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Result: 1.000 EUR

Jean Louis Grégoire (1840-1890), French sculptor, large alabaster bust one playing young mother with her child, backside sign. ''L. Grégoire'', min. calc., h. 55.5 cm 3301

Starting price 1.500 EUR

Emile Oscar Guillaume (1867-1942), 'La délivrance', female. Act with sword in victory pose on a hemisphere, patinated bronze, foundry mark by Ferdinand Barbedienne (1810-1892) Paris, on a square marbl... 3302

Starting price 3.000 EUR

Marius Jean Antonin Mercié (1845-1916), French sculptor, patriotic group of figures ''Quand même'', proud woman snatches the rifle from a falling soldier to face the enemy. Large, brown patinated bron... 3303

Starting price 800 EUR

Sign A. Mayer, probably Alois (1855-1939), German sculptor, on a stylized rock base standing Oriental, the head covered with a cloak and playing a banjo, Galvanoplastik, on a round base, Ges.-H. 64 cm 3304

Result: 440 EUR

Eugène Marioton (1854-1925), Büste der trauernden Madonna, braun patinierte Bronze, sign. Eug. Marioton, Rückseitig mit dem Gießerstempel 'Siot Decauville Fondeur Paris', H. 50 cm 3305

Starting price 2.000 EUR

Luigi Betti, 19th century Italian sculptor, large group of kissing peasants in the field, patinated bronze, side. sign. u. Foundry mark of ''Valsuani perdue'', H. 65 cm 3306

Starting price 1.700 EUR

Eugène Marioton (1854-1933), ''The Victor'', Vainqueur, large bronze statuette of one Archers with fur skirt and raised laurel branch, bronze, brown patina, sign. ''E. Marioton'', titled on the revers... 3307

Starting price 1.400 EUR

Alphonse Emmanuel de Moncel de Perrin (1866-1930), standing figure of the late medieval French diplomat Alain Chartier with Redegestus, brown patinated bronze, in the square stand sign. and on the sid... 3308

Starting price 650 EUR

Fr. Wood carver around 1900, large standing figure of a young clergyman, red-brown stained wood, unsigned, H. 124 cm 3309

Result: 2.200 EUR

Sylvain Kinsburger (1855-1935), French sculptor, large alabaster sculpture of two toddlers on a pillow, white or gray-brown alabaster, on the reverse sign. ''S. KinsBurger'', min. best., 42 x 36 x 31 ... 3310

Starting price 1.100 EUR

Georges Gardet (1863-1939), French animal sculptor, large group of a tiger, who discovered in the jungle the sculpture of a fo dog, two-tone patinated bronze with founding stamp of F. Barbedienne Pari... 3311

Starting price 2.000 EUR

Luca Madrassi (1848-1919), Italian sculptor, couple embracing, while the young man seems to confess his love, golden brown patinated bronze, in the round stand sign. u. bez. ''Beaux-Arts'', on rotatab... 3312

Starting price 1.300 EUR

Anonymous sculptor Late 19th century, large group of two children reading a book, alabaster on a round, grooved alabaster ring, min. best., H. 53.5 cm 3313

Result: 700 EUR

Anonymous, French sculptor of the 19th century, musician couple in oriental dress sitting on overgrown stumps, polychrome patinated metal casting, unsigned, on linen-covered wood plinths, neck of the ... 3314

Result: 2.600 EUR

Alfred Hrdlicka (1928-2009), ''Striptease Triste'', 1974/1975, bronze, patinated brown, signed on the reverse and dated 1975, num. 22/50, h. 38 cm 3315

Starting price 2.500 EUR

Large Hermes after Giambologna on pedestal, patinated bronze cast from the 19th century, the messenger of gods floating on a breeze with caduceus and torch (these with thread for lamp mounting), on a ... 3316

Starting price 1.000 EUR

Theodor Eichler (1868-1946), standing, female nude in the style of the 1930s, patinated bronze, stamped signature ''Eichler'', probably posthumous cast, H. 53 cm 3317

Starting price 850 EUR

Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902), French sculptor in Paris, ''Marguerite'', bronze, patinated brown, inscribed on a square base. ''Marguerite'', signed Eugène Aizelin, and foundry mark by F. Barbedi... 3318

Starting price 400 EUR

Fr. 19th century sculptor, pair of knights, patinated metal casting on cuboid stone splint, unsigned, ber., Sword handle of the left missing, Ges.-H. 53 cm 3319

Result: 1.700 EUR

Clodion (1738-1814), large bacchante group with female satyrs, patinite bronze casting from the 19th century on a polished base ring, fully plastic, all-round group, on the back sign. u. num. ''35862'... 3320

Result: 950 EUR

vOtto Schmidt-Hofer (1873-1925), Berlin sculptor, ''The Rock Throwing'', naked, athletic warrior hurling a rock, at his feet a helmet and a broken sword, dark patinated bronze over a stepped marble ba... 3321

Starting price 350 EUR

Jean Goujon, after, bust of Diane de Poitiers with elaborate hair accessories, patinated bronze around 1900 over a high granite base, verso dam., Ber., Ges.-H. 46 cm 3322

Result: 750 EUR

August Bauer (1868-1961), ''Venus'', classic, female nude without arms on a round stand, bronze with matt, brown patina, sign in the stand. ''Aug. Bauer DE MCM'', calc., H. 49 cm 3323

Result: 60 EUR

Skulptur zweier Frauen, 20. Jh., Steingut-Keramik mit dunkelbrauner Glasur, 2 Afrikanerinnen (?) sich liebkosend um einen hellen Stein mit Ei-Assoziation, eine Hand gebrochen, best., ca. 61 x 47 x 35 ...