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Auction on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 from 10:00  | Auction in progress

Active | Physical auction
1093 Results
Lot: 1897

Table lamp, porcelain

Result: 200 EUR

Table lamp, porcelain lamp base with ribbed wall in white, KPM Berlin, 20th c., h. 14 cm, electrif. black lampshade, h. 45 cm

Lot: 1898

Mocha service

Result: 390 EUR

Mocha service for six persons, Meissen, 20th century, mostly 2nd choice, with polychrome scattered floral painting and gold, mocha pot, h. 16,5 cm, cream jug, h. 8 cm, sugar bowl, Ø 7 cm, 6 mocha cups...

Lot: 1899

Remnant service,

Result: 200 EUR

Remnant service, 16-piece set, KPM Berlin, after 1934, 1, W., green imperial orb mark, white with gold rim, form Neuozier, coffee pot, h. 23 cm, tea pot, spout bumped, h. 16 cm, tea pot, h. 13 cm, 5 t...

Lot: 1900

Dinner service

Starting price 680 EUR

Dinner service for 6 persons, 18 pieces, Herend, mark after 1967, Osier shape, Apponyi decor in purple, ornamental gilding, 6 soup plates, Ø 24 cm, 6 dinner plates, Ø 25 cm, 2 round bowls, Ø 20 and 26...

Lot: 1901

Coffee service

Result: 2.200 EUR

Coffee service for 6 persons, 21 pieces, Meissen, mark after 1934, 1st choice, X-shape, white with gilding, coffee pot, h. 27 cm, 6 cups with saucers, h. 8 cm, 6 cake plates, Ø 19 cm, milk jug and sug...

Lot: 1902

Dinner service

Result: 900 EUR

Dinner service for 9-12 persons, 54 pcs, KPM Berlin, marks 1930-1962, 1st choice, form Urbino, design Trude Petri (Hamburg 1906 -1998 Vancouver), white with gold rim, slight traces of use, 9 soup cups...

Lot: 1903

Mocha service

Result: 550 EUR

Mocha service for 8 persons, 29 pieces, Meissen, various marks after 1957, 1st choice, form New Cutout, decor Green Court Dragon gold scaled, gold rim, mocha pot, lid rose min bumped, h. 16,5 cm, milk...

Lot: 1904

Ceramic service

Result: 2.400 EUR

Ceramic service for 6 persons, 22 pieces, Meissen, marks mostly 1972-80, 1st choice, B-shape, decor Scattered flowers purple glazed, gold tipped, coffee pot, spout minimally bumped, h. 26,5 cm, milk j...

Lot: 1905

Pair of vases,

Result: 250 EUR

Pair of vases, probably China, round stand, body in drop shape, wall with applied dragon decoration, wall with rich art craquelure, restored, h. 16 cm

Lot: 1906

Decorative mocha

Result: 360 EUR

Decorative mocha service for 4 persons on tray, 12 pieces, Carlsbad porcelain, made in Czechoslovakia, early 20th c., many-figure bacchanalian scenes, browned, blue border and yellow outer rim with or...

Lot: 1907

Remnant service,

Result: 330 EUR

Remnant service, 40 pieces, Meissen, 2nd half of the 20th century, Deputat, partly erased mark, form New Cutout, white, coffee pot, spout and lid rose bumped, h. 22 cm, milk jug, h. 11,5 cm, sugar bow...

Lot: 1908

Tea caddy, KPM Berlin, c

Result: 120 EUR

Tea caddy, KPM Berlin, c. 1800, angular form, with underglazed blue painting, floral and bird motifs, damaged, h. 13 cm

Lot: 1909

Dinner service

Result: 1.300 EUR

Dinner service for 12 persons, 29 pieces, Meissen, various marks, i.a. Knaufzeit, 1. u. 2. Wahl u. Deputat, form Neuer Ausschnitt, decor with onion pattern in underglaze blue, 12 dinner plates, 1x m. ...

Lot: 1910

Pair of demitasse

Result: 70 EUR

Pair of demitasse cups with saucers, Herend, 20th c., with basket relief rim and painting, Red Rose, total h. 5 cm

Lot: 1911

Ceramic salver,

Starting price 60 EUR

Ceramic salver, 19th century, gray body with polychrome floral decoration, rim bumped, l. 11 cm

Lot: 1912

Plate KPM Berlin,

Starting price 80 EUR

Plate KPM Berlin, beginning of 20th century, 2nd choice, form Urbino, underside celadon green background, mirror with polychrome flower painting ( house painting), celadon green rim with gold, Ø 24,5 ...

Lot: 1913

Round ceremonial

Result: 120 EUR

Round ceremonial bowl, Meissen, 19th century, 1st choice, with rich relief decoration and floral painting, bumped, Ø 27 cm

Lot: 1914

Three Art Nouveau

Starting price 100 EUR

Three Art Nouveau decorative plates, Villeroy & Boch, c. 1900, ceramic, with rich relief decoration, mirror with rosette of lily of the valley leaves, the rim partly openworked with lily of the valley...

Lot: 1915

Pair of vases

Result: 100 EUR

Pair of vases and a plate, Thuringia, 20th century, each with rich polychrome decor, figural scenes and gold staffage, h. 18,5 cm, Ø 24,5 cm

Lot: 1916

Chess set, Fürstenberg, 20th c

Starting price 750 EUR

Chess set, Fürstenberg, 20th c., designed in 1947 for the 200th anniversary of the porcelain manufactory Fürstenbergänzt white and celadon chess pieces, depicting the Duke of Brunswick with his wife a...

Lot: 1917

Set of seven

Result: 50 EUR

Set of seven storage jars, parsley pattern, 3 small and 4 large lidded jars, h. 9 and 17 cm, respectively, plus wall-mounted container for flour, onion pattern, with wooden hinged lid, l. 19 cm and sm...

Lot: 1918

Pair of vases, Meissen, 20th c

Result: 170 EUR

Pair of vases, Meissen, 20th c., 1st and 2nd choice, bath oven shape, with polychrome floral painting and gold, h., 14,5 cm

Lot: 1919

Coffee set for

Result: 220 EUR

Coffee set for six persons, Fürstenberg, 20th century, Grecque form, with polychrome scattered floral decor and gold, coffee pot, h. 26,5 cm, cream and sugar pot and 6 3-piece coffee sets, total h. 7 ...

Lot: 1920

View cup with

Result: 250 EUR

View cup with saucer, KPM Berlin, 1830s, cup in calathos form, front side polychrome painting with view of Sanssouci Palace after a drawing by Peter Ludwig Lüttke, inscribed on the bottom, restored st...