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Auction on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 from 10:00  | Auction in progress

Active | Physical auction
881 Results
Lot: 4000

Vase/lamp base, late 19th c

Result: 330 EUR

Vase/lamp base, late 19th c., bronze vase with gilded bronze mounting. Ring handles on lion masks, ornamented base on 4 risalit feet, neck inside threaded, h. 35 cm.

Lot: 4001

Pair of candlesticks,

Result: 110 EUR

Pair of candlesticks, late 19th century, silver-plated brass. Round, profiled base, balustrated shaft. Inserted in it a top with 3 flames with vase grommets and large eaves bowls, h. 50 cm.

Lot: 4002

Multifunctional desk top, probably 1930s

Result: 200 EUR

Multifunctional desk top, probably 1930s. Fitted curved hardwood plinth on 4 slanted feet. On the top various devices made of ivory: for placing writing utensils, for inserting cigarettes, matchbox......

Lot: 4003

Old pipe, 19th c

Result: 240 EUR

Old pipe, 19th c., wooden shaft with ornamented, gilded and polychrome enameled cuffs, green velvet, chain, amber mouthpiece? Pipe bowl made of reddish ceramic with metal mounting, l. 31 cm With case

Lot: 4004

Mixed lot of

Starting price 80 EUR

Mixed lot of stone carvings and mass castings, 19th/20th c., 4 sea lions/seals, one of them on rectangular wooden plinth and one fish, d. to 13 cm

Lot: 4005

3 leg carvings, 1 x 19th/2 x 20th c

Result: 160 EUR

3 leg carvings, 1 x 19th/2 x 20th c., Inuit? The large figure is a mixed creature: Fish with wings standing on feet, h. to 7 cm

Lot: 4006

Historism holder

Result: 360 EUR

Historism holder for curtain rods and rings for hanging curtains, bronze, gilded, end of 19th c. 4 wall holders for 2 curtain rods and 9 ornamented rings for sewing on curtains, each holder ca 17 cm, ...

Lot: 4007

Embroidered seden,

Result: 60 EUR

Embroidered seden, France, 19th century, young beauty cooling her legs under a tree. Behind glass in profiled and gold decorated wooden frame. Title: ''La pertite Reveuse'', 48 x 48 cm

Lot: 4008

Historism ceiling

Result: 190 EUR

Historism ceiling chandelier, late 19th century, bronze. Balustrated central part with nodus and hexagonal bracket for inserting separate chandelier arms. Suspended from a chain with the same hexagona...

Lot: 4009

Ceiling crown, late 19th century, brass/copper

Result: 500 EUR

Ceiling crown, late 19th century, brass/copper. Bowl with wreath and palmettes. 5 curved candelabra arms partially covered by foliage. Connected to a smaller crown via linkage with interconnected wrea...

Lot: 4010

Violin in case,

Result: 3.000 EUR

Violin in case, inscribed on a label inside the body ''Antonins Stradivarius Cremona, Faciebat Anno 1681''. Body with signs of age and use, but without cracks. Stringing defective. Bridge is included....

Lot: 4011

Pistol with percussion

Result: 330 EUR

Pistol with percussion lock, probably originally 18th century and adjusted in the 19th. Dark wood stock with diamond-shaped bone inlay. Trumpet-shaped iron barrel with ornamental inlay. Slightly rubbe...

Lot: 4012

Pair of carriage lamps, late 19th c

Result: 550 EUR

Pair of carriage lamps, late 19th c., brass with glass inserts. With wall brackets. Each 3-light (electrified), 1 glass Kaputt, h. 85 cm.

Lot: 4013

Three frames

Result: 550 EUR

Three frames of a table and two garden benches made of cast iron, 20th c., floral openwork relief, h. ca. 80 cm.

Lot: 4014

Atlas of the

Starting price 70 EUR

Atlas of the GDR -- Atlas German Democratic Republic, Haack Gotha 1981, large format atlas with 58 maps in color with detailed descriptions in 5 languages about geology, economy, traffic, climate etc....

Lot: 4015

Berlin Architecture

Result: 280 EUR

Berlin Architecture -- 4 folders from the series ''New Buildings of the City of Berlin'', published by Hessling and Wasmuth respectively from 1902, volumes I, III, IV and VI, large folio plates with p...

Lot: 4016

Cigar cutter, mid-20th c

Result: 100 EUR

Cigar cutter, mid-20th c., boar's tooth with metal mount, l. 24 cm.

Lot: 4017

Willy Brandt

Result: 1.500 EUR

Willy Brandt -- calligraphic certificate of the German Red Cross for the appointment of the then Mayor of Berlin Willy Brandt as Honorary President. May 13, 1958, red and black with partial gold heigh...

Lot: 4018

4 old box locks

Result: 150 EUR

4 old box locks with trimmings, probably all 19th c., more rubbed & bumped, corrosion, to ca. 25 x 17 x 20 cm

Lot: 4019

Pair of large

Result: 80 EUR

Pair of large frames around 1900, profiled wooden frames with gilded inner border and discreet notched carvings in the corners, behind glass two etchings by Paul Girardet after Gustave Doré (War and P...

Lot: 4020

Large Louis XVI

Result: 100 EUR

Large Louis XVI style showpiece, flower basket with leafy vines and bow, gilded bronze, 30 x 15 cm, decoratively framed behind glass & fabric-covered mount 68 x 58 cm

Lot: 4021

Two frames in

Result: 170 EUR

Two frames in the style of Empire and Baroque respectively, profile moldings, stuccoed and gilded, execution 1st half 20th century, behind glass each a reproduction graphic of the 19th century after G...

Lot: 4022

Pocket watch stand, end of 19th c

Starting price 60 EUR

Pocket watch stand, end of 19th c., bone. With hinged lid and round display window, ca. 10 x 8 x 5 cm.

Lot: 4023

3 miniatures, 20th c

Result: 70 EUR

3 miniatures, 20th c., each with a portrait of a lady. 2 x leg, 1 x wooden frame. To 12 x 11 cm