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Auction on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 from 10:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
3464 Results
Lot: 7573

Hermann David

Result: 34.000 EUR

Hermann David Salomon Corrodi (1844-1905), Roman painter of Swiss descent, studied in Geneva with Alexander Calame, then with his father at the Accademia San Luca in Rome, graduated in Paris, well-kno...

Lot: 3477

Thomas Theodor

Result: 12.000 EUR

Thomas Theodor HEINE (1867-1948), draftsman and caricaturist for the 'Fliegende Blätter' and also the 'Simplicissimus'. Due to his biting articles and caricatures, he was persecuted early on by the Na...

Lot: 7033

talian painter

Result: 11.000 EUR

talian painter of the 17th century, miniature portrait of a young noblewoman, oil on oval copper plate, 6,5 x 5,3 cm

Lot: 2626

Coffee set for

Result: 10.000 EUR

Coffee set for 6 persons, 21 pieces, Meissen, end of 20th century, 1.W., model Großer Ausschnitt, design by Ludwig Zepner, 1973, polychrome painting, decor Midsummer Night's Dream, coffee pot, h. 26 c...

Lot: 5639

Very large Historism

Result: 10.000 EUR

Very large Historism glass top cabinet from a manorial house around 1880, solid walnut, most elaborate and lavish carving, fully plastic female and male entablature figures, below two-door corpus with...

Lot: 2273

Guard hussar,

Result: 8.000 EUR

Guard hussar, Allach, Bavaria mark 1936-45, 1st choice, design Theodor Kärner (born 1884 in Hohenberg/Eger and died 1966 in Munich) in 1939, u. inscribed, model no. 93, on a white horse riding guard h...

Lot: 3328

Jules Bertin, French sculptor late 19th c

Result: 8.000 EUR

Jules Bertin, French sculptor late 19th c., imposing patriotic figure reaffirming the French claim to Alsace and Lorraine. A female nude exotically decorated with shells holding a flag stands on a hem...

Lot: 2627

Tea service for

Result: 7.500 EUR

Tea service for 6 persons, 21 pieces, Meissen, after 1980, 1st choice, form Großer Ausschnitt, design Ludwig Zepner, decor 1001 nights, polychrome painting with multi-figured harem scene, ornamental g...

Lot: 3668


Result: 6.500 EUR

Double-sided cloisonné tablescreen, China, late 19th century, polychrome cellular enamel on copper? core, partially gilded. Recto with 100-deers decoration and poem calligraphy (with artist's seal), v...

Lot: 4148

Celestial globe, Germany, 1790

Result: 6.500 EUR

Celestial globe, Germany, 1790. paper on wooden core? (hollow). Three-legged wooden suspension. On the globe itself inscribed ''Der Himmel als ein Gegenstük des Funkschen (Christlieb Benedict Funk 173...

Lot: 3717

Imperial couple,

Result: 6.000 EUR

Imperial couple, China, around 1900, large ivory carving, partially blackened. Elaborately designed robes. Each placed on a profiled wooden base on 4 curved feet. Slightly rubbed, minimally bumped, h....

Lot: 3805

Shibayama Okimono

Result: 6.000 EUR

Shibayama Okimono in the form of a bell pepper, Japan, 19th/20th century, ivory carving with mother-of-pearl and stone inlays in the form of insects (the legs as blackened incisions). Engraved signatu...

Lot: 3488

Henry Etienne

Result: 5.500 EUR

Henry Etienne Dumaige (1830-1888), two French soldiers before and after the battle of 1792, ''Avant le Combat / Après le Combat. Volontaires de 1792''. Pair of impressive bronze sculptures, dark patin...

Lot: 3803

Shibayama okimono

Result: 5.500 EUR

Shibayama okimono in the shape of an apple, Japan, 19th/20th c., ivory carving with mother-of-pearl and stone inlays in the shape of insects (the legs as blackened incisions), d. 8.5 cm

Lot: 3804

Shibayama Okimono

Result: 5.500 EUR

Shibayama Okimono in the form of a banana, Japan, 19th/20th century, ivory carving with mother-of-pearl and stone inlays in the form of insects (the legs as blackened incisions). Engraved signature dy...

Lot: 8423

Walter Dexel

Result: 5.500 EUR

Walter Dexel (1890-1973), two original designs for the Sparkassen Pavilion, Jena 1926. Five representations on two sheets: two ground plans and three elevations. Pen, pencil and gouache on paper, each...

Lot: 2522

Large dinner

Result: 5.000 EUR

Large dinner service for 6 persons, 38-pcs, Herend, Hungary, 1976, mark for 150th anniversary of the manufactory, Neuosier shape, Cornucopia TCA (tupini, corne d'adordance) decor, elaborate rocaille a...

Lot: 2536

Coffee service

Result: 5.000 EUR

Coffee service for 6 persons, 22 pieces, Meissen, 1950-70s, 2nd choice, B-shape, after a design by Ernst August Leuteritz, polychrome painting with scattered flowers, tws. yellow background, gilding, ...

Lot: 562

Natural tourmaline

Result: 4.800 EUR

Natural tourmaline pair, together 26,48 ct, rare size, high quality blue variety: Indigolite, emerald cut variation, high cut quality and very good polish, in light greenish blue tones, excellent colo...

Lot: 3802

Shibayama Okimono

Result: 4.800 EUR

Shibayama Okimono in the form of a pear, Japan, 19th/20th century, ivory carving with mother-of-pearl and stone inlays in the form of insects (the legs as blackened incisions). Engraved signature dyed...

Lot: 5638

Baroque table,

Result: 4.600 EUR

Baroque table, USA, dated 1786, top signed ''Camurri Enrico Fece l'anno '86'', walnut and walnut root wood, pictorial inlays with various.., partly inlaid with ivory, marquetry and floral inlays, oval...

Lot: 2191

Oppulent centerpiece,

Result: 4.500 EUR

Oppulent centerpiece, so-called Loius XVI centerpiece, Meissen, 19th c., 2nd choice, designed by Johann Carl Schönheit in 1782, model no. G96, on square pedestal attaching marbled base, on it rising s...

Lot: 7505

signed Sukhodolsky,

Result: 4.500 EUR

signed Sukhodolsky, Russian painter of the 19th century, fishing boats on an icy coast in the evening light, oil on canvas, bottom right signed and dated in Cyrillic (18)81, possibly Pyotr Alexandrovi...

Lot: 559

Morganite 129

Result: 4.200 EUR

Morganite 129.1 ct, rare size, pointed antique cut, eye clean, in excellent color, with very good color brilliance, 37.09 x 30.19 x 16.13 mm