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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
41 Results
Lot: 7005

Charles Le Brun

Result: 10.000 EUR

Charles Le Brun (1619-1690), Circumcircle/Workshop, ''Sleeping Christ'', in the center the infant Jesus surrounded by Anne and Joachim, Elizabeth and Joseph, while Mary tells the boy John to be quiet....

Lot: 7055

Fra Angelico (1395-1455), copy after

Result: 2.400 EUR

Fra Angelico (1395-1455), copy after. Angel with drum in the style of the early Renaissance, mid-19th century, tempera and gold on wood with punctured nimbus and contours, unsigned, 45 x 19 cm, in pla...

Lot: 7054

Basilius Besler (1561-1629), four col

Result: 2.200 EUR

Basilius Besler (1561-1629), four col. Copper engravings from the ''Hortus Eystettensis'': Five versch. Tulips ''Tulipa candida...'', ''Sambucus, Trillium and Cytisus'', four versch. Thistles ''... Ch...

Lot: 7040

Portrait painter

Result: 1.400 EUR

Portrait painter of the 18th century, portrait of Sidonie Laura von der Osten, lady-in-waiting of Countess Kosel at Grosssedlitz Castle. Oil on canvas, restored and retouched, unsigned, verso inscribe...

Lot: 7038

Paolo Farinati (1524-1606) (attrib

Result: 1.100 EUR

Paolo Farinati (1524-1606) (attrib.), Italian painter and architect. Two cupids in embrace as a design for a supraport. Ink on light brown washed paper with partial white heightening, at the lower mar...

Lot: 7021

Johann Adolf

Result: 1.000 EUR

Johann Adolf Bendix Rothermundt, Schleswig-born reverse glass painter at the end of the 18th century, Gustavian-style interior with silhouettes of a family of 5. In the symmetrically laid out room wit...

Lot: 7059

Anonymous still

Result: 1.000 EUR

Anonymous still life painter of the 18th century, small still life arrangement with fruit bowls, vegetables and bread, oil on arched wooden panel, unsigned, ca. 12,5 x 18 cm, framed in old flame borde...

Lot: 7063

Dutch painter

Result: 1.000 EUR

Dutch painter of the 17th/18th century, view of a village in winter with numerous skaters and sledges on the frozen lake, oil on canvas, unsigned, craquelé and loss of color, verso monogr. ''M.W.S.'',...

Lot: 7000

Johann Heinrich

Result: 800 EUR

Johann Heinrich Schröder (1757-1812), circle/copy after, portrait of Duke Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick. Half-length portrait of the Duke in an oval, pastel chalk on papier, unsigned, handwritte...

Lot: 7041

Willem Blaeu,

Result: 750 EUR

Willem Blaeu, early map of Southeast Asia ''India quea orientalis dicitur, et Insulae adiacentes'', col. copperplate engraving, Amsterdam circa 1640, with three figural cartouches and several sailing ...

Lot: 7012

Jean-Baptiste Lallemand (1716-1803) (attrib

Result: 700 EUR

Jean-Baptiste Lallemand (1716-1803) (attrib.), two pastorals: Pastoral scenery in ruined landscape with horses at a fountain, gouache on primed, stronger laid paper, 18th cent, mounted at the upper ed...

Lot: 7036

Pietro Andrea

Result: 500 EUR

Pietro Andrea Mattioli - four single leaves from a 16th century herbal book, old colored woodcuts, 25 x 17 cm, framed behind glass and passepartout 36 x 28 cm

Lot: 7008

Jan Breughel

Result: 460 EUR

Jan Breughel the Younger (1601-1678), Circumcircle, ''Carriage m it Escorte in front of a gate, flanked by trees, pen and ink in brown and gray, brown and gray wash on paper, illegibly inscribed by ol...

Lot: 7030

Anonymous old

Result: 460 EUR

Anonymous old master of the 18th century, fragment of a sacred painting. Dying, bare-breasted woman sinks into the arms of a companion and is touched on the head by an angel, oil on canvas laminated o...

Lot: 7034

Gottfried Chodowiecki (1728-1781) (attrib

Result: 460 EUR

Gottfried Chodowiecki (1728-1781) (attrib.), German miniature painter and brother of Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726-1801), sick man sits in an armchair and rings for the maid, because the pug at on...

Lot: 7060

Italilenian painter

Result: 460 EUR

Italilenian painter of the 18th century, Abraham's banquet with the three angels, oil on softwood, unsigned, scratches, 25,5 x 37 cm

Lot: 7032

Ital. painter c

Result: 420 EUR

Ital. painter c. 1800, small devotional picture with the Holy Family and kneeling Clare of Assisi (?) with ciborium, oil on copper, unsigned, bumped, 21.5 x 16 cm, framed 31.5 x 25 cm

Lot: 7047

Historical map

Result: 420 EUR

Historical map of Transylvania / Transylvania, Blaeu in Amsterdam c. 1642, part col. Map with figural title cartouche, verso Latin text, ca. 38 x 50 cm, framed behind glass a. passepartout 62 x 72 cm

Lot: 7014

Sacral painter

Result: 390 EUR

Sacral painter of the 18th century, biblical scene with the appearance of the Holy Spirit over a man on the sickbed surrounded by Mary and putti, oil on canvas, doubled, restored and retouched, 55 x 4...

Lot: 7020

Giovanni Battista

Result: 390 EUR

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778), ''Avanzi di un Collegio di Silvano Aureliano...'', etching from the monumental work ''Le Antichità Romane'' c. 1784, with a capriccio of ancient inscriptions, m...

Lot: 7037

French graphic

Result: 360 EUR

French graphic artist end of 18th century, two shepherd scenes in Crayonmanier, unsigned, one sheet o. r. numbered 408, ca. 12 x 19,5 cm, behind glass a. passepartout in hand-painted frame 26 x 35 cm

Lot: 7003

Probably Italy

Result: 330 EUR

Probably Italy around 1700, Zeus and Hera (Hades and Persephone?) surrounded by cupids and bats, and an owl. Washed pen-and-ink drawing and reddish brown on laid paper, smoothed centerfold, old backed...

Lot: 7053

Jean Daullé (1703-1763)

Result: 300 EUR

Jean Daullé (1703-1763) ''Les différents Travaux d'un Port de Mer'', col. Etching after ClaudeJoseph Vernet (1714-1789), partly spotted, framed under mount behind glass 75 x 95 cm

Lot: 7024

Rococo painter

Result: 260 EUR

Rococo painter of the 18th century, gallant scene with young couple at a fountain in park landscape in the style of Watteau. Oil on canvas, unsigned, 52 x 58 cm, framed 70 x 76 cm