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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
101 Results
Lot: 3502

Giovanni De Angelis (*1938), I

Starting price 1.000 EUR

Giovanni De Angelis (*1938), Italian sculptor and graphic artist, lives and works on Ischia, Two Amorphous Forms, 1984, Carrara marble, carved and polished, signed u. dated G. de Angelis 84 on the sid...

Lot: 3504

Anonymous sculptor end of 19th

Starting price 60 EUR

Anonymous sculptor end of 19th century, statuette of a rococo lady with fan on pedestal, metal casting patinated in two different brown tones, unsigned, h. 21 cm

Lot: 3506

Anonymous sculptor c. 1960, st

Starting price 120 EUR

Anonymous sculptor c. 1960, stizende Afrikanerin mit Trommel, colored plaster sculpture with bast skirt, unsigned, minimally rubbed, h. 30 cm

Lot: 3508

Emile Louis Picault (1833-1915

Starting price 3.000 EUR

Emile Louis Picault (1833-1915), French sculptor, chryselephantine figure 'La Charité', lady in medieval garb standing on raised plinth, holding in her left hand an open book with the words 'Aimez vou...

Lot: 3510

Léon Noël Delagrange (1872-191

Starting price 2.200 EUR

Léon Noël Delagrange (1872-1910), chryselephantine figure ''Le page royal'', medieval dressed boy proudly carrying a book, patinated and cold painted bronze with head, book and hands made of bone, on ...

Lot: 3521

Figural lamp base c. 1920, dar

Starting price 80 EUR

Figural lamp base c. 1920, dark stained oak, fully carved in the shape of a boy with grapes clinging to a column shaft, electric, without shaft and lamp holder, h. 46 cm

Lot: 3522

Irénée Rochard (1906-1984), Fr

Starting price 450 EUR

Irénée Rochard (1906-1984), French sculptor, two hunting dogs, dynamic group of figures on patinated bronze on two-tone marble base, incised signature inside, minimally bumped, 21 x 10,5 x 38 cm

Lot: 3525

Two small sculptures 1st half

Starting price 360 EUR

Two small sculptures 1st half of 20th century, two striding pheasants, bronze, green and copper patinated, unsigned, l. 19 cm each

Lot: 3526

Anonymous statuettes around 19

Starting price 60 EUR

Anonymous statuettes around 1900, pair of jockeys on pedestals with plastic horse heads, attribute on arms with open thread, polished bronze, unsigned, h. 20 cm

Lot: 3532

Sculptor of the 17th/18th cent

Starting price 100 EUR

Sculptor of the 17th/18th century, figure of a saint, dark stained wood, arms missing, rubbed and bumped, h. 32 cm

Lot: 3533

Anonymous sculptor mid-20th c.

Starting price 230 EUR

Anonymous sculptor mid-20th c., Christophorus with the Christ boy, heavy patinated bronze sculpture, dated on the side (19)58, h. 34,5 cm

Lot: 3534

Sculptor of the Art Deco aroun

Starting price 400 EUR

Sculptor of the Art Deco around 1920, costumed dancer, polychrome cold painted metal casting with face and hands of ivory plastic, base broken and wobbly, on onyx marble pedestal, unsigned, h. 28 cm

Lot: 3535

Franz Bergmann (1861-1936), Vi

Starting price 500 EUR

Franz Bergmann (1861-1936), Viennese bronze of a rooster, polychrome cold painted bronze, the vase stamp on the back, rubbed, h. 12 cm

Lot: 3540

Richard W. Lange (1879-1944),

Starting price 200 EUR

Richard W. Lange (1879-1944), Moorish boy holding a tray with a letter, polychrome cold painted bronze, signed in the stand, somewhat detached from the marble base, rubbed, h. 19 cm

Lot: 3551

Group of 5 small sculptures of

Starting price 200 EUR

Group of 5 small sculptures of the 20th century: Jean Garnier (1853-ca.1910), field worker, patinated bronze, plowing farmer, black patinated metal casting on stone plinth, bust of Bismarck, patinated...

Lot: 3557

Marcel Debut (1865-1933), Pair

Starting price 320 EUR

Marcel Debut (1865-1933), Pair of street children sitting huddled on a bench, green-brown patinated bronze, signed u. inscribed ''pauvres gens'' on top right, 28 x 16 x 9,5 cm

Lot: 3560

Adriano Cecioni (1836/38-1886)

Starting price 1.100 EUR

Adriano Cecioni (1836/38-1886), Italian sculptor, crying boy holding a rooster tightly in front of his belly, brown patinated bronze on round plinth, signed, place-inscribed ''Firenze'' and foundry ma...

Lot: 3563

Anonymous sculptor of the 19th

Starting price 200 EUR

Anonymous sculptor of the 19th century, hunting dog, bronze with gold-colored residual patination on a high wooden base, unsigned, bers. and bumped, 27 x 34 x 19 cm

Lot: 3564

Inge Schmidt (*1944), Cologne-

Starting price 100 EUR

Inge Schmidt (*1944), Cologne-born sculptor, studied at the Städel and was a master student of Michael Croissant, arm and breasts, colored plaster sculpture, one finger glued, bumped, signed, dedicate...

Lot: 3565

Anonymous sculptor c. 1900, Na

Starting price 120 EUR

Anonymous sculptor c. 1900, Napoleon on horseback on terrain plinth, brown patinated metal casting, unsigned, minimally rubbed, h. 24,5 cm

Lot: 3566

Ary Jean Léon Bitter (1883-197

Starting price 2.000 EUR

Ary Jean Léon Bitter (1883-1973), large bronze group of the Art Nouveau, in the middle sitting satyr boy with shell bowl from which two symmetrically standing deer drink, brown patinated bronze, at th...

Lot: 3567

Vasili Fedorovich Torikon (184

Starting price 500 EUR

Vasili Fedorovich Torikon (1845-1912), Russian sculptor from Kasli, group of figures of two Cossacks in their typical costumes in fighting pose, the front rider with the rifle shooting to the back, th...

Lot: 3569

Paul Dubois (1827-1905), Frenc

Starting price 600 EUR

Paul Dubois (1827-1905), French sculptor, boy sitting on a chair playing the violin, brown patinated bronze on cranked plinth, signed inside, h. 34,5 cm

Lot: 3572

Sylvain Kinsburger (1855-1935)

Starting price 950 EUR

Sylvain Kinsburger (1855-1935), French. Sculptor, two children playing music with cymbals and castanets, dark green patinated bronze on marble plinth, signed on the side, h. 37 cm