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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
319 Results
Lot: 2001

Large restervice, 81 pcs, Frau

Starting price 500 EUR

Large restervice, 81 pcs, Fraureuth, Saxony, 1920s, form Rococo, polychrome floral decoration, slightly varying, ornamental gilding, tws. rubbed, 3 boat bowls, l. 27 cm, 3 triangular serving bowls, w....

Lot: 2003

Four serving pieces, Fraureuth

Starting price 80 EUR

Four serving pieces, Fraureuth, art department, Saxony, 1920s, form Rococo, oval bowl tureen, l. 32 cm, 2 serving bowls, l. 29 cm, fine painting with gallant scenes after Watteau in orange, ornamental...

Lot: 2007

Pair of vases, Royal Crown Der

Starting price 250 EUR

Pair of vases, Royal Crown Derby, England, 1920-30s, slender ovoid form with upturned handles, slightly domed lids with pointed knobs, medallions on both sides with polychrome painting, ships at sea, ...

Lot: 2010

Historism foot bowl, w. Silesi

Starting price 80 EUR

Historism foot bowl, w. Silesia, 19th c., in the mirror polychrome painting with a thrush, flag with broken medallions, flower garlands in between, Ø 22,5 cm, h. 6 cm

Lot: 2015

Coffee service for 7 persons,

Starting price 400 EUR

Coffee service for 7 persons, 24 pieces, Meissen, Knauff Schwerter 1850-1924, 1st choice, form New cutout, decor Scattered flowers, ornamental gilding,. Coffee pot, lid rose bumped, h. 26 cm, milk and...

Lot: 2019

Round basket bowl, Carl Schuma

Starting price 50 EUR

Round basket bowl, Carl Schumann manufactory, Arzberg, Bavaria, mark 1932-1996. moulded and curved form on a stand ring with openwork walls, polychrome floral decor and ornamental gilding after Dresde...

Lot: 2039

Macaw, Potschappel, Dresden, 2

Starting price 60 EUR

Macaw, Potschappel, Dresden, 20th century, macaw on a cherry branch, polychrome painted, slightly bumped, h. 15 cm

Lot: 2045

Four bouquet cups, German, 19t

Starting price 100 EUR

Four bouquet cups, German, 19th c., 3 commemorative cups, cylindrical form with ear handle, white with ornamental gilding, 1 bell cup with saucer, ''Dem guten Bruder'' polychrome painted and ornamenta...

Lot: 2046

Five soup plates, Meissen, 19t

Starting price 200 EUR

Five soup plates, Meissen, 19th century, 1st choice, smooth form, polychrome Kakiemon painting with rock and bird, 2 bumped, Ø 22,5 cm

Lot: 2047

Seven dinner plates, Meissen,

Starting price 250 EUR

Seven dinner plates, Meissen, 19th century, 1st choice, smooth form, polychrome Kakiemon painting with rock and bird, 5 bumped, Ø 23,5 cm

Lot: 2051

Lidded vase, Heinrich porcelai

Starting price 80 EUR

Lidded vase, Heinrich porcelain, 2nd half of the 20th century, Asian style, octagonal body, slightly ribbed and bulging to the top, domed lid with ball knob, Mikado decor in red and gold, green stamp ...

Lot: 2053

Vase, Augarten, Vienna, late 2

Starting price 120 EUR

Vase, Augarten, Vienna, late 20th century, ovoids form, model no. 644, decor no. 5098, Maria Theresa, black brush drawing with copper green, gold rims, h. 28 cm

Lot: 2057

Two lidded boxes, Limoges, Fra

Starting price 80 EUR

Two lidded boxes, Limoges, France, early 20th c., polychrome painting with flowers, brass mounting, hinged, ornamental gilding, 1 box in shell form, w. 5 cm, 1 box in hat form, Ø 5 cm

Lot: 2058

Historism cabaret, 3 pieces, K

Starting price 70 EUR

Historism cabaret, 3 pieces, Krister porcelain, Waldenburg, Silesia, mark 19th century, white with pink edge and ornamental gilding, central handle in the shape of 2 leaves, chip on the rim, Ø 33 cm

Lot: 2059

Lidded box, Limoges, France, 2

Starting price 140 EUR

Lidded box, Limoges, France, 20th c., flower-shaped curved form, polychrome painted with floral bouquets in reserves, bourdeaux red background, ornamental gilding, metal mounting, Ø 22 cm

Lot: 2071

Cellist, Rosenthal, Selb, mark

Starting price 150 EUR

Cellist, Rosenthal, Selb, mark 1927, design by Ferdinand Liebermann (Judenbach 1883-1941 Munich), 1914, u. signed, model no. K 342, sitting putto on a cello, polychrome painted in delicate underglaze ...

Lot: 2078

Faun with pan flute, Fraureuth

Starting price 100 EUR

Faun with pan flute, Fraureuth, Saxony, mark of the art department 1915-1928, designed by Carl Nacke c. 1919-20, inscribed in the oval base, fully plastic depiction of a striding faun boy playing a pa...

Lot: 2080

Lady with muff, Fraureuth, art

Starting price 250 EUR

Lady with muff, Fraureuth, art department, Saxony, 1920s, design Margarethe Becking around 1920, signed, young woman with an ermine muff sitting on a chair, polychrome painted in underglaze colors, h....

Lot: 2081

Art Deco cookie tin, Hutschenr

Starting price 160 EUR

Art Deco cookie tin, Hutschenreuther, Selb, department of art 1920-38, design by Prof. Fritz Klee, model no. 507, bulbous form, on the lid fully plastic sitting putto, piercing a heart with an arrow, ...

Lot: 2084

Couple of peasants, Herend, Hu

Starting price 80 EUR

Couple of peasants, Herend, Hungary, 1940-50s, on round base fully plastic standing figure of a girl in traditional costume with headscarf, holding flower basket in her left arm, and a boy with feathe...

Lot: 2086

Faun with butterfly, Rosenthal

Starting price 250 EUR

Faun with butterfly, Rosenthal, Selb-Bavaria, around 1920, designed by Karl Himmelstoß in 1912, signed in oval base, model no. K. 124, polychrome painted in underglaze colors, restored, h. 12 cm

Lot: 2093

Snake charmer, Rosenthal, mark

Starting price 180 EUR

Snake charmer, Rosenthal, mark of the art department Selb, around 1920, designed by Berthold Boehs (1877 Karlsruhe - 1957 Weimar) in 1916, signed in rectangular base, model no. K 442, white, discreetl...

Lot: 2094

Prayer dancer, Rosenthal, Selb

Starting price 200 EUR

Prayer dancer, Rosenthal, Selb, mark of the art department 1936, 1st choice, design Gustav Oppel from 1934, model no. 1505, monogrammed in the plinth, discreetly polychrome painted, fingers glued, h. ...

Lot: 2106

Venus with parrot, Rosenthal,

Starting price 220 EUR

Venus with parrot, Rosenthal, Selb-bavaria, 1920s, designed by Adolf Oppel in 1913, signed, model number 288, seated female nude on a draped cloth with a parrot, sitting on an amphora, polychrome pain...