144. Auktion 12.-15.06.2019


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Completed | Physical auction
77 Results
pos.no.: 4800

Result: 4.200 EUR

Compilation of 1000 pieces and magic miniatures from the worldwide unique collection of Peter Rückert and Günter Klepke in Berlin. Consisting of a total of 37 showcases with Plexiglas cover. All parts...

pos.no.: 4801

Result: 300 EUR

Climber or card catapult, metal base with inserted card game, h. 43.5 cm

pos.no.: 4802

Result: 120 EUR

Electronic mechanism for inserting a card into a balloon, metal, h. 39 cm

pos.no.: 4803

Result: 100 EUR

Fire bowl for the appearance of paper flowers, round metal bowl on three ball feet with folding mechanism, D. 25 cm

pos.no.: 4804

Result: 650 EUR

Horster's Excelsior Billiard Machine, circa 1920, metal, 7 collapsible balls with two uprights, traces of use, h. 44 cm

pos.no.: 4805

Result: 160 EUR

Exchanger, spring-loaded mechanism for exchanging two objects turning 180 ° backwards, metal and wood, h. 37 cm

pos.no.: 4806

Result: 35 EUR

Mechanism for loading balloons, wood and metal, traces of use, h. 32 cm

pos.no.: 4807

Result: 390 EUR

Changier bag um 1930, metal handle with cloth bag and removable mechanism, l. 50 cm

pos.no.: 4808

Result: 150 EUR

Changier bag around 1930, metal with wooden handle, cloth bag and changing mechanism, l. 50 cm

pos.no.: 4809

Result: 110 EUR

Four tubes for liquids, silk scarves and feather flowers (punch machine/production tube), cardboard and tinplate cylinders (galvanized), h. up to 40 cm

pos.no.: 4810

Result: 25 EUR

Giant card climber, electrified metal base with three fabric-covered inserts, h. 48 cm

pos.no.: 4811

Result: 120 EUR

Cigarette production / cigarette catch, metal cup with second insert and hole in the bottom, as well as another cup for coins from the same manufacturer, Ø 12 cm

pos.no.: 4812

Result: 60 EUR

Enchanted tube, tube for the disappearance and appearance of a cloth, l. 12.5 cm

pos.no.: 4813

Result: 80 EUR

Disappearing pigeon cage, wire rods foldable, added further pigeon cage with thread grid, this with stronger traces of use, approx. 18 x 15 x 11 cm

pos.no.: 4814

Result: 40 EUR

Two cylindrical cages for pigeon appearance, lifting floors suspended from chains, cover missing, h. 26 cm

pos.no.: 4815

Result: 190 EUR

Convolute of 7 different casseroles for pigeons or sweats appearance, for example Stolina, metal with lids and inserts, h. up to 23 cm

pos.no.: 4816

Result: 45 EUR

Disappear egg, aluminum eggcup with painted attachment, which can be sunk by rotation, h. 9 cm

pos.no.: 4817

Result: 60 EUR

American thumbscrews, iron, chromed, with twist mechanism for fixation of thumb, ca. 7 x 6 cm

pos.no.: 4818

Result: 80 EUR

Card or prop holder, antique, brass with sliding clamp in the shape of an owl, h. 44 cm

pos.no.: 4819

Result: 200 EUR

Convolute card tricks, a small card holder, a case for card exchange, as well as a slipcase with two compartments and giant card game by Adametz Wien, up to 19 x 11.5 x 3 cm

pos.no.: 4820

Result: 200 EUR

Convolute of props for liquid tricks, approx. 13 pieces, various materials, h. up to 18 cm

pos.no.: 4821

Result: 160 EUR

Cortini Talerfang, cylindrical WMF handle vessel with internal mechanism that slowly lifts the arched bottom, H. 25 cm

pos.no.: 4822

Result: 90 EUR

Lot of three trick shackles, iron, partly chromed, up to 28 x 11 cm

pos.no.: 4823

Result: 170 EUR

Coffee break, four pieces, aluminum, coffee, sugar and milk disappears and reappears, on tray, tray diameter, 25 cm