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Auction on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 from 10:00  | Auction in progress

Active | Physical auction
548 Results
Lot: 7596

Eva von Pannewitz

Starting price 100 EUR

Eva von Pannewitz (?-1917), German landscape painter, came to Ahrenshoop in the 1890s as a painting student of Friedrich Wachenhusen. Fishing boat on the beach, watercolor on paper, signed lower right...

Lot: 8000

Siegfried Kühl

Starting price 80 EUR

Siegfried Kühl (1929-2015), ''Bowl with Black Fruits'', oil on canvas, unsigned, titled and dated 1951 on verso, in studio molding 42 x 52 cm

Lot: 8001


Starting price 150 EUR

Unidentified painter 2nd half of the 20th century, probably from the circle of Kani Alavi. Expressive garden scene, oil on canvas, unsigned, 40 x 35 cm, framed 54 x 49 cm

Lot: 8002

Walter Tiemann

Starting price 90 EUR

Walter Tiemann (1876-1951), View of Prats de Mollo la Preste in southern France, lithograph, signed by hand lower right. View of a French coastal village, chalk on gray paper, signed and dated 1931. E...

Lot: 8003

Arthur Illies

Starting price 50 EUR

Arthur Illies (1870-1952), Tree blossom, etching with embossed print in Chiaroscuro manner, unsigned, 35,5 x 25 cm, framed behind glass and passepartout 59 x 47 cm

Lot: 8004

Eduard Bargheer

Starting price 300 EUR

Eduard Bargheer (1901-1979), figure study, gouache on very fine, sand-colored paper, signed and dated (19)49 lower right, marginal tears, 21 x 27 cm, framed behind glass and passepartout 43 x 55 cm

Lot: 8005

Unidentified painter c

Starting price 50 EUR

Unidentified painter c. 1960, river bank with wicker and village in front of hilly field landscape on the other side, oil on painting board, indistinctly signed ''Helly'' (?) on lower right, 38 x 48 c...

Lot: 8006


Starting price 80 EUR

Unidentified artist mid-20th century, two color linocuts with Russian motifs (Kremlin and church), one sheet indistinctly handsigned lower right, 43 x 55 cm, framed behind glass and Passepartout 58 x ...

Lot: 8007

Pit Morell (*1939),

Starting price 80 EUR

Pit Morell (*1939), group of 8 watercolor etchings, each proof or E.A., each signed by hand, four in a frame behind glass, up to 21 x 15 cm, framed up to 67 x 63 cm

Lot: 8008

Henning Hougaard

Starting price 320 EUR

Henning Hougaard (1922-1995), Swedish painter, studied at the Academy in Copenhagen. Snowy winter landscape crossed by a snow hare, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 45 x 65 cm, framed 53 x 73 cm

Lot: 8009

Dietrich Noßky

Starting price 300 EUR

Dietrich Noßky (*1937), GDR painter and graphic artist, studied in Weissensee, where he held a professorship until 1999. Informal composition, oil on canvas, bottom left signed & dated (20)08, 50 x 60...

Lot: 8010

Hans Wilhelm

Starting price 200 EUR

Hans Wilhelm Glaser (?-1932), Jägerstrasse in Alt-Berlin, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower left ''Hans W. Glaser 1929'', in narrow molding 72 x 92 cm

Lot: 8011

Israel Davidesco

Starting price 80 EUR

Israel Davidesco (*1947), Israeli-born artist, oil painting, untitled, oil on canvas, signed on verso, in studio molding, 75 x 95 cm

Lot: 8012

Kurt Sandstede

Starting price 100 EUR

Kurt Sandstede (1909-2002), Oldenburg painter, megalithic grave Schohusen, 1980, oil/canvas, drawn on wood, monogr. lower right KS (ligated) as well as again on verso, 48 x 48 cm, framed 62 x 62 cm, c...

Lot: 8013

Maurice Trochain-Ménard, frnz

Starting price 60 EUR

Maurice Trochain-Ménard, frnz. Landscape painter of the 19th / 20th century, snowy village, oil / cardboard, signed and difficult to read dated lower right M. Trochian Menard 1928, date traced or late...

Lot: 8014

Edvard Frank

Starting price 120 EUR

Edvard Frank (1909-1972), German painter of the ''lost generation'' and co-founder of the Palatine Secession. Abstracted landscape, watercolor on paper, signed lower right, 32 x 42 cm, in clip-on fram...

Lot: 8015

K. Bhageswara

Starting price 120 EUR

K. Bhageswara Sama, Indian artist of the 20th century, ''The Raintree'', village scene with central tree, oil on wood, signed lower right, inscribed on label verso, 48 x 38 cm, framed 62 x 51 cm

Lot: 8016

Dorothea Chazal

Starting price 100 EUR

Dorothea Chazal (*1947), artist born in Oldenburg, abstract composition, oil/canvas, signed on right edge, dated on verso 1992, 50 x 40 cm, framed 64 x 54 cm

Lot: 8017

Günter Tollmann (1926-1990), o

Starting price 150 EUR

Günter Tollmann (1926-1990), o.T., pastel on paper, signed & dated (19)87 lower left, 28 x 40 cm, 'framed behind glass & mount 55 x 66 cm

Lot: 8018

Unidentified artist 2nd h

Starting price 60 EUR

Unidentified artist 2nd h. 20th c., ''Immer dieses blöde Gequatsche'', caricature drawing in felt-tip pen on paper, lower right indistinctly signed ''Leinken'' (?), inscribed lower left, 40 x 30 cm, f...

Lot: 8019

Richard Sander (1906-1987), Dresden artist

Starting price 90 EUR

Richard Sander (1906-1987), Dresden artist. Lying ox, watercolor over black chalk on laid paper, signed lower left, 53 x 41 cm, framed behind glass u. Passepartout 73 x 60 cm

Lot: 8020

Alfred Wittwar

Starting price 120 EUR

Alfred Wittwar (1927-2016), Horse and Rider, color lithograph, 1979, signed & dated lower right AWittwar 79th, sheet 57 x 57 cm, framed under mount behind glass 84 x 80 cm, unopened.

Lot: 8021

Robert Indiana

Starting price 180 EUR

Robert Indiana (1928-2018), after, ''Classic Love'', motif carpet as exclusive edition of the gallery-f 2007, verso on label inscribed and numbered 56/10000, 79 x 79 cm, framed 80 x 80 cm

Lot: 8022

Tom Beyer (1907-1981),

Starting price 350 EUR

Tom Beyer (1907-1981), empty Baltic Sea beach, oil on hardboard, 58 x 77 cm, framed 74 x 92 cm