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Auction on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
116 Results
Lot: 7268

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927),

Result: 3.600 EUR

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927), German landscape and architectural painter, studied at the Art Academy in Berlin, with Quaglio in Munich and with Eugen Dücker at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Traveled to th...

Lot: 7265

Hans Hassenteufel

Result: 2.600 EUR

Hans Hassenteufel (1887-1943), painter in Munich, studied with Zeller in Hamburg, with Thor in Munich and under Halm and Stuck at the Academy ibid., female semi-nude in the shade of a tree, oil on can...

Lot: 7391

Theodor Rabe

Result: 2.400 EUR

Theodor Rabe (1822-1890), Berlin portrait and history painter, student of Begas. Representative portrait of Emperor Wilhelm I in parade uniform on horseback. Oil on canvas, signed & dated lower right ...

Lot: 7306

F. J. Geller,

Result: 1.900 EUR

F. J. Geller, Berlin painter late 19th century, mother dressed in historical costumes with her child on a terrace with views over a mountain landscape. Oil on canvas, signed & dated lower right ''Gell...

Lot: 7383

Andreas Marko

Result: 1.800 EUR

Andreas Marko (1824-1895), Austro-Hungarian painter mainly of Italian landscapes and scenes from folk life. His brother was Károly Marko the Younger, and like him, he received his training initially f...

Lot: 7285

Anonymous, East European painter c

Result: 1.200 EUR

Anonymous, East European painter c. 1900, interior with three young women in characteristic costumes and a palm reader, oil on round wooden panel in ornamentally painted wooden frame, rubbed, unsigned...

Lot: 7272

Henriette Herminie

Result: 1.100 EUR

Henriette Herminie Gudin (1825-1876), French marine painter, daughter of Théodore Gudin, whose pupil she also was. Marine scene on a cliff in the morning light, oil on wood, signed lower left ''H. Gud...

Lot: 7296

Count Moravioff,

Result: 1.100 EUR

Count Moravioff, Russian painter of the 19th century, winter landscape with setting sun, oil on cardboard, signed Cyrillic lower right, 45 x 32 cm, framed 64 x 49 cm

Lot: 7276

Julius Huth (1838-1892),

Result: 950 EUR

Julius Huth (1838-1892), German marine painter and captain from Pomerania, frequently exhibited at the Berlin Academy. Fishing boat at sea, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 34 x 26 cm, framed 49 x 42...

Lot: 7260

Julius Huth (1838-1892),

Result: 900 EUR

Julius Huth (1838-1892), German marine painter and captain from Pomerania, frequently exhibited at the Berlin Academy. Seascape with lighthouse, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 34 x 26 cm, framed 49...

Lot: 7360

Leon Émile Caille

Result: 800 EUR

Leon Émile Caille (1836-1907), student of Léon Coignet and Edmond Castan, made his debut in 1861 with a genre painting at the Salon, where he exhibited regularly until 1901, family scene in a rural ki...

Lot: 7264

Fritz Overbeck

Result: 750 EUR

Fritz Overbeck (1869-1909), German painter and graphic artist, active among other places in Worpswede, where this etching of a nocturnal farmhouse may have been created. signed in pencil lower right, ...

Lot: 7305

Cornelis van

Result: 700 EUR

Cornelis van Leemputten (1841-1902), Flock of sheep with shepherd in wide landscape, oil on oak, signed lower left ''C.v.Leemputten'', 24 x 31 cm, framed 37 x 44 cm

Lot: 7393

Curt Brückner,

Result: 650 EUR

Curt Brückner, alias Curt Echtermeyer (1896-?), German genre painter born in Chile. ''Die Musikstunde'', historical interior with two musicians, oil on hardboard, signed in the center of the painting ...

Lot: 7311

Adolf Baumgartner-Stoiloff (1850-1924) (attrib

Result: 520 EUR

Adolf Baumgartner-Stoiloff (1850-1924) (attrib.), wild troika ride through the snow fleeing a pack of wolves, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed lower right, 47 x 66 cm, framed (bumped) 65 x 86 cm

Lot: 7294

Conrad Freyberg

Result: 500 EUR

Conrad Freyberg (1842-1915), German horse and battle painter, portrait of a trotting horse, oil on cardboard, signed & dated lower right ''C. Freyberg 1874'', 39 x 49 cm, framed 46 x 56 cm

Lot: 7340

Impressionist 1st half 20th c

Result: 500 EUR

Impressionist 1st half 20th c., Morning prayer in a mosque, oil on canvas, upper right indistinctly signed and dated 1942, chipping at edges, on verso attribution to Franz Frank (1897-1986), 60 x 49 c...

Lot: 7207

Walter Bertelsmann

Result: 450 EUR

Walter Bertelsmann (1877-1963), German painter, active in Worpswede, where he was taught by Hans am Ende. Landscape near Worpswede with chickens, oil on cardboard, signed lower left ''W. Bertelsmann''...

Lot: 7219

Bo von Schwerin

Result: 450 EUR

Bo von Schwerin (1881-1940), blossoming chestnut trees in the sunlight, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 40 x 45 cm, framed 47 x 53 cm

Lot: 7270

Anonymous genre

Result: 450 EUR

Anonymous genre painter of the 19th century, theatrical scene at the puerperium, oil on canvas, unsigned, restored and retouched, 50 x 42 cm, framed 70 x 62 cm

Lot: 7350

Portrait painter

Result: 450 EUR

Portrait painter of the Biedermeier period around 1840, portrait of a gallantly dressed lady with gold jewelry and view from a terrace over a wide landscape. Oil on wood, unsigned, attribution on vers...

Lot: 7390

Carl Hasenpflug (1802-1858), after

Result: 450 EUR

Carl Hasenpflug (1802-1858), after. Gothic church ruins with a view of a snowy landscape and Gothic cathedral in the background. Oil on canvas, unsigned, work around 1900 after or in the style of the ...

Lot: 7275

H. Harder, marine

Result: 420 EUR

H. Harder, marine painter of the 20th century, two tall ships in the style of the 17th century, oil on wood, signed lower left ''H. Harder'', 20 x 24 cm, framed 37 x 42 cm

Lot: 7361

Heinz Frauendorf,

Result: 420 EUR

Heinz Frauendorf, mid-20th century, industrial painting: workers in a machine shop building a locomotive, oil on canvas, signed & dated 1958 lower left, retouch, 61 x 80 cm