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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
244 Results
Lot: 6003

Arita plate ''Pair of pheasant

Starting price 100 EUR

Arita plate ''Pair of pheasants by the bamboo fence'', Japan, around 1900, porcelain with cobalt blue underglaze decoration, 6 fire supports at the bottom, d 38cm

Lot: 6004

Arita plate ''Bouquet of flowe

Starting price 120 EUR

Arita plate ''Bouquet of flowers in a leafy roundabout'', Japan, 18th/19th c., porcelain with cobalt blue underglaze decoration, iron brown decorative rim, en carré seal mark, d 28cm

Lot: 6006

Qi Lingping(?): ''Chinese nobl

Starting price 100 EUR

Qi Lingping(?): ''Chinese noble lady under banana leaf'', dated 1945(year YIYOU), hanging scroll, ink and colors on paper, 3 seals, perforated border, 50x130cm(field), 215x66cm(total)

Lot: 6010

Empress Dowager Cixi(1835-1908

Starting price 120 EUR

Empress Dowager Cixi(1835-1908) attributed: ''The character FU(wealth)'', hanging scroll, ink, colors and gold paint on paper, 1 large seal, 65xd128cm(picture field) 80x230cm(total)

Lot: 6011

After Xu Gu(1824-1896): ''Cran

Starting price 100 EUR

After Xu Gu(1824-1896): ''Crane between pine and chrysanthemum'', dated1887 (DINGHAI year), hanging scroll, ink and colors on paper, 1 seal, 50x100cm(picture area) 60x180cm(total)

Lot: 6018

Chubby Buddha with sack and wh

Starting price 100 EUR

Chubby Buddha with sack and whooping little children, China, Jingdezhen, 20th c., porcelain figure of Budai polychrome painted, marked, h 21cm

Lot: 6021

Fish scale vase cloisonné, Jap

Starting price 80 EUR

Fish scale vase cloisonné, Japan, Showa period(1926-1989), brass body with ultramarine blue cellular enamel on scale net repeat pattern, h 16cm

Lot: 6023

Pair of footed bowls, Japan, S

Starting price 100 EUR

Pair of footed bowls, Japan, Showa period(1926-1989), blue and white porcelain with silhouette of cloudy Mount Fuji. Pine pattern on flared flag partly accentuated in gold, bottom mark FUJI, d 15 cm

Lot: 6027

Lapis lazuli budai, China, Qin

Starting price 300 EUR

Lapis lazuli budai, China, Qing dynasty(1644-1911), 19th c., carved ultramarine blue mineral, the auspicious potbellied Buddha in casual royal posture (skrt. rajalalitasana) resting on his wealth sack...

Lot: 6028

Malachite budai, China, Qing d

Starting price 300 EUR

Malachite budai, China, Qing dynasty(1644-1911), 19th/early 20th century, carved moss agate with play of its incisive veining, the serene potbelly leaning on his sack, 7x7x4.5cm, 240g

Lot: 6029

BITONG ''Su Dongpo on the Wine

Starting price 100 EUR

BITONG ''Su Dongpo on the Wine Barrel'' brush cup, China, 1930s-1940s, polychrome painted porcelain depicting the poet Su Shi(1037-1101) purified by alcohol consumption looking at a boy at the east fe...

Lot: 6032

3 lacquer boxes, Japan, around

Starting price 120 EUR

3 lacquer boxes, Japan, around 1900, wooden corpi with red, black and gold lacquer overlay and decoration in high relief(jap. takamaki-e) of birds, karashishi and flowers, l to 25cm

Lot: 6034

2 Lion seals, China, 19th/20th

Starting price 80 EUR

2 Lion seals, China, 19th/20th c., white metal seals in cylinder shape with crowning pair of lions and felids, each signed QIANLONG NIANZHI, h 6,5cm

Lot: 6036

Arita plate and cooper, Japan,

Starting price 80 EUR

Arita plate and cooper, Japan, 19th/20th c., porcelain with cobalt blue floral underglaze decoration, iron brown decorative rim, chips, d to 14cm

Lot: 6037

3 Schnaufblottles, China, 19th

Starting price 80 EUR

3 Schnaufblottles, China, 19th/20th c., one with ladies dressed and one with ladies undressed at a tryst, one probably amber with double tube, h to 8cm

Lot: 6039

Exquisite assortment of lidded

Starting price 80 EUR

Exquisite assortment of lidded tea caddies, China, 20th c., 4 polychrome lacquered globular caddies with Chinese ladle scenes - FUZHOU lacquers D to 10 cm, 1 tea caddy divided into green and black tea...

Lot: 6041

2 Netsuke ''Shell Scraper'' an

Starting price 60 EUR

2 Netsuke ''Shell Scraper'' and ''Sage with Fan'', Japan, around 1900, with fine engraving decorated genre figures of Edo society cheerful and merry, l to 6 cm

Lot: 6052

Baseballstar cigarette case MA

Starting price 100 EUR

Baseballstar cigarette case MATSUI, Japan, probably Showa period(1912-1926), ergonomically shaped and decorated with engraving ''Baseball in a laurel wreath'', historical remnant tobacco, IBUDANI KURA...

Lot: 6057

Tibetan ritual dagger, probabl

Starting price 140 EUR

Tibetan ritual dagger, probably Tibet 19th century, leg grip, snake-like cord decoration on the sheath, l 20,5 cm, silver (tested)

Lot: 6058

Dagger of Persian coinage, Nor

Starting price 140 EUR

Dagger of Persian coinage, Northern Iran, 19th / early 20th century, scabbard and handle decorated with silver wires and green wrapping, l 19,5 cm, silver(tested) 34g

Lot: 6059

Tang dynasty style foot bowl,

Starting price 120 EUR

Tang dynasty style foot bowl, earthenware with interior decoration en sgraffito with floral cold painting, may green glaze flow, h 9,5 cm d 22,5 cm

Lot: 6061

Nanjing crackleware vase, Chin

Starting price 100 EUR

Nanjing crackleware vase, Chine, early 20th c., earthenware with typical crackle glaze and cobalt blue underglaze decoration of birds in peony bushes, imperceptible hairline cracks, h 44 cm

Lot: 6080

Cigarette case ASASHI SHINBUN

Starting price 80 EUR

Cigarette case ASASHI SHINBUN in Meiji style, Japan, Taisho period(1926-1989), metal case with gold and silver decoration in the shape of Mount Fuji behind farmhouses, sign ASAHI SHIMBUN, 9x8 cm

Lot: 6082

Kutani tray NISHIBE, Japan, Sh

Starting price 140 EUR

Kutani tray NISHIBE, Japan, Showa period(1912-1926), porcelain with polychrome glaze decoration of Buddhist temple in lake landscape in front of scenery of Mount Fuji, gold rim, signed NISHIBE ZOU (i....