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pos.no.: 4000

Result: 100 EUR

Convolute 5 Miniatures Haffke, Germany, 1st half of the 20th century. Polychrome painting on bone-plate in bone-frame, partly with blackened incised decor, mother-of-pearl or tortoiseshell inlays, up ...

pos.no.: 4001

Result: 160 EUR

Convolute 6 Miniatures Haffke, Germany, 1st half of the 20th century. Polychrome miniature painting on bone-plate, 4 x rectangular, once oval framed. Z. T. with incised decor and mother of pearl inlay...

pos.no.: 4002

Result: 170 EUR

Convolute 7 Miniatures Haffke, Germany, 1st half of the 20th century. Polychrome miniature painting on bone-plate, 6 x bone, 1 x brass frame with stand, up to 11 x 13 cm

pos.no.: 4003

Result: 700 EUR

4 walrus teeth with blackened engravings, 19th century, 3 x ships at sea, 1 x attack on a whale, up to 14 cm

pos.no.: 4004

Result: 700 EUR

5 walrus teeth, 19th century, with blackened engravings, with ships and port illustrations, up to 12 cm L, in an old box

pos.no.: 4005

Result: 390 EUR

2 volumes The Holy Bible (''Golden Classics Bible''), Germany, late 19th century, Old and New Testament, after the translation of Martin Luther, with 31 chromographed and 61 clay prints full frames. R...

pos.no.: 4006

Result: 90 EUR

5 candlesticks, 19./20. Century, brass. 1 pair with square base, baluster shaft and vase spout (h. 24 cm), 1 x round base (h. 20 cm), 1 x octogonal base (h. 23 cm), 1 x square base (h. 19 cm)

pos.no.: 4007

Result: 90 EUR

Weight set, bez. 1830, bronze, a total of 8 weights in a round, cylindrical container with swiveling squirrel bow handle, h. 6 cm

pos.no.: 4008

Starting price 70 EUR

3 parts brass / copper, 19th cent. 1 x cylindrical bottle (h. 35 cm), 1 x open worked, octagonal warmer with turned handle (h. 11 cm), and 1 x oil lamp? Pot? (H. 34 cm)

pos.no.: 4009

Result: 1.800 EUR

Binoculars, Zeiss, 20 x 60 S mono, in original case, with papers and old invoice, dimensions case 21 x 35 x 12 cm

pos.no.: 4010

Result: 120 EUR

Leveling Device (Brass), 19th cent., Bez. ''Stanley London'', in original box with hinged handles, 19 x 43 x 17 cm

pos.no.: 4011

Starting price 100 EUR

Bag (for laptop?) From ''The Bridge'', 20th century, nylon with zipper, net outer pocket, loop handle, 28 x 35 cm

pos.no.: 4012

Result: 120 EUR

2 kettles, 19th century, round bell shape, the lower part of copper, the upper one of brass, cover in turning look (slightly out of balance), hanger handle, h. 28 and 32 cm

pos.no.: 4013

Result: 70 EUR

Service, 19th century, metal (plated), consisting of coffee, tea and cream teapot and a sugar bowl, engraved floral decors, over, H. 15-28 cm

pos.no.: 4014

Starting price 400 EUR

A pair of Art Nouveau wall reliefs circa 1890, bronze cast iron, cartouche with figurative reliefs framed by flowers and rocaille, signed and inscribed. ''Deposé'', above., 59 x 35 cm

pos.no.: 4015

Result: 100 EUR

Oil lamp, 19th century, bronze? with remains of gilding, round base with three-ply elephant heads, round tank with egg-stick and mascarons, mounted frosted glass diffuser, H. 42 c

pos.no.: 4016

Result: 150 EUR

English wall thermometer, early 19th century, slender, mahogany veneered housing with gable, mercury column and brass scale, therein inscribed. ''Predalio Fecit'', best., H. 92 cm

pos.no.: 4017

Result: 150 EUR

English weather station of the 19th century, curly mahogany pus with gable, inserted hygrometer, barometer, thermometer and spirit level and a small convex mirror, on the ZB bez. ''Shepperley & Pearce...

pos.no.: 4018

Result: 150 EUR

Bedpan, 19th c., Cast iron with openwork. Brass lid, turned wood handle (L. 104 cm), with a warmer, iron with brass top and handle, H. 13, Ø 23 cm

pos.no.: 4019

Starting price 50 EUR

Lamp with carved foot, probably Indonesia, probably 20th cent. Dark Asian hardwood, fully plastic and open worked on round, profiled pedestal. Lamp shade with botanical illustrations of fruit plants, ...

pos.no.: 4020

Starting price 220 EUR

Monstrance, probably 19th century, silver-plated brass (above), rectangular pedestal on four voluted feet, rectangular balustrated shaft, ending with a basket with palmettes / spikes, above it rises t...

pos.no.: 4021

Result: 315 EUR

Large Monstrance, c. 1960, Kloosterman Tilburg, brass and gold patinated metal, slender stem with three leg cuffs over a round base, with a large radiate wreath with turquoise sticks and center glazed...

pos.no.: 4022

Result: 200 EUR

Large oil lamp, England, around 1900, inscribed ''Duplex'', round bronze base on 4 bamboo feet, lighthouse-shaped tank / shaft made of ceramic and glass with bird and bamboo relief in front of light b...

pos.no.: 4023

Result: 90 EUR

oil lamp, England, around 1900, bez. ''Duplex No. 2'', pierced base on 4 volute feet, polished onyx shaft, glass tank with cut, on top of a calyx diffuser with etching and colourchanging from white to...