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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
42 Results
Lot: 1549

Vase, France,

Result: 2.800 EUR

Vase, France, 1896, Emile Gallé, Nancy, round stand, trope-shaped body, bulging at the rim, flared mouth rim, wall 3-fold vertically divided by longitudinal ribs, clear glass with reddish-violet melti...

Lot: 1513

Vase, France,

Result: 1.100 EUR

Vase, France, 2nd half of 20th century, Lalique, diamond-shaped stand, angular body with side handles in triple volute form, damaged (one volute is missing on each side), clear partly frosted molded g...

Lot: 1515

Vase, France,

Result: 650 EUR

Vase, France, beginning of the 20th century, Emile Gallé, round stand, body in the lower base slenderly widening into a bulbous shape, flared mouth rim, clear glass, partly overlaid with violet, with ...

Lot: 1553

Large historicism

Result: 650 EUR

Large historicism centerpiece, 2nd half of the 19th century, Renaissance style, trumpet-shaped stand, curved top bowl with bronze mounting, white frosted glass with rich polychrome painting, stand wit...

Lot: 1516

Art Nouveau vase, France, c

Result: 600 EUR

Art Nouveau vase, France, c. 1900, Cristallerie de Pantin, round stand, slender body with widening wall, indented towards the shoulder, lilac glass, partly overlaid in blue with etched landscape decor...

Lot: 1531

Vase, Italy, 2nd half of 20th c

Result: 500 EUR

Vase, Italy, 2nd half of 20th c., Murano, round stand, cylindrical body, clear glass with fused large murrines in red, white and purple, h. 22 cm.

Lot: 1523

Vase, Hungary, 20th c

Result: 450 EUR

Vase, 20th c., round stand, shaft entwined with glass threads, bulbous body, lustrous and green glass, h. 19,5 cm.

Lot: 1587

Vase, France, 20th c

Result: 420 EUR

Vase, France, 20th c., Emile Gallé, Nancy, rectangular stand, flattened body, conical slender neck, clear and beige glass with brown overlay and etched floral decoration, signed, h. 14,5 cm

Lot: 1533

Very large glass sculpture, Italy, 20th c

Result: 400 EUR

Very large glass sculpture, Italy, 20th c., Murano, 2 standing birds on round base, clear glass with purple inner overlay, eyes with red fusions, gold powder fusions, h. 56,5 cm.

Lot: 1535

Pair of figural candlesticks, 20th c

Result: 400 EUR

Pair of figural candlesticks, 20th c., glass studio Stanislaw Borowski, clear and colored frosted glass, h. 30,5 cm.

Lot: 1583

Vase, Italy,

Result: 390 EUR

Vase, Italy, 2nd half of 20th century, Barovier & Toso Murano, round stand, bulbous body, wide neck with flared mouth rim, yellow glass white underlay, signed in stand bottom, h. 29 cm

Lot: 1534

Aquarium, Italy,

Result: 360 EUR

Aquarium, Italy, 1950-70, Murano, rectangular block, clear glass with fused-in fish and aquatic plants of colored glass, silver foil fusion, l. 15.5 cm.

Lot: 1589

Vase, France,

Result: 280 EUR

Vase, France, 1920s, André Delatte, Nancy/Meurthe et Moselle, round stand, oval body, clear glass with polychrome spot enamels, wall with polychrome floral decoration, signed, h. 20 cm.

Lot: 1550

Goblet glass,

Result: 190 EUR

Goblet glass, probably Lauenstein, early 19th century, round disc stand, conical shaft merging into the cupola, with 7 pierced bubbles, clear glass, gold rim, h. 15 cm

Lot: 1566

Figural vase

Result: 160 EUR

Figural vase in the shape of a face, Italy, early 21st c., Murano (?), clear and colored glass, with enclosed pleasure bubbles, h. 26 cm.

Lot: 1571

Large lidded goblet, Bohemia c

Result: 160 EUR

Large lidded goblet, Bohemia c. 1900, round stand, baluster stem, dome bulged in the lower part, domed lid with cone-shaped knob, clear glass, predominantly white and rosé overlay, cut decoration, h. ...

Lot: 1525

Eight pieces

Result: 150 EUR

Eight pieces of glass, Bohemia, 19th/20th century, 4 vases, 2 beakers, jug with handle and liqueur glass, each clear glass, mostly red overlay, with rich cut decoration, partly min. bumped, h. up to 2...

Lot: 1541

Pair of vases,

Result: 150 EUR

Pair of vases, 1st half of 20th century, round stand, curved body with flared mouth rim, clear frosted glass, partly overlaid with red, decorated with landscape, minimal rim bumps, h. 25,5 cm

Lot: 1577

Six Art Nouveau wine glasses, c

Result: 140 EUR

Six Art Nouveau wine glasses, c. 1900, probably Theresienthal, round disc stand, slender curved stem, bulbous dome, clear greenish glass, dome with cut decoration, h. 18,5 cm

Lot: 1520

Goblet glass,

Result: 130 EUR

Goblet glass, Italy, 20th century, trumpet-shaped stand, baluster stem, bell-shaped dome, blue glass with rich gold floral decoration, h. 25,5 cm

Lot: 1538

Vase, 1st half

Result: 120 EUR

Vase, 1st half of 20th century, Pallme König, round stand, bulbous body, greenish lustrous glass with fused violet glass threads, rim bumped, h. 9,5 cm.

Lot: 1510

Seven-piece hunting

Result: 100 EUR

Seven-piece hunting whisk(e)y set, Poland, late 20th c., Irena, consisting of carafe and 6 tumblers, clear glass, partly amber etched, each with cut decoration, ornamental and hunting motifs, h. 9 and...

Lot: 1511

Art Nouveau vase, c

Result: 100 EUR

Art Nouveau vase, c. 1900, square stand, square body, straight wall, clear glass, yellow inner overlay with melted white spots, cold enamel painting and gold decoration, h. 19 cm

Lot: 1512

Art Nouveau vase, c

Result: 100 EUR

Art Nouveau vase, c. 1900, square stand, square body, straight wall, cobalt blue glass, white inner overlay, cold enamel painting and gold decoration, name dedication, h. 19 cm