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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
121 Results
Lot: 3312

Marcel Debut

Result: 3.000 EUR

Marcel Debut (1865-1933), ''Porteur d'eau Tunisien'' (Tunisian water carrier), bronze, patinated in differentiated shades of brown, signed, inscribed on plaque ''1er Prix de Rome'', Paris guarantee st...

Lot: 3297

Chinese sculptor 1st h

Result: 2.400 EUR

Chinese sculptor 1st h. 20th c., striding tiger, bronze patinated in two shades of brown, loose on piece of natural wood, signed in the belly, l. 51 cm, total l. 58 cm

Lot: 3493

Large armorial

Result: 2.000 EUR

Large armorial supraport of the 18th/19th century, two lions with crowned escutcheon (two lying crescents and flower) above acanthus vines, openwork carved wood with residual gilding and colored frame...

Lot: 3410

Emile Pfister,

Result: 1.700 EUR

Emile Pfister, sculptor around 1900, large bronze sculpture of a dancing bacchante with tambourine, green patinated bronze over round marble plinth, signed in stand ''E. Pfister'', total h. 68 cm

Lot: 3397

Edmund Gomansky

Result: 1.500 EUR

Edmund Gomansky (1854-1930), standing weasel, patinated bronze, in the stand signed u. Founder's mark of Lauchhammer Bildguss, on serpentine cube, h.m. 25,5 cm

Lot: 3441

Emmanuel Villanis

Result: 1.500 EUR

Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914), ''Cendrillon'', bust of a girl, blackened bronze, signed on the side of the shoulder, inscribed on the outside, rubbed, h. 30 cm.

Lot: 3315

Anonymous sculptor

Result: 1.300 EUR

Anonymous sculptor 2nd half of 20th century, weaving torso with an angel's wing, open relief in patinated bronze on the back, unsigned, h. 116 cm.

Lot: 3489


Result: 1.300 EUR

Hattakitkosol Somchai (1934-2000), Thai sculptor, 'Ballerina', greenish patinated bronze, signed in the sole of the foot, loosely inserted in marble plinth, h.-114 cm.

Lot: 3432

Biedermeier show

Result: 1.200 EUR

Biedermeier show figure, 1st half of the 19th century, fully plastic carved figure of a lady made of ivory with hinged dress revealing a triptych of minnes, h. 12,5 cm

Lot: 3490


Result: 1.200 EUR

Hattakitkosol Somchai (1934-2000), Thai sculptor, 'Ballerina', greenish patinated bronze, signed in the sole of the foot, loosely inserted in marble plinth, h.- 101 cm.

Lot: 3319

signed Hélo, 19th c

Result: 1.100 EUR

signed Hélo, 19th c., large bronze sculpture of a fisherman on the lookout, patinated bronze, in the casting signed, ''Hélo'', h. 62 cm

Lot: 3465

Aime-Jules Dalou

Result: 1.100 EUR

Aime-Jules Dalou (1838-1902), peasant, rolling up his sleeves, patinated bronze, signed, foundry mark ''Susse Frères Editeurs Paris'', h. 42,5 cm

Lot: 3414

Max Milo (*1939),

Result: 1.000 EUR

Max Milo (*1939), fat bald woman in handstand, patinated bronze on stone base, signed ''Milo'' in the casting, h.m. 49 cm.

Lot: 3345

Jean Jacques Pradier (1790-1852), after

Result: 950 EUR

Jean Jacques Pradier (1790-1852), after. ''Leda with the swan'', green-brown patinated bronze, in the stand inscribed ''Pradier'', 23 x 19 x 14 cm.

Lot: 3316

Josef Franz Pallenberg

Result: 900 EUR

Josef Franz Pallenberg (1882-1946), animal sculptor working in Düsseldorf, large sculpture of a roaring stag, brown patinated galvanopaste, signed a. dated 1905 on the terrain plinth, rubbed, on marbl...

Lot: 3496

Wood sculptor

Result: 900 EUR

Wood sculptor of the 18th century, holy figure of an unidentified female saint, sitting and with outstretched arms without attributes, polychrome painted wood, hollowed on the back, bumped one arm mis...

Lot: 3429

Jean Lormier (attrib

Result: 855 EUR

Jean Lormier (attrib.), Art Deco figural group c. 1920, cuddling couple, green patinated bronze on elongated marble plinth, unsigned, plinth minimally bumped, 21 x 15 x 51 cm

Lot: 3317

Fritz Diller

Result: 850 EUR

Fritz Diller (1875-1945), large buck, brown patinated galvanoplastic on rectangular stand, signed inside, on gray marble plinth, h. 50 cm

Lot: 3310

Martini, sculptor

Result: 800 EUR

Martini, sculptor end of 19th century, pair of naked amazons with shield and spear tying their sandals and drinking from a bowl, brown patinated bronze over serpentine pedestal, signed ''Martini'' in ...

Lot: 3371

Anonymous sculptor c

Result: 800 EUR

Anonymous sculptor c. 1900, large group of two deer in battle, patinated bronze on oblong terrain plinth, unsigned, l. 21 x 29 x 56 cm.

Lot: 3381

Maren Lipp (1926-2015),

Result: 800 EUR

Maren Lipp (1926-2015), Hamburg sculptor, nude boy at the shawm, patinated bronze, monogrammed in the stand, dated (19)85 u. num. 4/10, h. 34,5 cm

Lot: 3417

Etienne Maurice Falconet (1716-1791), after

Result: 800 EUR

Etienne Maurice Falconet (1716-1791), after. Cupid loading his bow, brown patinated bronze, late 19th century casting, over red marble plinth, signed in the casting, overall h. 36,5 cm.

Lot: 3499

Sacred sculptor

Result: 800 EUR

Sacred sculptor of the 19th century, pair of kneeling angels, polychrome painted and fully sculpted work of an angel in prayer and one raising the chalice, rubbed & bumped, h. 90 cm

Lot: 3325

Eugène Marioton

Result: 750 EUR

Eugène Marioton (1854-1922), ''Hallali'', bronze, dark brown patina. Standing on terrain plinth, fully sculpted figure of a young hunter in triumphant pose. In his upraised left he holds a hunting hor...