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Arturo Ricci (1854-1919), ''The Duet'', in the music salon of a castle on a grand piano or harpsichord-sitting courtly, young Rococo pair with intimately familiar singing and playing a duet. The painting by Ricci, already mentioned by Boetticher and created in 1884, impressively shows in its materiality the perfected virtuosity of the genre painter, who studied with Tito Conti at the Florentine Academy and from 1884 onwards. a. in Vienna, Berlin and Munich. Ricci had a great fondness for the 18th century, his detailed paintings celebrate the courtly Rococo with its festivals, sumptuous costumes, extravagance and elegant interiors, which are always opulently furnished. Oil / canvas, signed, 40 x 53 cm, framed 67 x 80 cm