscan monk, oil on canvas, marginal doubling, restored, 51 x 42 cm

Lot: 7062

Anonymous, probably

Starting price 200 EUR

Anonymous, probably Spanish painter of the 17th/18th century, portrait of an Augustinian monk, oil on canvas, marginal doubling, restored, 51 x 42 cm

Lot: 7064

Dutch painter

Starting price 1.000 EUR

Dutch painter of the 17th/18th century, view of a village in winter with rich staffage and hills in the background, oil on canvas, unsigned, craquelé and strong loss of color, verso monogr. ''M.W.S.''...