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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
173 Results
Lot: 4105

Pair of art deco side plates/v

Starting price 150 EUR

Pair of art deco side plates/vases, 1930s. Polished stone base on pressed feet, vase as metal casting, polychrome painted/lacquered, h. 35 cm

Lot: 4106

Pair of candlesticks, 19th/20t

Starting price 280 EUR

Pair of candlesticks, 19th/20th c., gilded bronze, white marble. Round marble plinth on 3 feet, ornamental applications. Ornamented and balustrated shaft, vase spout, h. 30 cm.

Lot: 4107

Pair of Empire style candlesti

Starting price 280 EUR

Pair of Empire style candlesticks, 2nd half of 19th century, brass. Round ornamented base, shaft as a pedestal with fluted column, vase spout, rubbed, h. 33 cm.

Lot: 4109

Floor lamp ''The nest robbers'

Starting price 900 EUR

Floor lamp ''The nest robbers'', late 19th c., mahogany. Round, profiled and ornamented base on 3 paw feet, shaft as a tree trunk with sparse foliage. In the upper third a nest with eggs, one boy givi...

Lot: 4111

Pair of large coupes/table cen

Starting price 850 EUR

Pair of large coupes/table centerpieces, 20th c., gilt bronze, brass, ruby glass with cut decoration. Tripod frame with winged female busts on long legs with paw feet on corresponding plithe of polish...

Lot: 4113

Mother-of-pearl casket, 19th c

Starting price 950 EUR

Mother-of-pearl casket, 19th c., large shell in gilded metal mount. Six-piece base on ring feet. Engraved vegetal decorations on the surfaces. Virtually floating shell with hinged lid, frame with cord...

Lot: 4114

Wall shelf with porcelain colu

Starting price 280 EUR

Wall shelf with porcelain columns, 20th c., 3 matching cut wooden tiers, black lacquered, mirrored back. Polychrome painted porcelain columns with floral trim, slightly rubbed & bumped, 52 x 65 x 22 c...

Lot: 4115

Pair of cord candlesticks, lat

Starting price 110 EUR

Pair of cord candlesticks, late 19th c., metal with residual gilding. Tassels at the end, 2 flames with eaves bowls. Slightly rubbed & bumped, h. 31 cm.

Lot: 4116

Jardienière in rococo style, e

Starting price 260 EUR

Jardienière in rococo style, end of 19th c., bronze gilded. Oval shape with slightly curved wall and curved feet, rocailles, handles overlaid by foliage, more rubbed, slightly bumped, 16 x 47 x 26 cm.

Lot: 4126

Large picture projector, Engla

Starting price 200 EUR

Large picture projector, England (London) early 20th c. Inscribed ''Made by W. Butcher & Sons Ltd.'' on a circular plaque on the wooden body, inscribed ''Beck symmetrical Lens'' on the lens. Slightly ...

Lot: 4134

32 Tiles, Holland probably 19t

Starting price 280 EUR

32 Tiles, Holland probably 19th century, polychrome geometric decoration as repeat, rubbed & bumped, each 13 x 13 cm

Lot: 4138

50 Tiles, Holland, 19th/20th c

Starting price 500 EUR

50 Tiles, Holland, 19th/20th c., cobalt blue figural decorations, tiles have 2 different thicknesses but areas are approximately the same size. Slightly rubbed & bumped, each 13 x13 cm

Lot: 4150

17 tiles, Holland 19th c., pol

Starting price 170 EUR

17 tiles, Holland 19th c., polychrome floral decoration as repeat. Slightly rubbed & faded, each 12,5 x 12,5 cm.

Lot: 4153

Tile painting with fishing boa

Starting price 90 EUR

Tile painting with fishing boat, Holland 1st h. 20th c., polychrome painted and glazed over 12 tiles. Wooden frame. One tile with crack, slightly rubbed & bumped, 50 x 65 cm.

Lot: 4163

Vintage exercise bike circa 19

Starting price 300 EUR

Vintage exercise bike circa 1910, white lacquered wood frame, iron flywheel and joints, leather saddle. Signs of use and age, approx. 108 x 80 x 40 cm.

Lot: 4164

Large altar candlestick, 19th

Starting price 300 EUR

Large altar candlestick, 19th c., bronze decorated with gold and blackened. Tripartite pedestal on paw feet, fluted column, eaves bowl with lobed rim, spike. rubbed and slightly bumped, h. 82 cm

Lot: 4167

Petroleum lamp with table and

Starting price 180 EUR

Petroleum lamp with table and smoke stuff, late 19th c., brass. Three-pass base with round table top, on it a large kerosene lamp with white frosted glass shade in the shape of a flower. Smoking set c...

Lot: 4172

2 Wooden buckets/rice baskets,

Starting price 120 EUR

2 Wooden buckets/rice baskets, 19th c., wood. Each square with bow handle, rubbed & bumped, up to 65 x 38 x 38 cm.

Lot: 4179

2 Stools/side tables, 20th c.,

Starting price 200 EUR

2 Stools/side tables, 20th c., Asia, dark precious wood. Legs and edges of top plate carved with plum blossoms. Slightly rubbed, h. 49 and 50 cm.

Lot: 4180

Film projector 35 mm with hand

Starting price 120 EUR

Film projector 35 mm with hand crank, Germany 1930s. Body made of riveted iron sheet with dark brown ruffle varnish, fabric covered cable, crank handle made of ebonized turned wood. Plaque on the plin...

Lot: 4184

Pair of obelisks/side plates,

Starting price 220 EUR

Pair of obelisks/side plates, 19th/20th c., brass, black lacquered wood. Profiled pedestal. Lacquer repaired in places, slightly rubbed, h. 39 cm.

Lot: 4186

Iron casket, France/Spain c. 1

Starting price 3.300 EUR

Iron casket, France/Spain c. 1500. Symmetrical tracery in several bands and fields backed with red velvet on wooden core. Iron loops on the sides (for carrying/leather strap?). Hinged lid with long st...

Lot: 4187

Mixed lot of old locks: 18th/1

Starting price 90 EUR

Mixed lot of old locks: 18th/19th century, 1 x box lock with key, 6 x padlock without keys slightly rubbed & bumped, up to 17 x 11 x 5 cm

Lot: 4189

Pair of Renaissance style cand

Starting price 100 EUR

Pair of Renaissance style candlesticks, late 19th c., bronze. Fontaine pedestal surrounded by 3 boys on a round, profiled base. Fluted stem, vase spout with removable discs. One candlestick slightly o...