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Strike a deal in the post-auction sale

Post-auction sale | Physical auction
104 Results
Lot: 1202

Fish cutlery for five persons,

Starting price 160 EUR

Fish cutlery for five persons, around 1900, silver 800/000, filled handles with ornamental engraved decor and monogram, l. 19,5 resp. 21 cm

Lot: 1209

Two miniatures, 20th c., silve

Starting price 60 EUR

Two miniatures, 20th c., silver 835/000, 1x man on a penny-farthing, 1x man climbing a ladder leaning on a lantern, each on a rectangular plinth, l. 3,5 resp. 5 cm, total weight ca. 38 g

Lot: 1216

Carafe with stopper, Italy, 20

Starting price 80 EUR

Carafe with stopper, Italy, 20th, c., mounting, silver 800/000, angular body clear glass with relief decor, overall h. 24 cm

Lot: 1221

Large round bowl, France, 20th

Starting price 200 EUR

Large round bowl, France, 20th century, master's mark Christofle, Paris, plated, on round domed foot (loose), smooth flat top bowl, Ø 35 cm

Lot: 1224

Four spice jars, 20th c., plat

Starting price 80 EUR

Four spice jars, 20th c., plated, different shapes and sizes, wall in each case open worked, complete with glass inserts, l. to 12 cm

Lot: 1247

mixed lot of silver jewelry, n

Starting price 80 EUR

mixed lot of silver jewelry, necklaces, pendants, bracelet, etc., some with colored stones, total weight approx. 206 g

Lot: 1248

21 pieces of cutlery, 20th c.,

Starting price 200 EUR

21 pieces of cutlery, 20th c., silver 800/000, 19 spoons, mostly spade shape, 2 knives, partly with monogram, l. up to 21 cm, in addition 2 necklaces and brooch, total weight approx. 370 g

Lot: 1253

Eleven piece fruit set, 20th c

Starting price 80 EUR

Eleven piece fruit set, 20th c., silver 800/000, filled handles with relief decor, 6 forks and 5 knives, l. to 20 cm

Lot: 1254

Ten serving pieces and a club

Starting price 100 EUR

Ten serving pieces and a club holder, 20th c., silver 800/000 or tested, each filled handles different decorations, 1x repaired, l. to 28,5 cm

Lot: 1261

Round bowl, German, c. 1900, m

Starting price 180 EUR

Round bowl, German, c. 1900, maker's mark Gerorg Roth & Co., Hanau, hallmarked silver, round standing ring, body with widening wall, flower-shaped rim, openwork wall with relief decoration, garlands a...

Lot: 1266

Tabatiere, hallmarked Russia,

Starting price 600 EUR

Tabatiere, hallmarked Russia, 1866, assay mark Savinsky, Moscow, maker's mark probably Aleksej Sokolov, silver 84 zolotniki (875/000), of rectangular form, with rounded sides, double hinged hinged lid...

Lot: 1267

Cigar case, hallmarked Russia,

Starting price 500 EUR

Cigar case, hallmarked Russia, 1871, BZ and MZ, silver 84 zolotniki (875/000), gilding inside, rounded rectangular shape, wall with rich niello decoration, front with city view, l. 12 cm, ca. 175 g

Lot: 1269

Four-piece coffee and tea cent

Starting price 1.200 EUR

Four-piece coffee and tea centerpiece, German, 20th century, silver 830/000, some interior gilding, on a 4-pass stand, bulbous body, predominantly with wooden handles attached to the sides, jugs with ...

Lot: 1270

Large jug with mounting, Germa

Starting price 350 EUR

Large jug with mounting, German, c. 1900, maker's mark J. H. Werner, Berlin, silver 800/000, lateral attached ear handle, hinged flat hinged lid with shell pusher, engraved decoration coat of arms wit...

Lot: 1272

Pair of Art Deco vases German,

Starting price 180 EUR

Pair of Art Deco vases German, c. 1920/30, MZ, silver 800/000, round stepped stand, trumpet shaped body, wall predominantly with hammered decoration, h. 18 cm, gross weight approx. 253 g

Lot: 1274

Tea caddy, USA, 20th c., maste

Starting price 550 EUR

Tea caddy, USA, 20th c., master mark Tiffany & Co, New York, sterling silver 925/000, round stand, smooth cylindrical body, domed plug-in lid, h. 14,5 cm, ca. 277 g

Lot: 1280

Square tray, Italy, 2nd half o

Starting price 900 EUR

Square tray, Italy, 2nd half of 20th century, master mark Faro di Rocchi, Florence, silver 800/000, with flattened corners, smooth mirror, wide open worked rim with rich floral relief decoration, 34,5...

Lot: 1281

Square bowl, Italy, 20th centu

Starting price 500 EUR

Square bowl, Italy, 20th century, marked F. Zanoni, silver 800/000, matching curved, profiled rim, wall with hammered decoration, 25 x 25 cm, ca. 540 g

Lot: 1286

Round bowl with handle, hallma

Starting price 160 EUR

Round bowl with handle, hallmarked Russia, early 20th century, silver 875/000, round stand, curved body, overlapping hinged handle, wall with applied ornamental relief decoration, Ø 10,5 cm, ca. 107 g

Lot: 1288

Pair of candlesticks, around 1

Starting price 190 EUR

Pair of candlesticks, around 1900, plated, round curved stand, slender shaft, spout in vase shape, wall with surrounding acanthus leaf decor, silver plating partly rubbed, h. 28 cm

Lot: 1292

Glucker bottle with silver nec

Starting price 80 EUR

Glucker bottle with silver neck mount, England, 1965, maker's mark Asprey & Co, Ltd, London, sterling silver 925/000, body clear glass, square stand, sides with indentations, stopper replaced, h. 25 c...

Lot: 1298

Oval tray, German, 20th c.,sil

Starting price 400 EUR

Oval tray, German, 20th c.,silver 800/000, slightly moulded shape, smooth mirror, on the rim with vertical division, l. 35,5 cm, ca. 458 g

Lot: 1299

Oval bread basket, German, mak

Starting price 250 EUR

Oval bread basket, German, maker's mark Wilhelm Binder, Schwäbisch Gmünd, silver 835/000, fitting curved form, wall with curved features, l. 34 cm, ca. 340 g

Lot: 1300

Rectangular tray, Italy, 20th

Starting price 350 EUR

Rectangular tray, Italy, 20th century, maker's mark Cesa, Alessandria, silver 800/000, slightly tapered, matching curved form, relief decoration rim, side set decorated handles, l. 29 cm, ca. 400 g