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Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
637 Results
Lot: 2618

Potpurri vase,

Result: 16.000 EUR

Potpurri vase, Royal Worcester, England, end of 19th c., modeled after the Sévres vase model ''pot pourri gondole'', design 1750-60 by Jean-Claude Chambellan Duplessis (1699 - 1774), vase in the shape...

Lot: 2605

Coffee service

Result: 14.000 EUR

Coffee service for 6 persons, 21 pieces, Meissen, after 1980, 1st choice, form Großer Ausschnitt, design Ludwig Zepner, decor 1001 nights, polychrome painting with many-figured harem scenes, ornamenta...

Lot: 2658

Heron, preening itself, Meissen, 19th c

Result: 14.000 EUR

Heron, preening itself, Meissen, 19th c., mark for manufactory intern sale, design Johann Joachim Kaendler in 1732, model no. 52, white, at the base plastic frog and flowers, several fire cracks, bump...

Lot: 2466

Tea set for 6

Result: 11.000 EUR

Tea set for 6 persons, 21 pieces, Meissen, end of the 20th century, 1st choice, model big cutout, design by Ludwig Zepner, 1973, polychrome painting, decor Midsummer Night's Dream, teapot, h. 21 cm, 6...

Lot: 2514

Pair of large

Result: 5.200 EUR

Pair of large floor vases, in Viennese manner, around 1900, on round base and pedestal rising corpus with side handles, double domed lid, polychrome mythological love scenes, e.g., Orpheus and Euridic...

Lot: 2610

Lidded vase,

Result: 5.200 EUR

Lidded vase, Meissen, Knauff-Schwerter, 1850-1924, 1st choice, designed by Ernst August Leuteritz 1870-80, model no. K107, oval body with side handles, above domed lid with artichoke blossom as knob, ...

Lot: 2108

Coffee service

Result: 4.400 EUR

Coffee service for 6 persons, 22 pieces, Meissen, brand after 1950, 2nd choice, B-shape, relief decoration splendidly gilded, white with scattered flowers as well as bordeaux red background, coffee po...

Lot: 2648

Five dessert

Result: 3.900 EUR

Five dessert plates, KPM Berlin, mark early 20th century, red imperial orb mark, year letters ca. 1910-20, form Neuglatt, in the mirror fine floral soft painting, flag with gold heightened decor and l...

Lot: 2769

Splendid lidded

Result: 3.900 EUR

Splendid lidded vase, in the style of Sevres of the 18th century, jewel porcelain with chased bronze, floral ornaments in gold handwork, polychrome painting on both sides, on one side gallant rococo s...

Lot: 2086

Crowing house

Result: 3.600 EUR

Crowing house rooster on wooden stake, Meissen, mark after 1934, year mark for 1967, 3rd choice, design J. J. Kaendler in 1741, model no. 77169, white, restored, h. 40 cm, Lit. Bergmann, Meissen Figur...

Lot: 2615

Cup with saucer,

Result: 3.300 EUR

Cup with saucer, Sevres, France, marks from the time of Louis-Philippe 1834, all around very fine polychrome painting with floral garlands, bordered by palmette friezes in gold, UT mariage, h. 8 cm

Lot: 2647

Five dessert

Result: 3.300 EUR

Five dessert plates, KPM Berlin, mark early 20th century, red imperial orb mark, year letters ca. 1910-20, form Neuglatt, in the mirror fine floral soft painting, flag with gold heightened decor and l...

Lot: 2657

Female ball player,

Result: 3.300 EUR

Female ball player, Meissen, sword mark 1945-1947, deputation, design by Walter Schott (1861 Ilsenburg - 1938 Berlin), first form 1897. Moving figure of a young lady throwing a golden ball, on profile...

Lot: 2106

Tea set for 8

Result: 2.800 EUR

Tea set for 8 persons, 28 pieces, Meissen, 1970s, 1st choice, form New Cutout, decor Indian Purple rich, ornamental gilding, teapot, h. 13,5 cm, lid rose bumped, teapot warmer, Ø 16,5 cm, 8 tea cups w...

Lot: 2640

Plate, Sevres,

Result: 2.800 EUR

Plate, Sevres, France, mark 1869, stamp of the Chateau d'Eu, ordered by King Louis-Philippe for this chateau in 1836, after which further orders were placed for additional deliveryr, the service for t...

Lot: 2050

Lady with a blackamoor

Result: 2.600 EUR

Lady with a blackamoor child, Meissen, mark after 1934, 1st choice, design Paul Scheurich (1888 New York - 1945 Brandenburg) in 1920, model no. F 274, elegant lady in rococo dress teasing a Moorish bo...

Lot: 2127

Oppulent potpourri

Result: 2.600 EUR

Oppulent potpourri lidded vase with cupids, Meissen, early 19th century, designed by Jochann Joachim Kaendler in 1760, model no. 2745, pedestal on four volute feet, richly decorated with flowers, part...

Lot: 2636

Large lidded

Result: 2.600 EUR

Large lidded vase on pedestal, Thuringia, beehive mark, late 19th c., amphora form with side handles in the shape of griffins, polychrome decoration, medallions with antique scenes, domed lid with kno...

Lot: 2616

Rare Empire vase,

Result: 2.400 EUR

Rare Empire vase, Sévres, France, dated 1812, painter signed, so called ''Fuseau'' from the service ''Iconographique grec'', lapis lazuli blue background with gold veining and gold dots, gold ornament...

Lot: 2390

Large porcelain

Result: 2.200 EUR

Large porcelain painting ''Art and Freedom'' after Louis Gallait, KPM Berlin, c. 1900, Rectangular picture plate depicting a young man standing in front of a sunlit background, holding a violin and bo...

Lot: 2653

Large fish plate, KPM Berlin, mark early 20th c

Result: 2.200 EUR

Large fish plate, KPM Berlin, mark early 20th c., 1st choice, red imperial orb mark, year letter for 1921, form Neuglatt, in the mirror fine floral soft painting with rose petals, flag with gold heigh...

Lot: 2057

Ceramic service

Result: 1.900 EUR

Ceramic service for 6 persons, 20 pieces, Meissen, 1950s, 2nd choice, X-shape, white with gilding, coffee pot, h. 27 cm, tea pot, lid missing, h. 21 cm, 6 cups with saucers, 1 with chip, h. 8 cm, 6 ca...

Lot: 2547

12 soup cups

Result: 1.900 EUR

12 soup cups with lids and saucers, Meissen, around 1980, 1st choice, decor onion pattern in underglaze blue, Ø 19 cm, h. 12 cm

Lot: 2654

Cup with saucer,

Result: 1.900 EUR

Cup with saucer, KPM Berlin, 1815-30, saucer with painter's mark for 1823-32, bell-shaped cup with raised ear handle, front side polychrome painting with micro mosaic depicting a pair of butterflies, ...