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Auction on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 from 10:00  | Auction in progress

Active | Physical auction
242 Results
Lot: 3200

Desiderio da Settignano (1428-1464), after

Result: 600 EUR

Desiderio da Settignano (1428-1464), after. Plaster relief after a work of the Florentine Renaissance sculptor. Madonna adoring the Christ child, flanked by two cherubims. Plaster panel set in marble ...

Lot: 3201

Bernhard Butzke

Result: 390 EUR

Bernhard Butzke (1867-1952), suckling doe with fawn, patinated tin casting (?) on marble plinth (one screw missing), in the stand signed u. Founder's mark of ''Kraas Bildguss'', one leg as well as at ...

Lot: 3202

Anonymous sculptor

Starting price 200 EUR

Anonymous sculptor of the 19th century, half figure of a crying little girl with a bird in her hands (head missing), alabaster, full sculptural work, unsigned, painted on left arm, bumped, h. 32 cm

Lot: 3203

Unidentified sculptor mid-20th c

Result: 550 EUR

Unidentified sculptor mid-20th c., bust of a young woman with long hair, brown patinated bronze, unsigned, h. 20 cm

Lot: 3204

Francois Alphonse Piquemal, France c

Starting price 2.000 EUR

Francois Alphonse Piquemal, France c. 1900, large double bust of a Pierrot trying to kiss a girl, brown patinated bronze, signed on stand, h. 44 cm

Lot: 3205

Small Dutch bronze

Result: 60 EUR

Small Dutch bronze of the 19th century, girl in traditional costume with bowl, unsigned, patinated bronze, h. 9,5 cm

Lot: 3206

F. Galli, Italian

Result: 650 EUR

F. Galli, Italian sculptor of the 19th century, girl sitting on a chair looking at a fabric, art casting of the 20th century, signed on the back F. Galli Firenze H. 81 cm

Lot: 3207

signed Bertin,

Result: 100 EUR

signed Bertin, sculptor end of 19th century, rococo gentleman with knotted cane in typical costume of the time, standing on marble base (this with chips), bronze with residual silvering, h. 15 cm.

Lot: 3208

Anonymous sculptor

Result: 330 EUR

Anonymous sculptor of the 19th century, Indian on a rising horse fighting with a predatory cat, dark patinated metal casting on oblong terrain plinth, unsigned, braid burned off, overall h. 56 cm

Lot: 3209

Paul Aichele

Starting price 650 EUR

Paul Aichele (1859-1910), French sculptor, Oriental riding on an exiting donkey, reddish brown patinated bronze on naturalistic base, signed, h. 22,5 cm

Lot: 3210

Léon Pillet, 19th c

Starting price 260 EUR

Léon Pillet, 19th c. French sculptor, after, ''Aurora'', patinated metal casting on round wooden plinth, inscribed on plaque, rubbed, raised arm broken, h.d. 65 cm.

Lot: 3211

Unidentified sculptor c

Starting price 80 EUR

Unidentified sculptor c. 1900, bronze caster, brown patinated bronze over marble plinth, inscribed in casting ''J. Volman Celahovice'', overall h. 16 cm.

Lot: 3212

Wood sculptor

Starting price 100 EUR

Wood sculptor of the 19th century, Carrying of Christ from the Stations of the Cross, polychrome painted limewood figure, fully carved, unsigned, rubbed, h. 28 cm.

Lot: 3213

E. Kircheisen, sculptor c

Starting price 300 EUR

E. Kircheisen, sculptor c. 1900, man with a basket full of geese on his back, patinated bronze, laterally signed a. dated 1904, on black stone plinth, h. 38 cm.

Lot: 3214

Japanese sculptor, 1st half of 20th c

Starting price 1.600 EUR

Japanese sculptor, 1st half of 20th c., large figure of a rice farmer, patinated bronze, jap. signed in the plinth, h. 71 cm.

Lot: 3215

Paul Philippe

Starting price 9.500 EUR

Paul Philippe (1870-1930), important sculptor of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin. In 1900 he moved to Paris, where he soon lived in Les Fusains, an artists' co...

Lot: 3216

Japanese sculptor 1st h

Result: 4.000 EUR

Japanese sculptor 1st h. 20th c., elephant attacked by two tigers. Large impressive bronze group, black-brown patina, with tusks made of bone, signed on the bottom, h. 52 cm.

Lot: 3217


Starting price 2.800 EUR

Pierre-Jules Mène (1810-1879), African with musket on horseback with killed buck, brown-gold patinated bronze, signed in the oblong terrain plinth, h. 51 cm

Lot: 3218

Joé Descomps

Result: 600 EUR

Joé Descomps (1869-1950), seated nude of a young woman, bronze, discreetly patinated, signed u. Founder's stamp of Susse Fréres, Paris. Fully sculpted Art Nouveau figure of a female nude sitting on a ...

Lot: 3219

Japanese sculptor 1st h

Result: 1.500 EUR

Japanese sculptor 1st h. 20th c., elephant attacked by two tigers. Bronze group, black-brown patina, with tusks made of bone, signed on the bottom, loose on wooden plinth, h. 23,5 cm.

Lot: 3220

signed ''Luci'',

Starting price 850 EUR

signed ''Luci'', sculptor of the 19th century, pair of sheep groups, brown patinated bronze on oblong marble plinths, signed Luci/Buci (?), each ca. 22 x 12 x 14 cm

Lot: 3221

Louis Kley (1833-1911),

Result: 320 EUR

Louis Kley (1833-1911), two fighting birds on oblong terrain plinth, dark patinated bronze, signed ''L. Kley'', 22 x 19 x 18 cm

Lot: 3222

Léon Pilet (1840-1916),

Result: 1.200 EUR

Léon Pilet (1840-1916), group of bacchants playing music and dancing, led by a woman with wine bowl and thyrsos staff accompanied by two boys on oval terrain plinth over red marble base, signed in the...

Lot: 3223

Anonymous sculptor c

Starting price 220 EUR

Anonymous sculptor c. 1900, two small composer busts of Mozart and Beethoven on high pedestals, bronze and white metal, unsigned, overall h. 17 cm.