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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
49 Results
Lot: 3307

Pendule Lenzkirch in Naumburgr

Starting price 250 EUR

Pendule Lenzkirch in Naumburgr style, Lenzkirch No. 2.079 924, around 1935, ebonized with goldf., floral painting, white enamel dial with black roman numerals, blackened hands with gilded suns on top,...

Lot: 3310

Empire figural pendulum, marke

Starting price 1.100 EUR

Empire figural pendulum, marked Victor Cacheaux a. Paris, 1st half 19th c., fire gilded, next to the clock block gallant couple, in the base landscape depiction with putto and on the side willows with...

Lot: 3313

Lantern clock to set up, 18th

Starting price 220 EUR

Lantern clock to set up, 18th c., hook movement, with weights and chain, some parts missing, 19x15x11 cm HBT

Lot: 3314

Empire pendulum, bronze fire g

Starting price 1.300 EUR

Empire pendulum, bronze fire gilded, 1st half of 19th c., depiction of a couple playing music at a 2-sided music stand, the base decorated with instruments, the clock block with vines and wreaths, whi...

Lot: 3315

Empire bronze pendulum, 1st ha

Starting price 500 EUR

Empire bronze pendulum, 1st half 19th century, rider with ascending horse on rocky landscape, burnished and partly gilded, the base decorated with rocailles, on the clock base gilded flowers and gilde...

Lot: 3316

fancy vase clock, 2nd half 19t

Starting price 2.800 EUR

fancy vase clock, 2nd half 19th c., mint green/white porcelain with depictions from greek antiquity, fire gilded decorations and lid with flame, the display over 2 digit rolls with black roman numeral...

Lot: 3317

french. Bronze figural pendulu

Starting price 1.300 EUR

french. Bronze figural pendulum, 2nd half 19th c., color gilded, depiction of 4 putti playing with a long vine, in the base bows and ribbons, on the clock drum a sitting putto with scythe, clock drum ...

Lot: 3319

french. Chimney clock marble b

Starting price 950 EUR

french. Chimney clock marble black, 1st half 19th c., richly decorated with gilded bronze applications, floral motifs, crowned by a basket with flowers, under the clock drum a gilded pelmet, white ena...

Lot: 3320

very large bronze figure pendu

Starting price 8.500 EUR

very large bronze figure pendulum, burnished and partly gilded, depiction of Jason with the golden fleece on a hollow tree trunk, Jason standing on a dragon, on gilded block with bronze paw feet, the ...

Lot: 3321

very large french. Figure pend

Starting price 2.500 EUR

very large french. Figure pendulum, brass, on the dial marked Graux Marty Paris Rue de Parc Royal 8, depicting the goddess Victoria with torch and laurel wreath as goddess of victory, raised above a b...

Lot: 3322

france. Bronze Empire figure p

Starting price 2.200 EUR

france. Bronze Empire figure pendulum fire gilded, 2nd h.19th c., horseman with shield and battle axe jumps with his horse over a gilded tree stump, base with reddish brown marble with minor chips on ...

Lot: 3324

hunting clock metal casting, p

Starting price 120 EUR

hunting clock metal casting, polychrome work from the area of flora and fauna, dial made of white enamel cartouches with black roman numerals, gold hands, suspended FHF movement with 1/2 hour striking...

Lot: 3325

small regulator, around 1900,

Starting price 130 EUR

small regulator, around 1900, case with various dolls and turned parts, gallery with columns in front of the pendulum, 2 part dial with black roman numerals and in the center gilded embossed disc, bla...

Lot: 3329

white french. Marble pendulum,

Starting price 650 EUR

white french. Marble pendulum, 1st half 19th c., bronze boy sitting on the fluted column writing, on the white enamel dial with blue roman numerals marked Vitozz Fab t. a Paris, on the winding holes w...

Lot: 3341

Night watchman control clock,

Starting price 70 EUR

Night watchman control clock, England around 1930, without key, marked Dent 41st Pall Mall London, brass case with belt bow, original stamp disc present, diameter 8,5cm, height 5cm, function untested

Lot: 3342

french. Figure pendulum, 2nd h

Starting price 100 EUR

french. Figure pendulum, 2nd half of 19th century, color gilded, depicting a man with hunting dog on naturalistic ground, decorated with rocailles and hunting utensils, white enamel dial with hairline...

Lot: 3362

Viennese regulator, 1st half o

Starting price 700 EUR

Viennese regulator, 1st half of 19th century, marked Dohann Fiedler in Vienna, wooden case veneered, side windows, arched roofing, front door, white enamel dial with black roman numerals and blued han...

Lot: 3368

small table clock around 1900,

Starting price 60 EUR

small table clock around 1900, clock drum supported by 4 gilded, fluted columns on white marble base, covered with a floral motif on cover, white lacquer dial with black arab. numerals and gilded rose...

Lot: 3374

french. Figure pendulum, 2nd h

Starting price 270 EUR

french. Figure pendulum, 2nd half of 19th century, 2 putti sitting on railings at a clock, white cast bronze, partly gilded and burnished, on beige/red-brown marble, base on gilded roundels, white ena...

Lot: 3375

Mysterieuse, end of 20th c., r

Starting price 150 EUR

Mysterieuse, end of 20th c., replica of Junghans clock, bronzed white cast iron, simple movement with counter pendulum, clockwork starts, h. 34, d. 10 cm

Lot: 3376

Wooden wall clock with hand ca

Starting price 140 EUR

Wooden wall clock with hand carved rocailles and foliage, 2nd half of 19th c., dial with applied white enamel cartouches, black roman numerals, white metal hands, case has many stress cracks and resto...

Lot: 3378

large french. figure pendulum

Starting price 240 EUR

large french. figure pendulum with 2 candlesticks, 2nd h.19.c., marked 'Habicht`, man dengeling scythe leaf with a flute playing boy at the side, white cast bronzed, dial and in the lower part incorpo...

Lot: 3384

Regulator around 1920, Junghan

Starting price 80 EUR

Regulator around 1920, Junghans, Germany, with ebonized ornaments, superstructure crowned with a horse, turned half columns, healed old worm infestation please see photos, 2-piece white enamel dial wi...

Lot: 3385

Green Neuchâteloise with wall

Starting price 550 EUR

Green Neuchâteloise with wall console, around 1790, green wooden case with polychrome flower painting, gilded glass rim and feet of rocailles, white enamel dial with black arab. numerals and gilded ha...