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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
1565 Results
Lot: 603

5 amber chunks,

Starting price 30 EUR

5 amber chunks, partially cut, 39 x 31 x 25 - 22 x 20 x 10 mm, butterscotch, 30.0 g

Lot: 2534

KPM Berlin, 6

Starting price 30 EUR

KPM Berlin, 6 pieces, 20th century, 1st and 2nd choice, white, campanella cup with saucer, h. 8,5 cm, round bowl, form Neuozier, gold rim, Ø 14cm, plaque with Brandenburg Gate, w. 10,5 cm, 2 fish bowl...

Lot: 1503

Carafe, 20th

Starting price 40 EUR

Carafe, 20th century, rectangular stand, angular straight body, clear glass with black painting, landscape with horsemen, bumped, h. 23 cm.

Lot: 2158

Deep plate, KPM

Starting price 40 EUR

Deep plate, KPM Berlin, mark 1870-1945, 1st choice, red imperial apple mark, floral painting in purple, slightly rubbed,Ø 24 cm

Lot: 3134

Annual clock

Starting price 40 EUR

Annual clock under glass lintel, Germany around 1970, KOMA company, black dial with applied indices and arab. numerals, movement untested, h. 18cm, d. 11cm

Lot: 4059

2 Egyptian priests,

Starting price 40 EUR

2 Egyptian priests, 1 x antique? made of earthenware (glued), 1 x 20th c. made of wood. H. both 11,5 cm

Lot: 4148

Die Deutsche

Starting price 40 EUR

Die Deutsche Kavallerie in Krieg und Frieden, edited by Major (ret.) von Egan-Krieger, Berlin (no year given).

Lot: 4205

2 books: 1 x

Starting price 40 EUR

2 books: 1 x Des Deutschen Volkes Liederschatz (27 x 17 cm), 1 x Der Querschnitt, 12. Jahrgang, Heft 11/November 1932 (25 x 18 cm)

Lot: 4626

Petroleum lamp,

Starting price 40 EUR

Petroleum lamp, late 19th century, ornamented base with figural top made of cast metal. Glass tank, windshield, h. (without windshield) 42 cm.

Lot: 454

Enamel ring silver

Starting price 50 EUR

Enamel ring silver 925/000 with an oval onyx cabochon 15,8 x 12,0 mm, black and colored enamel, RG 62, 11,4 g

Lot: 455

Enamel ring silver

Starting price 50 EUR

Enamel ring silver 925/000 with an oval orange gemstone cabochon 15 x 11,5 mm and colored enamel, RG 62, 8,4 g

Lot: 457

Enamel ring silver

Starting price 50 EUR

Enamel ring silver 925/000 with colored enamel and round faceted, white gemstones, RG 62, 5,7 g

Lot: 476

Garnet element

Starting price 50 EUR

Garnet element with round faceted garnets 4 - 1 mm, l. 46 x w. 38 mm, 8,9 g

Lot: 477

Garnet star brooch

Starting price 50 EUR

Garnet star brooch with crescent moon and cross pendant, with round faceted garnets 3,5 - 1 mm, brooch l. 32 mm, pendant l. 34 mm, 8,5 g

Lot: 482

3 Art Nouveau

Starting price 50 EUR

3 Art Nouveau portrait pieces, doublé, with military male portraits 22 - 12 mm, 4 oriental pearls 2,2 mm and 3 round faceted rubies 2 - 1 mm, brooches 38 and 35 mm, pendant l. 33,5 mm, 11,5 g

Lot: 501

Fashion bangle,

Starting price 50 EUR

Fashion bangle, gold plated, with a round turquoise disc 11 mm, inside 58 x 56 - 54 x 46 mm, with significant traces of use,17,8 g

Lot: 521

Belle Étoile

Starting price 50 EUR

Belle Étoile rubber bracelet + ring with designer clasp and decorative elements silver 925/000 set with round faceted white cubic zirconia 2 mm, 32 or 18 strands of brown rubber, bracelet w. 32 mm, l....

Lot: 1095

Cup with saucer, German, c

Starting price 50 EUR

Cup with saucer, German, c. 1900, maker's mark WMF, Geislingen, plated, cup with interior gilding, wall with engraved decoration, stylized floral and ornametal motifs, overall th. 8,5 cm

Lot: 1096

Small Art Deco footed bowl, German, c

Starting price 50 EUR

Small Art Deco footed bowl, German, c. 1920/30, master mark Bremer Werkstätten für kunsthandwerkliche Silberarbeiten, plated, round domed stand short shaft, bulbous dome, h. 9 cm

Lot: 1210

Six mocha spoons, German, 20th c

Starting price 50 EUR

Six mocha spoons, German, 20th c., MZ. M. H. Wilkens & Söhne, Bremen-Hemelingen, silver 800/000, handle with ornamental relief decoration, l. 10 cm, ca. 51 g, in case, l. 15,5 cm

Lot: 1254

charm bracelet

Starting price 50 EUR

charm bracelet with numerous pendants, partly silver, mostly with polychrome enamel decoration, l. ca. 18 cm

Lot: 1255

Three pieces

Starting price 50 EUR

Three pieces of Grandel jewelry, pair of cuff buttons, setting, silver 835/000, gross weight ca. 10 g and brooch with metal setting, l. 3 cm.

Lot: 1260

Bracelet, silver

Starting price 50 EUR

Bracelet, silver tested, openwork with floral decor and gemstones, l. ca. 17 cm

Lot: 1505

Two carafes, 20th c

Starting price 50 EUR

Two carafes, 20th c., polygonal stand, bulbous body, clear glass edged, 1x bumped, h. 26,5 and 31 cm respectively