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Auction on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
44 Results
Lot: 7033

talian painter

Result: 11.000 EUR

talian painter of the 17th century, miniature portrait of a young noblewoman, oil on oval copper plate, 6,5 x 5,3 cm

Lot: 7056

Anonymous rococo

Result: 2.600 EUR

Anonymous rococo painter of the end of the 18th century, exceptionally composed fragment of a painting showing a hand holding a leaf with a portrait of a lady, oil on canvas laminated on cardboard, un...

Lot: 7030

Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681), after

Result: 2.400 EUR

Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681), after. ''Lady washing her hands'', sophisticated copy of the 19th century with two women in dark interior, where the copyist also managed to credibly work out the differe...

Lot: 7012

Anonymous painter c

Result: 1.700 EUR

Anonymous painter c. 1800, ''Flight into Egypt'', the holy family accompanied by two putti in an ideal landscape with waterfall and city in the background, oil on canvas, unsigned, minimal partial ret...

Lot: 7015

Dutch painter

Result: 1.700 EUR

Dutch painter of the probably 19th century, possibly earlier. Water landscape in the moonlight in the manner of Aert van der Neer or his successor in the 19th century Jacobus Theodorus Abels (1803-186...

Lot: 7029

Caspar Netscher (1639-1684), after

Result: 1.200 EUR

Caspar Netscher (1639-1684), after. ''Lady at the toilet'', sophisticated copy of the 19th century with three figures in dark interior, where the copyist also managed to credibly work out the differen...

Lot: 7002

German battle

Result: 1.000 EUR

German battle painter early 19th century, Prussian Uhlans driving French cavalrymen across a river, oil on canvas, unsigned, doubled & restored, 43 x 53 cm, framed 59 x 70 cm

Lot: 7059

Giovanni Paolo

Result: 500 EUR

Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1691-1765), successor, probably of the 2nd half of the 18th century, Capriccio with Roman ruins architecture, magnificent vase and Cestius pyramid. Pen and ink drawing in brown...

Lot: 7006

Ichthyology -

Result: 450 EUR

Ichthyology - group of 6 fish depictions of the 18th century from Marcus Elieser Bloch ''Allgemeine Naturgeschichte der Fische'', c. 1782-1795, colored copper plates by versch. Engravers after Krügera...

Lot: 7011

Ex Voto of the

Result: 420 EUR

Ex Voto of the 18th century, votive picture to the ''Black Madonna'' in Altötting, oil on softwood, dated lower right ''Ex Voto 1715, framed 21 x 31 cm

Lot: 7058

German painter

Result: 420 EUR

German painter of the 18th century, rural idyll with cows at a small river, farmhouse and rich figural scenery in the evening light, oil on canvas, unsigned, on the verso monogram of the restorer 1915...

Lot: 7057

Unknown painter,

Result: 390 EUR

Unknown painter, Probably 17th/18th century, sunlit valley floor with homestead view. Oil on canvas, doubled and retouched, craquelure, on the wooden frame marked ''Michiel Coxie'', 81 x 109 cm, frame...

Lot: 7003

Coat of arms

Result: 330 EUR

Coat of arms of a doctor -- coat of arms painting of the 19th century after a depiction from 1788, ''Bernardinus Josephus Hanegraeff Antverpiensis Medicinae Baggalaureorum Fiscus...'' under the coat o...

Lot: 7023

Historical view

Result: 330 EUR

Historical view of Stralsund, ''Stralsundia'', bird's eye view of Stralsund, col. Copper engraving by Frederik de Wit the Younger after Johannes Janssonius circa 1700. View of the fortress and harbor ...

Lot: 7041

Ludolf Backhuysen

Result: 330 EUR

Ludolf Backhuysen (1630/31-1708), numerous sailing ships off the coast. Etching from the set ''D'y Stroom, en Zeegezichten'' of 1701, at the lower margin inscribed ''L. Bakhuizeb fec. et. exc. cum Pri...

Lot: 7020

Portrait painter 2nd h

Result: 300 EUR

Portrait painter 2nd h. 17th c., portrait of a woman with side braided pigtails, oil on canvas mounted on hardboard, heavily restored a. retouched, unsigned, craquelé, 61 x 46 cm, framed 67 x 53 cm

Lot: 7035

Jacques de Gheyn

Result: 300 EUR

Jacques de Gheyn III (1596-1641), attributed, Beggar's Family, pen and brown ink over black chalk on laid paper, 18.7 x 14.3 cm, mounted at upper margin on backing paper

Lot: 7066

Italian artist

Result: 280 EUR

Italian artist around 1600, ''Lamentation of Alexander the Great'', multi-figure design with half-reclining just deceased ruler surrounded by a large group of mourners. Red chalk drawing on handmade p...

Lot: 7031

Historical view

Result: 260 EUR

Historical view of Gotha: ''Die hochfürstliche Residentz Friedenstein und Hauptstadt Gotha'', copperplate engraving by Matthäus Seutter after H. A. König, Augsburg, c. 1740. Bird's eye view of Gotha, ...

Lot: 7036

Unknown artist

Result: 250 EUR

Unknown artist 1735, Still life with flying game, fruit and vegetables, gray ink over black chalk on brownish paper, 31.3 x 23.1 cm, inscribed, monogrammed and dated ''Castelo [.] MBA 1735'', difficul...

Lot: 7037

German or Swiss

Result: 250 EUR

German or Swiss painter of the 17th century, A bearded man is tormented by henchmen, dangerous animals and a dragon, pen-and-ink drawing in black, gray wash on laid paper, 18.5 x 15.6 cm (image), old ...

Lot: 7005

Three floral

Result: 220 EUR

Three floral images around 1800: Two colored dotted engravings with roses after Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840), and a col. Stipple engraving of a bouquet of flowers Jean-Baptiste Chapuy (1760-1802)...

Lot: 7013

Group of 11 prints

Result: 200 EUR

Group of 11 prints of the 17th-19th century, including Aegidius Sadeler (1570-1629) after Raphael Sadeler, rocky landscape with hikers and inn, copperplate on laid paper with WZ. Sermon of John the Ba...

Lot: 7018

Anonymous painter

Result: 200 EUR

Anonymous painter of the 18th century, Madonna at prayer, oil on canvas, stronger craquelé and chipping, mounted, 46 x 33 cm, framed 60 x 47 cm